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Posted by Manudepron | Aug 12, 2017 @ 03:20 AM | 4,985 Views
This plane again is a hit. Here is my 120 % shrimp from Thomas' plan.

I found some 8 mm depron 2 years ago...

I had some electronics sleeping in a wreck: Turnigy D2822/14 - 1450 kv, 25 A Esc, 4 pces 9 grs servo's, 3S 1000 milis.

Some calculations.. and I decided for a 120 % version.
Wingspan: 80 cm
Finished at 440 grs rtf with battery.

The pod is not difficult to install on the wing: thanks to the template as drawn on the plan and I reinforced this templates by side plates.
I attached the pod with tape before placing the BBQ wood sticks. Because of the more powerfull motor, I placed 2 in parallel at each point. Gluing with PU glue and some water. It's the strongest gluing you can find with depron.

Flying is a blast: low speed, "high" speed, acro, water gliding....

2017 07 17 Shrimp (0 min 55 sec)

Posted by Manudepron | Aug 04, 2017 @ 05:14 PM | 4,689 Views
2017 07 31 Cap Frehel (0 min 58 sec)

Posted by Manudepron | Aug 03, 2017 @ 04:09 PM | 5,486 Views
I discovered 20 years ago in a french RC mag the Pibros, a fantastic creation due to Marcel Guwang.
I built one but living in a flat region, elecrified thanks to a speed 400, 7cells Sanyo 500 AR etc... My first ever electric plane. Until then, I only build and fly electric planes.

Some month ago, I discovered a video of a German Modeller who builds and fly a lightened version.
Crazy Horst...

Pibros (8 min 15 sec)

I built one in order to fly it along the seasides during my hollydays... and learn this way of flying.
It's a new experience, flying , trying to gain potential energy, spending it until it's time to regain potential energy! and again, and again....

2017 04 St Lunaire Pibr Horst (0 min 26 sec)
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