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Posted by EpicRC | Jul 30, 2013 @ 04:50 AM | 14,925 Views
Well I will post pics of my current fpv setup but there are some issues I can't run my plane off one battery because it draws to many amp and there is not enough left to power the cam and VTX so I am going to build a new bigger more powerful plane (using some glider wings and build the same style setup/fuselage as my current one) with a bigger motor so I can use bigger batteries. Also my screen blacks out sometimes so a Philips 7'' slave screen is on the wish list as well and I will do the same thing to it as I have done to my 4.3'' screen I am using currently which is build a box around it and put a magnifying sheet over the opposite end as the screen. This makes it a 9''-10'' screen for only 5 bucks more. So here are the pics

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(also if anyone has one of the screens I am looking for, for under $20 inbox me please!)