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Afer 2 years of designing and debugging,our newest drone: Poseidon-480 is coming,it's not just the best overall offering,it's also the most cost-effective drone you have met!
Waterproof! Long endurance time! Much more Stable! Big payload!
We can also meet your customized needs, You can count on us!

Frame Material:ABS
1355 Carbon propeller
4008 motor
Empty weight: 1.8kg
Take off weight:3.2kg(with gimbal and camera)
Battery(optional):6s 4500mah/10000mah
Hover time: 20min/35min
Point of interest: select a location or object to focus on and the plane will always face it, no matter how you fly .
Auto-Hover:When you stop telling it to move, the Poseidon 480 hovers perfectly in place, holding both position and altitude. It waits for you to give it instructions.
Attitude mode
Auto-Return home: A key return button,easy to realize antomtic return and landing
Waypoint: Touch mobile phone screen , set multiple GPS points or waypoinst ,and the air craft will automatically fly to them.
Following me:Program your Poseidon as your personal flying film crew.
Customized flight course settings:Allows customized flight settings to fit your preferences.
The video link:
idea-fly waterproof drone Poseidon-480 the only one in the market (2 min 11 sec)

Email:[email protected]
Whatsapp:+86 13825284607
Skype:[email protected]
facebook:Gorge Calvin
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I love flying RC , I started out building video photography multirotors before it was popular. I had nobody to fly with so I took up RC airplanes like the rest of my friends. When that no longer became challenging I dusted off my soldering iron and built my first racing style FPV quad. The speed and freedom of quad flight is unlike anything else. Shortly thereafter I was hooked. I'm happy to admit I'm addicted. I love making videos of mine and my friends flights. It's an awesome creative outlet for me. I decided to take my videos to another level and try doing some VLOG style. Please take a look and leave a comment.

DirtyWaschFPV VLOG #1 / Flying Bandit$ Krew & ImpulseRC Helix (3 min 53 sec)

Posted by mlilasic | Nov 14, 2016 @ 07:56 PM | 3,809 Views
Dshot maiden flight - Racerstar Blheli_S RS30Av2 4in1 - Realacc X210 - BR2205 2300KV (3 min 42 sec)

Dshot300, REVO BF 310 (BB698) 8/8/8, BLHeli_S 16.42
22$ REVO clone -
40$ Racerstar RS30Ax4 4in1 V2 30A BLheli_S BB2 2-6S!!! ESC - G_H_30_REV16_42 FW-

***Now BG sells RS20A 4in1 20A ESC version with 5V 1.5A BEC and with Dshot Blheli_S 16.5 firmware already onboard -
and RS30Ax4 4in1 30A ESC version with 5V 3A BEC -

Parts list:
Realacc X210 4mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame w/ Matek PDB-XT60 5V & 12V –
Skyzone FPV googles -
HS1177 FPV cam -
2.1mm lens for FPV cam -
Eachine ET526 5.8G 40CH 25mW/200mW/600mW Switchable FPV TX -
Skyzone 5.8GHz RHCP 4 Leaf FPV Antenna TX/RX SMA/RP-SMA -
Kingkong 5x45x3 props -
Kingkong-Universal-Motor-Cover-Protection-for-22-Series-Motors -
HD action cam EKEN H9 -

My build log:

My review of Racerstar RS30Ax4 V2 30A BLheli_S BB2 2-6S 4 in 1 ESC:

For more info about BF and Dshot:

Few my other flight videos with these ESCs on Dshot300:

RAW DAL Cyclone – Amazing props - and best start of FPV video EVER – Xbee Revo Racerstar RS30A (3 min 40 sec)

XBee XB-X MK2 - Dshot300 - Racerstar RS30Ax4 - Revo - BLHeli_S (3 min 43 sec)

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Took my old SP 260A and build it over into a V911 frame.
McP Tail motor with .45mm wiring (hence why the negative is outside the tail boom, both doesn't fit )
SP 270 Main motor and wings.
SP260 Head with V911 Fly Bar and MSR pedals with 2.25 grams of lead drilled and melted into a hole that I made on the side.
Had to drill the wings out to 2.0 mm to fit onto the head and made little spacers to take up some lateral play.
Waned to use all alloy on the head although it brings the heli over 35 grams... no good
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EDIT : VIDEO Now Added

Syma X5UW Test Flight (7 min 50 sec)

