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Posted by Mike Barton | Jul 16, 2012 @ 08:08 AM | 22,404 Views
Thought I would have a play with the KK2 board Gfx LCD.

The gfx library code has been borrowed from existing code scattered around the web.
I had to tweak it to get it to work correctly on the KK2 LCD and also remove other features such as backlight brightness which cannot be changed.

The library allows multiple fonts to be added - these can be multi-byte ones, so you can atleast see the text from a distance.

I havn't fully tested all aspects, so you may need to tinker ....
Posted by Mike Barton | Dec 08, 2011 @ 10:17 AM | 23,218 Views
Some of you may have taken advantage of the bargain of the century: this 9DoF sensor board going for a amazing price of just $30

Sadly, I bought it at the higher price....
If only I had waited 3 weeks....

Anyway, thought I would just show a simple 'KK type' board I made up.
It's very simple - just the bare essential components and a pin-header for the MiniIMU9 board to plug in.
It's basically a mule to test my code out on - hence the extra RxAux input pin header.

Although the picture below shows a block of foam underneath the breakout board, I have since put in a 10mm spacer with nylon screw & nut holding it in firmly place.

So how does it fly ?

Well, sadly the L3G4200 gyro needs a small amount of vibration isolation for it to be 100% happy

Once some foam (I used 3mm plastic packing foam) is between board and frame, it flys reasonably well.

Posted by Mike Barton | Oct 18, 2011 @ 07:41 AM | 23,157 Views
Looking through another forum, I quite liked the larger 30cm frame design by Felias.

I think I spent 3 days making this

For those without a cnc machine (or hours of spare time to hand make!), you can get them from his shop

It uses KDA 20-50S and Hobbywing 10amp ESC,s. FC is CopterControl with Camera Stabilisation firmware.
Posted by Mike Barton | Oct 18, 2011 @ 05:23 AM | 24,195 Views
From a suggestion from pug398, I got hold of a pololu L3G4200D gyro.
This is a reasonably priced i2c gyro and includes its own voltage regulator + logic level shifters (unlike the more expensive Sparkfun one).

I had already experimented with an ITG3205 gyro (removed from a WiiMP board) so I knew that standard KK board could run i2c @ 400KHz.
Running i2c @ 400 KHz was important to keep the time reading the registers to a minimum - actually, it's pretty similar to reading the 3 analog gyros.

I decided to hack my trusty Jakub board.
With KK board, fortunately the i2c connections are on the gain pots which my XXcontrol softwares does not use, so these were removed.
Also the (pointless) smoothing capacitors on the gain pot lines were removed and by chance, the holes were 0.1" apart so I could solder in a standard pin header.
On initial flight tests, I had a low frequency oscillation which was quite annoying.
I tried filtering the data - this had some effect, but the oscillation was still there.
Eventually, I used stiffer foam under the board (it's only held on with rubber bands) and the oscillation was gone.

I've now had several flights with no problem - even in very windy conditions (30 to 40mph gusts).

More to follow....