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Spektrum module extracted from an Eflight HP6DSM and mounted in my Turnigy 9x.

Set up the 9x (with er9x firmware r760) to PROTOCOL=>DSM2 and DSM TYPE=>dsm2only. Set receiver to bind mode and power up the TX while holding the trainer switch. Works perfectly.

Range test on the ground was better that 4/10 mile (limit of ground LOS in my hilly area) and range in the air was the visibility limit of a 1.5m glider (for both the Spektrum and Flysky modules).

The now module-less HP6DSM can still be used as a sim controller or buddy box for my DX6i by cutting the power and ground lines to the HP6DSM trainer port....Continue Reading
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Here are some photos I took of the Bugatti R-100 at EAA's Museum. The lighting was a challenge. These are unretouched and the files are large but any good photo editing software will allow you to pull details out of the shadows. Enjoy!...Continue Reading
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(This build log was for the $50 challenge on I'm reposting here to keep all my builds in one place. Comments and questions are welcome of course,)

My entry will be the F7F Tigercat. I wanted to do one for a long time, ever since I saw one fly at the EAA fly in several years ago. This thread also got me juiced up. Originally designed as a heavy fighter for the US Navy, it failed Navy tests but was adopted by the Marines for a variety of roles.

As a model it has a lot going for it: Nice broad wing, ample stabilizer and an almost comically large rudder. It has huge propellers so no problem powering it with efficient outrunners. I had begun to draw up plans a few years ago but was stymied by the long spindly nose gear and small front wheel. Flying off of grass looked questionable for the size I was contemplating. The narrow fuselage and nose gear that retracted through about 110 degrees only made things more difficult. But after the success of my He-219, I began to reconsider the Tigercat. The He-219 had a similar problem with the nose gear so I left it off and made a belly lander instead. That plane is a blast to fly and so I'll do the same with the 'Cat. I dug out the uncompleted plans and finished them up.

1/12 scale
WS 51.5 in.
Length 45 in.
Area 440 sq in.
Target weight 45-48 oz.