I have been testing out the new Syma X5UW over the last couple days

The new look of the Syma X5UW is appealing and a nice change.The accompanying transmitter also has a sleek new look and is nice to use.
The Syma X5UW includeds altitude hold which works great and makes the X5UW very easy to fly and it is a very smooth flyer indeed
Other features include :
Wifi fpv
One key take off and land
Flight track,using Syma go app and your cell phone
Headless mode

As I mentioned the Syma X5UW is a really nice flyer ,it can also be flown using your smart phone via the Syma Go app.This to me was not the most appealing feature,perhaps due to my phone not being of the best quality but if you have a good smartphone this should work better.I am perfectly happy with using the supplied controller,it works flawlessly
The wifi fpv signal is clear,I experienced some video lag but as I said using a better phone will help with this.I plan on trying a micro aio 5.8ghz fpv camera on the X5UW and this should work excellent for a fpv flight experience

You can purchase the Syma X5UW here : Reading
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With the arrival of a new motorcycle museum here in Augusta, my interest in them of years ago got some warming up.
(Note: Click "continue reading" at the bottom of the script to access more images that will be added over time.)

It is a well stocked museum and is located behind what used to be a major Chevy dealer's lot that time finally passed by. The dealer has changed hands and located to new digs leaving some industrial type buildings of which the museum has taken one.

I unearthed some pictures of one of my favorites and will post here. I built it in the '70s as a street bike capable of being road-raced. Changes in so many things brought me to sell it to a collector in Ca. in 1999.

The museum consists primarily machines made before 1940 with a smattering of others into the late '60s, early '70s. Many of them belong to the Ottaway family of Wichita. Several of the clan have done incredible things over the years including having a huge and successful amusement park for which they built most of the rides including scratch built steam and gas locomotives and rail system within the park. They also collected and restored many steam traction engines....Continue Reading
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I put together a little compilation from the US Scale Masters Championships. Though, I have a couple more feature videos coming on some secific aircraft, this provides more of the action and feel from the event. If you have ever considered scale competition, give it a try, it's great! Oh, and next week I should have a new tutorial vid posted!

2016 Scale Masters Championships RC Airshow Compilation - The RC Geek (6 min 23 sec)

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Ft Sea Duck Review - - (13 min 16 sec)

This is the review of the Ft Sea Duck from We found that this plane was all packaged well with lots of foam protection to keep the foam kit in tact. The build of this kit was very easy to assemble and it would be suitable to both a first time builder and an experienced builder. However, if you are a first time builder I would recommend you watch flite tests build video thoroughly so that you understand how to do all the A folds and B folds. We then took it to the field and plugged the 3 cell 2200 Mah Lipo battery in and took it to the takeoff strip. It took of effortlessly with a little bit of trimming required. You can fly it fast and slow which means it is both good for an inexperienced pilot and an experienced pilot. It can hover quite well but needs some practice, it can roll, do inverted and also can do a spiral just a tiny bit off a flatspin. Most of all this kit is made out of foam board. If you crash it you just need to get some more and rebuild that part from the free plans that Flite Test provide. The whole kit only took 4 days with an hour or two each night to build. Many thanks for reading and watching!


WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 2.45 lbs (1111 g)
CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2.5” (64 mm) from leading edge of wing
CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16˚ deflection – Expo 30%
WINGSPAN: 56 inches (1422 mm)
RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 425 sized 1200 kv minimum
RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 4.5 prop (3s) or 9 x 4.5 (4s)
RECOMMENDED ESC: 30 amp minimum
RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 2200 mAH 3s minimum
RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (3–4) 9 gram servos

Here is the Flite Test build video;

FT Sea Duck - BUILD | Flite Test (2 hr 13 min 36 sec)

Here is the Flite Test flight video;
DIY Foam Board Water Plane (The FT Sea Duck) | Flite Test (19 min 11 sec)

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This is my humble review of the Eachine ET526 VTX transmitter

This VTX has 4 power levels: 0 mW – 25 mW – 200mW – 600mW, 5 bands: A – B– C – D – E, 40 channels total.
Weight is 8.5 grams. This is slightly more than typical VTX weights and this is mainly because of the heat sink attached. Size is almost the same as other similar VTX‘es:

