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Hola, estos son algunos de mis aviones.
Hi, these are some of my planes.
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Want to know what are the advantageous values ​​of surveying and mapping drones in the specific use process, you also need to see how the sales volume in the market now, the equipment processed by professional manufacturers not only sells very well in the market, the safety in the specific use process Sex is also very high, so when we understand it, we can look at the overall market reputation and evaluation, I believe that we can also choose better.

Simple operation and high use of safety

In the specific understanding process, you can find that mapping drones are very simple in actual operation and use. Many people choose such machines and equipment because of the high security during use. In addition to knowing what we want In addition to things, the popularity in the entire market is also very high, so that everyone will be more relaxed when they actually choose.

Wide application range and high market evaluation

Good machines and equipment can indeed be supported and recognized by many people in the market. Usually, when we understand, we also need to look at the overall scope of use. After knowing the specific scope of use, we can, of course, choose normally. Now, the evaluation in the entire market is very high, so that everyone can know the performance in the entire market, so you can choose normally.

In summary, we hope that when you understand it in detail, you can also look at the use-value of mapping drones in the entire market. Since they exist in the market, they can bring certain functions, and everyone is choosing You also need to see how you can use it more widely or play a better advantage in the use of the operation.
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With regard to police drones, many people think that they can play more safety protection during use. In fact, the convenience that can be brought about during actual use is very high. When we understand You need to look at the overall advantages in which aspects, through these situations, you can choose products normally, and you can also use these widely.

Good security work

It can be found from the actual understanding that the security protection work of police drones during the use is indeed very good. Usually, after we have mastered these basic conditions, we can of course choose with ease. Many people now After knowing these advantages, you can choose the machine and equipment normally. I believe that they can play a certain function in the process of use.

Simple operation and easy to use

In the process of operation and use, you can also find that the operation of the drone is very simple, and the remote control command can let the drone know a lot of situations, so the convenience in the actual use process is indeed very high, which is destined to be in some special places. The use of such drones in China can play a certain functional role. After mastering these conditions, of course, you can also choose normally. I believe that it can bring more benefits in the process of use.

It can be seen that, in fact, the police drones we know can indeed play a very good role in the market, but when you choose, you also need to see how to use them better. After certain operating skills, of course, you can also use the drone better, which will bring more benefits.
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Bonus Footage: How to turn a brushless motor into a BULLET!

MAS / APC Propeller Shoot Out and eFlite Park 480 Bench Test (20 min 54 sec)

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It's been over 2 years now since the Harvey flood destroyed our home. Several have asked how we are doing and if we have recovered.

We have been blessed beyond our expectations!

Everything we lost has been restored several times over. Even the oak trees! We lost 2 live oak trees my wife loved. We now have 15 oak trees and 5 nice pecan trees.!

We spent seven months in a hotel and actually survived each other! Lol

Out insurance company came thru and did not give us a bit of problem on our claim.

Everybody around us had problems with their claims. The insurance adjuster came in, looked around, got us a small check to get us going, And within 4 weeks of the inspection we had the final check.

They actually paid for all my lost airplanes and radio gear too!

But we decided not to remodel a second time. We sold the house to an investor.

As many know we were flooded the year before in 2016. We had just completed the remodel when the Harvey flood came.

While in the hotel we looked around in different areas to find a place to settle down. We looked out in Brenham. We looked up in Tomball and Magnolia. We went up to Tyler Texas.

I even found a nice home on Palestine Lake with a hangar and a runway for a full-scale airplane! But it was $750,000!!!

We didn't get THAT much from the insurance!

We settled on a small 2 bedroom brick home up and Livingston across the road from a small lake. So we have a lake view out of our front living room and family room windows. But without...Continue Reading
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Here is one I decided to kit, it's one of the proposed X-15-3 Delta configurations designed to get the X-15 above Mach 7 and for extended periods. I was not able to extend the strakes all the way forward for CG/weight reasons, but it looks pretty good, is a nice big size and flies really well on long burn 24mm rocket motors. RC Rocket glider kit is modeled after the proposed X-15 modification to allow sustained flight above Mach 6.7. It features a clipped delta wing, diamond shaped wingtips. It has a light wing loading giving it a very nice glide and easy/stable boost. It comes with a plastic nose cone, 2.6″ white tubing for the body and 9mm depron wing and tail surfaces. All Foam surfaces are pre-beveled. Elevons are pre-hinged, the rail buttons are pre-installed and the body tube is pre-slotted for the wing and tail. The wing spar is pre-grooved for the spar. Length 37″, wingspan 20″, weight rtf 11.7-12.25 oz. I finished mine in white because at high speeds it would have most likely needed the ablative covering like the high speed drop tank X-15-2 version. It also saved me a half ounce of weight.

You can check how the assembly photos here to see how it goes together.

Dynasoar Rocketry X-15-3 Delta RC rocket glider flight (1 min 38 sec)

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Slope soaring the dump. Top Model CZ Swish, Hobbyking Coyote / Ridge Runt & Multiplex Funglider.

Slope soaring the dump. Swish, Coyote & Funglider (4 min 0 sec)

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Last time I wanted to fly rotary winged toys they had huge flybars stretched across the top. But because I have felt the itch for them and the new SAB Kraken is calling my name..... I will get back into them with another new lil bird, Hello BL2
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Review & Maiden Flight - Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #Eachine #MiniMustang #P51D

This Aircraft is courtesy of Banggood!

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF

I have been wanting to Review this Aircraft since first seeing it and Banggood was kind enough to send one for Review!
This Mustang looks awesome especially with the paint scheme.
It's called a Mini but I would categorize it as a Micro.
It's made of EPP Foam which should make it very durable.

