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Maybe I should set up my own blog here?

I'm on here often enough and could post what is going on in my life...if that indeed is what this is all about. But who would care to read it and why?!

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I went to finally add some content to my gallery but found I can't.

I'll admit that my initial response to this blog thing was hey, why'd they drop the gallery? But, I don't want to be one of those people who are irrationally resistant to changes, so I'll give it a try.

I'll start with my latest project:


House of Balsa kit (vastly modified) finished 2006

Wingspan 36”
Length 28.5”
Weight (flying) 24 oz. (approx.)
Motor E-flite 480
Prop APC 8x6E
ESC Castle Creations Phoenix-25
Battery 3S 1300mah
Rx Spektrum 6 ch
Servos 4 Hitec HS-55’s (2 for ailerons), 1 HS-81MG for landing gear/flaps
Landing gear Robart #123’s (man these things are finicky)
Duration Over 10 minutes easy.

This one took a looong time. The landing gear installation took as long as the rest of the plane. By the time I finished it I wished I had built a bigger plane. Had to finish it or suffer recriminations from the wife for not completing another project.

The “Snowbird” flies sweet. The landing gear coupled to the flaps works great. There is virtually no elevator trim changes needed when raising/lowering. I have yet to wring it out because of retract issues.

The “dirty snow” camo has yet to be applied and the pilot needs to be painted. I guess this project is not really done and probably never will be.
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Well, I had tuesday off as a kinda, "get over the travel" day after my trip to my Dad's place in PHX. I went out to Tick to try to test fly the Genesis. Veeeery still out there, just big thermals floating up the hill. I flew the Mach Dart and I was suprised how well that thing flew as an ersatz hand-launch. I say fan-the-rudder-servo on 60"ers, and I'm right...No rudder servo and it cored small thermals perfectly. Still havent got to wring it out at speed, but hopefully this weekend will have some promise-the weather is coming in.

Anyway-the Genesis. The lift was maybe 5mph, and very sporadic. I waited until the wind seemed to be near-peaking (has anyone here ever screamed those words? "I'm PEAKING!"...anyway...) and chucked it off. I was a little tail-heavy, probably due to all that Krylon. Other than that it flew beautifully, responding to lift as though it was a handlaunch with what-ever-that-syndrome-Abe-Lincoln-had...was. Anyway, you get the idea. Cored small thermals well, responded to lift RIGHT NOW. It signalled lift with its tail suddenly lifting noticeably. It didnt pylon turn as well, so that had me scratching my head, so maybe I need to try to program the non-thermal setting more towards a snap-flap, non rudder setting.
The landings was pretty much a non-event. I had taken a shot in the dark on the crow/ele settings, and got fairly lucky. Since there was nearly no wind across the LZ it landed a touch fast, but , sheesh, whats a guy gotta do to get 15 mph around here anyway? Cant wait to wring it out on an Eastside day. Ive flown Slopeflyer33's and its rocksolid. Glad I bought it.
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My name is HACK and I modify things.

It's a big day. My first blog entry and all.

I like that you can put Pics and links in the blog as well.

I love helicopters but recently started getting into planks as well.

EF Sabre Video

PH Micron Video

Radio Shack A7 Tornado Ducted Fan Video

Micron Walk-Around

Micron Flight

Many more projects in the Works!
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I like to soar....
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Ok.. guys.

I am now at learning the hover on a Honey Bee Cool. I can hover stable for 5 - 8 mins now. While learning I built a good fleet.

1. Honey Bee Cool
2. 3DX-400
3. TRex eCCPM - all Alum with rotorworkz frame

So far the heli stuff is great. It was not an easy transition from planes to Helis. I will be getting some of my planes ready for spring.

I will have the following ready for spring.
1. Mini Funtana
2. Potensky Chirsten Eagle
3. Jetset44 F-15 Parkjet
4. Wattage F-22 Raptor.
5. Depron FuntanaMini ( not sure if I will rebuild or repair ).

Let me know what you guys think.
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What follows is a step-by-step performance build of the Stryker, using a great many of the most popular modifications found in the (massive) RCGroups threads on this terrific little plane.

Many thanks to all those who came before me, and contributed to the knowlege base of what works best on the Stryker.