First interesting feature is Transmitting Power OFF on startup. Every time you power this VTX, it starts with TX power OFF (TX led is dim). You have to double click upper button after you power up the VTX to turn video transmission on.
Second interesting feature is on-board microphone, which can be turned ON and OFF
Changing of the channels and bands is done with lower button pressing. Short press of the button to change channel, longer press (2sec) for changing band and long press (5sec) for on-board microphone On/Off.
Double click of the upper button turns the video transmitting on. Longer press (3sec) changes power level selection 25 – 200 – 600 mW.
Cable is 6-pin JST-SH 1.25mm one. Cable has a 3-pin camera connector on another end of the cable, also female servo connector for Power in (7-24V) and female servo connector for PWM input. Camera connector compatible with Eachine 1000TVL CCD camera.
Antenna connector is SMA type. This is good for VAS/Fatshark users as their antennas have SMA connectors. Others can use SMA->RP-SMA type changing adapter (like this one: ...Continue Reading
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Drone captures the haunting beauty of Northern Norway’s Mountains. This stunning landscape attracted filmmaker Michael Fletcher to film it by drone throughout midnattssol, or midnight sun, a natural phenomenon that occurs for several weeks during the summer in which the sun appears to never go below the horizon. During this time, the Earth's axis angles the north Arctic toward the sun, creating an effect of a combined sunset and sunrise. Fletcher's compilation immerses us among the mountains with aerial views of northern Norway's mountains.
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FMS Edge 540 EPO 1320mm Maiden Review PT2 (2 min 43 sec)

Where to get one:

Big Gearbest sale:

Here is one of the flying portions of the review, Ill have more soon as the weather lets me with my better camera.

The airplane has a ton of power, unlimited vertical on my 4s lipo, balance was spot on, I am still adjust the throws and rates to my liking, I need to get more up and down elevator yet, everything else is good.

It was a little windy as you can hear in the video, hopefully next time out it will be nicer and I can wring it out more closer to the camera.

Hope you enjoy!

Flight impressions

- Flies light
- Very aerobatic, will do 3D
- Power, unlimited vertical
- Fast axial rolls
- Predictable flight
- Handled the wind great
- Great flight times, did two 6 min flights on one 3200mah lipo, but
I was not pushing it very hard, Id think one 8-10min flight of hard
3d could be easily done.
- 3 Blade prop slows it down nicely

- No flight cons yet other than need more down elevator

The durability of the EPO foam has been further bettered with a high gloss surface finish and factory applied decals.
Stability and predictability are two strong points of this airframe and together with the high power brushless motor, scale 3 blade propeller and long duration ESC. It results in a great trainer and intermediate aircraft.

Version:...Continue Reading
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Great quadcopter and some great weather to get out and fly the XK X252.This quad is a blast to fly,fast and nimble,it is one of my favorite quads for sure

Fantastic Fall Day To Fly The XK X252 Shuttle (12 min 32 sec)

Posted by CORETEXRC | Nov 14, 2016 @ 11:06 AM | 3,399 Views
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Something new from Emax! The new upgraded "Red Bottom" RS2205S 2300kv is now here in stock. Lighter, stronger, faster and more efficient than the originals at a fantastic price!

Full Specs and availability here:

The completely redesigned RS2205-S is upgraded with features racing multirotors absolutely need. The motor is lighter, yields faster bell rotational response, higher thrust, uses premium materials and backed with EMAXs legendary production quality.

...Continue Reading
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2.4G Quadcopter FPV Drone:Learn how to set up and play FPV Drone
2.4G Quadcopter FPV Drone

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The 2.4GHz FPV Drone can be controlled over long distances and can be operated by multiple people at the same time. It can be forward, back, left and right side of the fly and left and right rotation。
You can also do some special actions, such as: 3D scrolling. If the wind speed does not exceed 4, it can also meet your desire to fly outdoors.
It also features a CF mode (headless mode), a key return and 360° scroll action, but also has a very convenient USB charging port.

For more information visit the Amazon store____
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Today's supermoon vs 2014 eclipse. It was only 1 pixel bigger than the 2014 supermoon.
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I have bench tested TX526, which I received from Banggood. Link to this video transmiter:

This VTX has 4 power levels: 0 mW – 25 mW – 200mW – 600mW, 5 bands: A – b – E – F – r, 40 Channels total.
Weight is 7.1grams, exactly the same as TX5828. Size is almost the same as other similar VTX‘es:

Changing of the settings can be easily done with just one button. Short press of the button to change channel, longer press (2sec) for changing band and long press (5sec) for power level selection.

It has RP-SMA antenna plug, despite some misleading information on the user manual leaflet.

Cable is 5-pin JST-SH 1.0mm one. The same cable and pinout fits TX5828 transmitter.

Current Draw measurements
Power level: 0 mW, Power usage: 40mA
Name: 20161021_014150.jpg
Views: 126
Size: 428.0 KB
Power level: 25 mW, Power usage: 110mA
...Continue Reading