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Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Jan 16, 2020 @ 12:23 PM | 6,305 Views
I already built one of these and really enjoy 3" quad flying. I wanted a second frame that I was able to switch up components (motors, camera, batteries) so I can have a normal flier and then one to test as well as a backup in the event of a crash.

My first one was a FPVCrate 3" Acrobrat Duo Limited Edition - basically a box kit with nice components. It's a tad heavy but flies really well so I have a good baseline to fly against with my new build.

Here is my component list for the new build (I also have a different stack and motors coming to try and will likely try some 1407/1408 motors or similar). Goal is to test on 4S - 850 mAh or 650 mAh packs.
  • Ummagawd Acrobrat Duo 3" Frame by Tommy Tibajia
  • T-Motor F1507 3800KV
  • Lumenier LUX Mini 20x20 5.8GHz FPV Video Transmitter (25-800mW)
  • Lumenier LUX MINI F7 Flight Controller
  • Lumenier Micro Razor 4in1 20x20 F3 BLHeli_32 30A 2-6s ESC
  • Lumenier Micro AXII 5.8GHz Straight MMCX FPV Antenna - RHCP
  • FrSky R-XSR SBUS 2.4GHz Micro Receiver
  • M3 Knurled Standoff - Dark Blue 20mm
  • 45 RX Antenna Tube Holder for Standoff 2 Pack - Blue
  • Ummagawd Acrobrat DUO Soft Mount Arm Guards - Blue
  • RunCam Hybrid - Dual 4K HD & FPV Camera
  • AXII Micro Mount For Acrobrat Duo (Black)
  • M5 Low Profile Motor Nut w/ Flange - Dark Blue

Future options:
  • XING X1507 FPV NextGen Motor (black) - KV: 4200KV
  • iFlight SucceX Mini F7 TwinG V3 FC & 35A 4in1 ESC & 25-500mW VTX 20x20 Stack/Combo

I'll start with the same stack as my first build and...Continue Reading
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Oct 27, 2007 @ 06:14 PM | 9,046 Views
Well, I've done it again. Picked up another deal on a used WH Extra here in the bay area. I originally was going to buy and build one of these, so this was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Bought the airframe build up, very minor blemishes, entire hardware kit, and spinner. All it needs is electronics (servos, regs, batts, rcvr) and engine. It'll sit in the shed until I can get around to selling some other planes to fund doing anything with it. heck - may tun it around and sell it, but after I fly it first .

Here are some pics:
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Sep 17, 2007 @ 09:30 AM | 9,167 Views
It's been years since I've flown any glow planes and have rekindled an interest. I have all my old flight line gear (starter, glow driver, charge station, fieldbox, etc...) and a OS .46FX in a box that may have about 1 quart of fuel through it (almost new). With all the 3D stuff I have been doing, I really enjoy hucking around my electric flat foamies and smaller profile electrics. I'm looking for something a bit larger where I can re-use my older glow gear with minimal investment. - Heck - doing this plane as electric wouldn't be bad, but the cost would be too pricey.

The Mojo .40 is a tried and true performer - huge threads at the Profile Brotherhood on build ups and incredibly strong. It comes in Kit form which means I get some more time on the building board which I really enjoy. The build appears to be a fast one, so this should be fun. The plane can be seen at http://www.swanyshouse.com .

I'm not overly fond of the mess with slimers, and this will be no exception here. It's really hard going back to them - especially after the clean electrics and the 50cc gas. Since I had all the flight gear - investment is in the kit only as I have all the covering and I can probably resell this if I don't destroy it first going low and slow

More pics to come as progress is made...
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Jun 17, 2007 @ 12:15 PM | 15,282 Views
So the gasser bug has bit me and I've started gathering parts for my next creation. I'm building a WildHare 29% Sukhoi SU-26.

It's specs:
Wing Span - 85"
Length - 78" rudder to cowl front
Weight - 16.5-17 lbs.
Wing area - 1410 sq. in.
Suggested Engine - 50cc-60cc gas
Link to WildHare Website

I should be able to get it around 16.5 lbs so perfect weight by my estimations. I've been selling off all of my old smaller electrics to fund this beast and will stick to a few smaller electric ones and then this large gas one. I've opted for Desert Aircraft DA50R with cannister muffler. I have the airframe on order with Tom at Wild Hare and it should be arriving end of July / early August. I still need to get the hardware part ordered, the electronics (i.e. regulators, switches, etc). I do have some 7.4 v Lipos (2S-2100 mah TP Packs) that I can use for Rcvr and Ign batts.

