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Posted by rikybob | Aug 06, 2010 @ 04:53 AM | 26,981 Views
I started with the CX2 Christmas of '07 and became very bored by March of '08. Bought a Blade CP, unboxed it, fired it up slid it into the couch, boxed same, shipped it back and gladly ate the 35USD shipping.

I muttered to myself that there needed to be something like the CX2 only BIGGER.....some time would pass and this was developed!

I bought this December '09 and became unbelievably bored by March 01 of '10 at which time I bought this, recognize it??

It was a tremendous error. I was told by all I knew and read to move to a 450 class but refused citing economics and being scared of things that could kill you. I was wrong.

I found the stock Tx of the SR miserable and the parts EXPENSIVE! Each crash, no matter how small was 20bux minimum!

I actually had one crash in my driveway cost me 80USD in one fell swoop!



Keep in mind one of these fully functional with a radio, tx everything, on the cheap cost 250USD total using this guy.

My evolution brought me to the HK450GT using the AR6100e and the Spektrum DX6i!

EDIT: I have since sold my DX6i and moved up to the DX7!

Additionally I have added an Align 500 (Fu-Bar Gyro) to my fleet and a friend gave me a Nirvana class sailboat(s) and I am enjoying that side of the sport! I also have a "Swamp Dawg" airboat and Hobbyking Airboat and looking forward to the delivery of my Gemini Catamaran (got it, kinda don't like it)! Additionally I built a DJI clone quad...Continue Reading