What we lack however, is a single comprehensive source of all the best modifications in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. That's what I'm hoping to provide.

Click Here for Build Thread...

Hope you find this of value.


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Welcome to my one and only blog.

I really liked the old Gallery the way it was. It was a very easy to use platform to show fellow modelers from all over the world some of my pictures and videos.

I hope you enjoyed the old stuff in my gallery and perhaps some new members will enjoy some of the old material as well - especially as there won't be any more new stuff.

Best regards,

JŁrgen Heilig
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Hello, my name is Ron and I am a Harley rider/car mechanic,I may have just turned 50 but you are never to old to get a new toy!
I just got the XRB silver Lama (tethered- I hate batteries!) and think it is a good starter heli mainly for the fact that I don't have to deal with the batteries or find that the battery is just about dead when hovering high enough that it would be a shame to crash!
It isn't easy I see but it appears that after countless hours of practice,some hair pulling,ordering parts, and a few tears(or is that beers?) now and then that I'll whip this thing and learn how to fly?
I'm still gathering as much info. as I can find on what to do and how to do it along with some good old reckless, seat of the pants, trial and error crashing,so wish me luck or at least don't laugh o.k.?
And yes I have ordered more blades already!
Little Ronnie
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My Wanderer (for Sale)

The receiver is not included.
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I was having trouble getting good, well servicable, pictures in the shop. Too much glare with the flash, direct or at an angle. Too dark without a flash. So I made a diffuser for the flash.

"Made" is a relative word and diffuser sounds fancier than the fact. I taped a piece of printer paper over the flash.

Although I'm still sorting out some techniques I like the results, you be the judge.
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Iíve started building and you can see how thatís going in the build log. As I go, though, I may reserve some of the building info for the blog. This time, Iím going to show you two things. A simple way to stabilize and use CA and a compression system for laminating.

I like to keep my CA bottle sealed when not in use. That means not cutting the top open. Rather, I take the top off and use disposable pipettes to apply the glue. An open bottle, however, is a potential disaster looking for a place to happen. I take modeling clay and form it around the bottle to make a base. I do this over a piece of Monokote backing so drips donít glue the clay to plans or the workbench. (See Photo 1)

I donít like working with epoxy except for the most critical jobs (and experience is telling me they are further apart all the time). Itís heavy and the chemistry bothers me a little. I prefer to use aliphatic type glue and my personal favorite is Pica Glu-It (though I understand Pica is history). These glues are very good but warping is a possibility. To prevent warping the lamination needs to be held under compression. I have two lead plates, about 12 pounds each, to apply the pressure. To keep the lead from digging into the balsa or light ply and spread out the pressure, I use flat ĹĒ boards. Spread the glue, overlay the parts, put on the weights, and the wait. I usually give this overnight. I am not a speed builder. Use CA for everything if you want speed.
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In my quest to build a lighter airplane, I also bought some 3mm depron. This little puppy is the result. It has a 39.36inch wingspan (because I didn't want to cut the 1-meter carbon fibre rod that forms the spar) and weighs 14 ounces ready to fly. It has my Axi 2212/34 motor, CC 10-Amp Phoenix ESC, and flies with Apogee 830mAH batteries. It knife-edges quite nicely and it is capable of hovering, when my skills improve to that extent. I had the maiden flight with skiis, but I removed them because they are not needed.
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After getting bored with gluing produce trays together I relented and bought some 6mm depron. I built the shock flier you see here, with oversized wings and control surfaces. It flies with the E-flite ELFM1305 motor, 20 Amp ESC, and ThunderPower 1350 3S1P lipos. It weighs 18 ounces ready to fly. After I managed to position the CG correctly, it is quite delightful to fly. Because it has a fat body with squat wings, and over-sized fins, it reminds me of a walrus. But it flies great. I'm using it to learn how to hover.
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This was my first foray into electric shock fliers. It is made from glued-together produce trays from the supermarket. This one flew with an E-flite EFLM1305 brushless motor and an E-flite 20 Amp ESC. It is painted with inexpensive arts-and-crafts paint from the mall. It flew reasonbly well after I got it properly balanced. It has since been de-commisioned and the motor and radio equipment have been put into another shock flier.