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RTF

Spare Parts:

Lipo Battery 1S 360mAh for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Brushed Motor 10mm Hollow Cup for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Prop 130X70mm Propeller Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Gearbox for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Receiver Board Original 4 CH Onboard Servo for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Front Landing Gear Set for Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane Push Rod Set

2PCS Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D RC Airplane Spare Part Rudder Angle

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Patrons of the Channel will have Exclusive access to Aircraft Plans & Content!

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No good they dont cate boit us small people dont understand why. Can anyone tell me why?
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Early B-Movie on AMAZON starring Forrest Tucker (Sgt O'Rourke of F-Troop) showcasing early and probably for the time largely fictional radio control technology.
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QWinOut T100 DIY RC Drone Kit 2.5 Inch 100mm Indoor FPV Racing Drone
15% off with coupon code 15QWINOUT
valid time 2019-12-3 05:00 PST---2019-12-15 23:59 PST

DIY Version: Unassembled ,will come with the flight control,vtx Soldered,buyer need assemble it after getting the drone kit
BNF Version,with all the parts assembled and soldered,and tested,Bind to Fly

Functions and features:
Recordable video
Compatible with 2s-4s Lipo / LIHV
Adjustable camera angle
Adjust the battery strap mount to fix batteries of different sizes
Model: T100
Wheelbase: 100mm
Camera: 1200TVL PAL / NTSC 4: 3/16: 9 optional
Video transmission: 5.8GHz 5 band 40 channels 25 ~ 200mw 3.3V 5.5V TF card support: up to 32G video output format: NTSC
Flight control: F4 2-4S battery input Built-in Betaflight OSD Built-in 5V 1A BEC Built-in 10ABlheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600
Motor: 1103 7000KV 2-4S 1.5mm output shaft
Paddle: 2.5inch three-blade paddle
Battery: 11.1V 35C 450MAH
Flight time: about 7 minutes (the specific flight time depends on your flight actions)

QWinOut T100 Indoor DIY FPV Racing Drone Kit Assemble Video
QWinOut T100 Indoor DIY FPV Racing Drone Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 FC Kit Assembly Video (7 min 49 sec)

Flight Test Video
QWinOut T100 DIY FPV Racing Drone Kit with FPV Goggles Flight Testing Video (1 min 51 sec)
...Continue Reading
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In the air, a delicate drone cruises with wings. On the ground, several uniformed environmental law enforcement officers stared intently at the console screen in their hands, and one by one the farmers' courtyards were displayed on the display screen. This is a scene of Shijiazhuang's ecological environment system "drone unit" in the rural areas of Shenze County to investigate the "smoke" of scattered coal.

In September this year, in order to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of law enforcement personnel, the Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau promoted the use of drones on a large scale and received positive responses from the county (city, district) branch bureaus. In just a few days, 118 drones were equipped to various grass-roots branches and became a weapon for environmental supervision.

"There are hundreds of small and large enterprises in a township. The squadrons in the area compete against each other and can only inspect 10 or more a day." Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau Shenze County Branch Supervision Squadron Captain Zhang Yuqiang said that once the drone is charged, it can fly continuously Two hours. The key areas are divided into grids, several drones are used intensively, coupled with human inspection on the ground, air and land combination, and mutual complementation, it is possible to quickly perform full coverage inspection on specific areas. With the help of drones, the efficiency of...Continue Reading
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Tao rất đam m RC chng my c thể tư vấn gip tao chiếc no c cng suất lớn được khng?
Doanh nhn Đỗ Trng Dương cng hng ngn người tham gia cổ vũ đội tuyển Việt Nam.

Đỗ Trng Dương Viking rất nổi tiếng trn cc diễn đn doanh nghiệp hiện nay với tn gọi người trẻ lm việc, ng đang được mọi người trong giới kinh doanh rất qu mến v giao cho nhiều thương vụ bạc tỷ m nhiều người đều mong muốn được thử sức. Mặt khc, tn tuổi của ng cn nổi đnh nổi đm bởi lun cống hiến hết mnh cho x hội, cho đất nước, dng sức nhỏ của mnh gip những trẻ em ngho hiếu học.

Nếu ai chưa biết đến Đỗ Trng Dương Tập đon Viking th c thể ln google để search ra tn ng với cc từ kha lin quan đến tập đon Viking v Vicky để tm hiểu. D ng sinh năm 1981 tại vng đất v Bnh Định đầy nắng v gi, tu&#...Continue Reading
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How does the mapping drone perform low-altitude aerial photography? What are the detailed steps? What are the precautions in aerial surveys? Now let the Chinese MMCUAV surveying and mapping experts tell you the detailed operation steps of surveying and mapping drones in determining rural land rights.

1. Judge weather conditions
The quality of the weather directly affects the effect of aerial photography, so we must grasp the weather conditions of the day before observing the aerial photography, and observe the cloud thickness, light, and air visibility.
2.Measure the wind speed on site
After arriving at the aerial survey site, first, determine the wind speed. See if the mapping drone can resist the wind speed at that time and whether it can adapt to the temperature at that time.
3.Ejection rack
The catapult is generally set upwind to ensure that the plane takes off smoothly. Hottest P700E adopts the configuration of an integrated ejection rack, which has fewer requirements on the site and strong adaptability to the terrain. Compared with other products, the design of the ejection rope is more in line with the concept of convenience and speed, and at the same time, it guarantees the operator's safety to the greatest extent.

4. Set up the radio
The radio is used for communication between the ground station and the drone. At this stage, most surveying and mapping drones use radios to exchange data between the drones and the ground station....Continue Reading