Components I've got so far include:
-Hitec HS-5955 Servos for all control surfaces (5 total)
-Desert Aircraft - DA50R 50cc engine
-Futaba R149DP PCM Rcvr

I'm guessing I will have it ready for the air by the end of Sept/Oct at the latest. It really depends on if I can sell off more of my Electric stuff to fund this project.

First pic is not mine, so I only give credit to the folks at WH ...Continue Reading
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Mar 15, 2007 @ 01:23 AM | 10,166 Views
So spring is in the air and with so many great planes coming out - it was time to add another ot the quiver. The EF Edge 540T is a recent release and if it holds up to the Extra and Yak's reputation it was sure to be a winner. I was able to pick one up (blue of course since it's the favorite color and close to the Red Bull theme). I must say - what a beautiful plane!! Hope it flies as good as it looks so this ought to be great.

Build has gone very well so far - it looks like the folks at EF have listened to their customers and have incorporated many of the necessary mods from the Extra and Yak into this plane. Motor mount plate looks good, elevator is thicker, so far so good! Plane pretty much builds by the manual - too simple if you ask me - Last build was a .40 size Fun Fly Glow to Electric conversion kit (tons of mods and the manual was originally written by the designer in Argentina - I can read this one ) Last couple planes have been kits and required a significant amount of kit bashing and mods - I forgot how easy a quality ARF was to assemble.

Components are:
- Extreme Flight Torque 2818/900 motor
- APC-E 13x6.5 and will try a 12x6
- TP 3S-2070 Extreme or TP 4S-2100 PL lipos
- CC 45 w/ 5v UBC
- Hitec HS-65's all around
- Futaba R146iP rcvr
- Old trusty Futaba 9C xmtr

Here are the build pics so far......Continue Reading
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Aug 11, 2006 @ 11:32 AM | 9,869 Views
I recently made a trip to AZ to visit the family and dedicated almost every am to flying with my father and brother. We were flying out on the outskirts of town where a new residential development was being built. It was basically a huge field where they had graded it flat and paved the streets - and unfortunatly for me, installed light poles.

Well, the Ultimate Bipe I built the previous month met an early demise when 20 feet up, it thought a game of chicken with the light pole was a good idea (of course my thumbs had nothing to do with this event ) I could have swore I had an inch of room to sneak by, but alas - I hit the pole about as squarely as I could. Ping - the sound of the prop collet as it connected with the pole. It was a event that almost caused my brother to wreck the Ultimate he was flying because he was laughing so hard. He landed, the ridicule started - of course at my cost... Needless to say, the bipe was gone - but it's components were dying for a new home.

This is how the Yak-54 saga begins...

On a whim - I see this flat foamie kit at a local Phoenix hobby shop and it was calling me. I thought it would be cool to do a father /son project to build it and it was a great time. The kit is very well thought out and I give Jason and the gang at Insane Foamies credit - they did a superb job. The plane came with a CD that had a build video (did I say VIDEO) yep, it made building it a breeze!!! Watch 2 minutes, build for a while - repeat and complete.

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Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Aug 07, 2006 @ 08:35 PM | 13,966 Views
Having seen how slow and fun these can be - I was on a quest to find a good set of plans with a plane to build. I wanted to avoid the total profile build and wanted somewhat of a boxed fuse. I found the plans and started working on it with 3mm depron. Since this was the first depron build I've ever done, I wasn't quite sure how sturdy it would be - but man, I was surprised in the end.

Nothing overly difficult - cut all the pieces, grabbed a few pieces of flat CF stock for the leading edge and started at it with some foam safe CA. I needed some color and decided to go with some iron on stuff I had from some other builds instead of the airbrushing. Totally happy with the look and this thing has flown really well.

Maiden flight was incredible - it flies so slow and is so much fun!! Once the CG was back where it needed to be - I was in love. I've got a few videos I'll link to shortly and here are some build photos - the whole build is captured in photos HERE so check them out and feel free to ask any questions...

RTF Weight is 14.5 oz with 1320 3S Lipo

Here are specs on the build:
  • Tabbed Depron Ultimate Bipe
  • Ultracote Iron on Covering
  • E-Flite Park 400-920Kv Outrunner
  • APC 10x4.7SF Prop
  • CC Thunderbird 18 ESC
  • TP 1320 3S PL Lipos
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (4) with E-Flite 3D arms
  • Hitec Electron 6 Rcvr
  • Futaba 9C XMTR

Here is an early video:Tabbed Ultimate Video - 65MB
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Jun 05, 2006 @ 11:03 PM | 13,652 Views
I have always been fond of P51 Mustangs and just happened to be in the hobby shop and spotted a GWS P51 Slope Glider kit for $29. I was definitely willing to give this guy a new home to be loved and cared for instead of neglected on the shelf.

