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Posted by Sundancer | Jan 17, 2014 @ 05:06 PM | 48,793 Views
This is a double size electric R/C version of the Frog "Senior Series" 18" rubber powered model. It is totally accurate to the original in outline, but the structure is entirely redesigned to suit the new role.

Power is a 140 watt BRC out runner driving a GWS 8" x 4.5" prop from a 2S 1300 lipo through a 20 amp BRC ESC. Radio is 35 MHz, a Hitec dual conversion Rx and two 9 gram micro servos on rudder and elevator.

The model is covered in Esaki Liteflite tissue over 10 micron mylar. The tissue is applied wet and finished with two coats of water based urethane varnish (a locally available French brand V3V which is sold for finishing hardwood floors).

All up weight is 16 ounces and with the 140 watt motor performance is lively, cruising at around half throttle. The handling is particularly nice, especially the response to throttle changes on the approach making landings very easy.

Full size plans were published in Quiet and Electric Flight International in 2012....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Jan 16, 2014 @ 05:00 PM | 47,441 Views
This model was built from a plan provided by Peter Rake, as this was the first build from this plan it was also really the alpha test build. Power is a 22mm out runner mounted inside the crankcase of the dummy 2 cylinder engine, running from a 2S 450 lipo, originally it had 35 MHz radio with a small Hitec Rx, but this has been changed to a 2.4 gig Orange 6 Rx from Hobby King, Two Hitec micro servos on rudder and elevator. Finish Esaki Liteflite red tissue with open areas covered first in 10 micron mylar, nitrate clear dope, lettering is Solartrim. All the rigging is monofilament nylon with little wire "S" hooks so that the model can be de-rigged, the wings fitting on wire dowels.

Flies very nicely and really looks the part in the air, not too fast....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Jan 15, 2014 @ 03:09 PM | 47,134 Views
Here is a photo build diary of my electric R/C conversion of an Aeromodeller sport rubber model from 1952, Brian Lewis's 30" Rubberdub.

With a BRC 1811 out runner motor, 320 2S lipo, Orange 2.4 gig Rx and two 7 gram micro servos it comes in around 6 ounces and is a delight to fly. Control is rudder (closed loop) and all moving tailplane for pitch. Construction is pretty much as the original rubber model, except for the control surface and motor mount modifications and a top hatch for battery access. Finish is Esaki Liteflite jap tissue over 20 micron mylar, nitrate clear dope and all trim and lettering is tissue....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Dec 23, 2013 @ 06:32 AM | 47,231 Views
This was a quickie one week build, just because I had nothing else on the board and I have always liked the shape of this little Frog design from the fifties. It is still free-flight but I did add an auto rudder, a "direct pull" type as it is intended for hi-start launching.

It was really enjoyable to work on a simple free-flight model for a change!...Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Dec 22, 2013 @ 03:19 PM | 47,606 Views
Since I acquired a decent digital SLR I have made a habit of doing fairly extensive photo records of a build. Many of these have appeared as build logs in the Vintage and Old Timer forum, but I thought it might be useful to include the photographs as a separate sequence in my blog.

So here is the first one,an electric R/C version of Albert E Hatfull's 1950's 0.75 cc sport free-flight power design for Keil Kraft, initially released under the name "Anzac" but subsequently re-named "Bantam"....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Dec 12, 2013 @ 03:05 PM | 48,742 Views
Following on from the photos of the current models here is a random selection of some of my models from the period 1990 (when I gave up serious thermal soaring competition) to 2006 (when we moved to France). These include glider, electric and a few power models, F/F, radio and control-line and are mostly scratch built and largely own designs as noted in the captions, I marketed the plans for some of these during this period under the "Sunfly Models" banner. Most of the photographs were taken before I changed to a digital camera and have hence been scanned, so apologies if the quality of some is rather indifferent....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Dec 11, 2013 @ 06:57 AM | 50,037 Views
Here are some photos of 31 models from my current equipped and ready to fly collection of electric R/C models.

I specialise in vintage, post vintage and scale models and they are all traditional balsa and ply structures. The Cardinal was built from a Replikit short kit, the Spartan from an old Cambrian kit, the Spitfire from a Dutch RBC kit and the Sopwith Triplane from a Dare Hobbies kit. All the rest are scratch built from plans and/or own designs. Finish on most of the models is tissue over mylar using either dope or water based polyurethane varnish, the Spitfire is tissue over all wood clad surfaces and the Triplane is tissue over doculam, both airbrushed with Flair Spectrum paint.

I try to fly all the models at least once a month, which is aided by having a suitable flying field next to the garden and just 100 metres from the workshop, although the weather at this time of year sometimes makes that hard to achieve.

EDIT: The above was written in 2014. Unfortunately in the last year (2017) age is catching up with me and increasing mobility problems mean that the models do not get flown anything like as much as I would wish. See post 11....Continue Reading
Posted by Sundancer | Feb 22, 2012 @ 05:43 PM | 49,010 Views
Over 63 years of building flying models, totalling somewhere in the region of 550, one of my regrets is that there are very many of them where I have no photographs, in fact there are whole chunks of my modelling career for which I have no visual record. It's a whole lot easier now with digital photography, and I do have pretty complete coverage of everything I have built in the last ten years or so.

Lately I have been digging through the old prints I have and making a start on scanning them, so I thought I would make a start in compiling a gallery of all the models for which I can find photos.

This is going t be a fairly lengthy process as there will be a lot of scanning to do, so to get off to a flying start I will begin with the most recent stuff, for which I already have digital images, and work backwards, so apologies for the fact that some of the pictures in this first period, the six years from 2006 when we moved to France, have already featured in build logs and other posts on the forum.

2006 to 2012

So, starting with the latest first;
Double size version of the Frog Mamba rubber model for electric power and radio. Span 38 inches, AUW 23.3/8 ounces, power BRC 220 watt outrunner, battery 1500 3S lipo.