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Posted by alarcer | Jan 15, 2020 @ 09:30 PM | 7,212 Views
I have several thousand of dollars in bills due by the of the month, sill unemployed. I will list a price. Low ball offers will be ignored. The first PM that says "I will take it" gets it. All prices are plus shipping, PP is prefered. Pics on request. A lot more coming as I dig them out.

Multipex Shark, PNP. Includes Heron aileron linkage, landing gear, belly skid and float kit. I have two, one has the aileron control horns glued in. $200 each

D&B Yankee. Very rare and very nice kit. Full cockpit and plenty of documentation. $400

Foxlite Models Husky. $75

Robbe Vortex. $65

Thechone Thunder 180 kit version. I have 2, a red one and a blue one. $75 each

Vmar Fournier RF-4D. $100 Sold

Multiplex Twinstar with PFP Seaplane conversion. $125

Midwest Beercat kit. $125

Seagull Zlin Z50L. $170

Duafly Hyperbibe kit version with motor. $115 Sold

EF Vailant with floats. $150 Sold

Rcaerodyne Baron G58 with cockpit kit, solid white version. $500