The build was pretty straight forward and I chose to go down a path I hadn't done with foamies before. I've glassed, I've airbrushed, but never covered a foamie with an iron on covering. I snatched up some Ultracote (looked for So-lite) but chose on the Ultracote for the large number of color choices and ease to acquire. Not too fond of the way the rudder goes together on the fuse and it took some heat and tweaking to get it straight with the fuse. I filled all of the panel lines the best I could and sanded the whole plane several times.

Wasn't to sure which theme to model it after, so I did a hybrid. I need some color on the top so I can see it. I love the all silver P51's but I'd lose that in a heartbeat. I went with a Petie's 2nd hybrid and added the battle stripes. I really like the way it came out and how the panel lines are very subtle.

Covering was pretty straight forward, just had to keep the heat low or the EPP would dimple.

RTF Weight is 489.5 g with 1320 3S Lipo (17.2 oz)

Here are specs on the build:
  • GWS P51 Mustang
  • Ultracote Iron on Covering
  • Himax 2812-1080Kv Outrunner
  • APC 8x6E Prop
  • CC Thunderbird 18 ESC
  • TP 1320 3S PL Lipos
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (3)
  • Futaba R146ip RCVR
  • Futaba 9C XMTR

The CG in...Continue Reading
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Jun 05, 2006 @ 10:23 PM | 10,075 Views
I'm finally getting around to Blog entries for all of the planes I've built. This is my second attempt at a GWS Corsair. My intention was to stay away from the glassing that I did on the first and get the weight under 19 oz. I also wanted a power setup that far surpassed the first GWS.

I ended up building a slope glider kit and did all the standard finish sanding for paint. I also added a 1" CF (Carbon Fiber) strip to the length of the wing to reinforce that area for any high "G" flying. Dual aileron servos provide very firm control and also give me a reason to play with flaperons

I have about 30 flights on it and love it! It's a much better flier than my 23oz glassed version.

Summary of the build:
  • GWS Corsair
  • CF (1") strip length of wing
  • Dual Servos for Ailerons
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (4)
  • CC Phoenix 25 ESC
  • Himax 2025-5300 in a Cobri Gearbox @ 6.6:1 gearing
  • APC 9x7.5E Prop
  • TP 2100 3S PL Lipo
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Futaba R146ip rcvr
  • Futaba 9C xmtr
RTF weight is 18 oz and perfect. The painted foam has a tendency to receive hanger rash a bit more than I like, but that's fine - it's a foamy .

I'll get more pics of the build up on my site but here are some of the corsair from a trip my brother made out here in April. LINK
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Apr 20, 2006 @ 12:03 AM | 12,664 Views
Another build and a sweet flying plane. Carl Goldberg hit the mark and has a great looking and flying plane here. The kit was an ARF, so about 6-8 hours total to wrap it up.

Specs are:
* E-Flite Park 450 Outrunner
* APC 9x6SF,
* Castle Creations Phx-25 ESC
* TP1320 3S Pro-Lites and TP2100 3S Pro-Lites
* HS-55 servos
* Futaba R146iP rcvr
* Futaba 9C xmtr

I ran the numbers on the Watt Meter (TP1320 pack) and here are the details:

15.27 A - Full Throttle
160.7 Watts - Full Throttle

The plane is a blast to fly and I also to all who want to see some videos of the Chipmunk - nothing fancy, so don't get too excited - here you go...
Vid 1 - 36mb
Vid 2 - 66mb
Vid 3 - 36mb
Vid 4 - 13mb
Vid 5 - 8mb
Vid 6 - 22mb
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Apr 19, 2006 @ 11:43 PM | 10,580 Views
Today I wrapped up the final painting, and finishing touches and it is ready for the air.

Summary of the build:
  • GWS Corsair
  • .5 oz SIG Ultralight Glass Cloth
  • Zpoxy Finishing Resin (Thinned w/ Alcohol)
  • Single Servo for Ailerons (prebuilt for duals if necessary)
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (3)
  • CC Thunderbird 18 ESC
  • BP12 Brushless Motor (shaft cut down and a MPI prop adapter)
  • GWS 9050 Prop
  • TP 1320 3S Lipo
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Futaba R146ip rcvr
  • Futaba 9C xmtr

AUW is around 22.3 oz (so a little fat). I think that the Zpoxy was a bit heavy and that some poly would have lightened it up a bit, next time though. It still has some dents as I'm a bit clumbsy, but the finish is very nice and I am extremely happy. The wife got a kick out of the pilot - looks like he is screaming (she says it's because of the RC pilot, I say it's his attack scream and he is enjoying it )

More build pics can be seen at: Link to more build and paint pics