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Posted by JosefssonRCG | Today @ 05:25 PM | 74 Views
Field preparation is one of the most essential part of your rc flight career. From Field box to baseball cap and bug spray bottle, you just simply can't miss any of 'em. Let Joseph show ya how this is done with his casual field setup and detailed explanations.

RC pre-flight setup at the field (14 min 8 sec)

Posted by Mad_angler1 | Today @ 12:11 PM | 293 Views
I Just received the Evolution3D CrystalSky Mavic Mounting Kit

After a few hours playing I'm really impressed with this bracket tbh it's perfect for me, mounts both the 7.85 and 5.5" models in 2 positions depending on your preference, has adjustable tilt and is quick and easy to fit.

The Bracket

Evolution3D specialise in 3D printed parts and as a printer owner I can honestly say the print quality is 1st class, these brackets are extremely well made and it's a great design, every part of this kit that's not metal is printed and it's all solid and well designed.

There are 4 parts in the kit

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Posted by scousethief | Today @ 11:12 AM | 348 Views

The MJX Bugs 2 is the next , well , i say next but the numbering sequence some manufacturers use is mind boggling , quadcopter from manufacturers MeiJiaXin Toys , the Bugs 2 is available in two models , the B2C which is a brushless quadcopter sporting a 1080p camera with onboard recorder and GPS adding position hold and return to home functions as well as altitude hold and various "failsafe" modes which will automatically initiate a Return To Home command and the B2W which adds an FPV via WiFi component which is needed for the positioning of video or photographs.
Following on from their very popular "Bugs 3" the Bug2 B2C and B2W has a redesigned hard plastic shell compared to the Bugs 3 soft flexible body and comes with LED lit short clear mounts under the motors instead of the 3's long legs. The transmitter is similar to the Bugs 3 but obviously adds the extra functionality of the GPS and onboard video recording. The Bugs 2 battery is pretty much identical to the Bugs 3 version with the addition of an end cap which locks the battery in to the Bugs 2 internal bay , however the Bugs 3 battery fits perfectly and all that is needed is something to secure the battery in place, i have already modified mine so that i can use other batteries , proprietary batteries are sometimes useful but mostly theyre just a pain.

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Posted by Carol Legend | Today @ 09:41 AM | 364 Views
Dear all Friends

Carol from Legend of lipos (LOL)

we have a perfect model for 1/8 Scale Buggy Truggy TKPC0630


please have a look , if the size is ok for you ,if interested , please contact

Posted by JaredReabow | Today @ 08:53 AM | 374 Views

Good luck spark owners!
Oh and there is murmurs this does not work with apple products properly because apple!

Watch this video for the fly more combo unboxing:
DJI SPARK Combo unboxing & Hidden feature found! (link in description) (16 min 22 sec)

Watch this video for for the hidden feature of the DJI Spark:
DJI SPARK hidden feature found which increases range and reliability (link in description) (2 min 21 sec)
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Posted by Spitfirekid | Today @ 06:19 AM | 469 Views
All ready for the maiden...

Will run it as is for a whiles and have some fun , then will think of a new paint job etc, tidy a few wires up and hide them

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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 01:24 AM | 611 Views
Then it arrived. It was a brick compared to the gopro. Something would have to be done to protect the lenses on a vehicle. It didn't output JPEG photos. Its timelapse movies were all H265 files. Its MTP implementation barely worked. It didn't work with any phones in the apartment. Fortunately, all the required modes except remote control were accessible from the hardware.

The lack of video editing software was disappointing. It'll take reinstalling Linux merely to compile an H265 decoder, which is about as bad as reinstalling Windows. The decision was made to have the Samsung make timelapse photos on a tall pole, with the gopro making 4k video right below it. Starting them up remotely & cooling them is the tricky part.

Things didn't go so well in the narrow angle video department either. The t4i doesn't support Av or Tv in video mode, only fully automatic or fully manual. Fully automatic might actually be enough. Narrow angle video isn't the mane priority.
Posted by Battery Supplier | Yesterday @ 10:23 PM | 704 Views
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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 09:58 PM | 759 Views
There is so much to cover about batteries , I always find something I left out , so sorry about that .

Lets talk performance .

Batteries are not created equal , just like there might be variance in car engines coming of an assembly line , there is variance in the cells that make up a battery pack . So many variables here .

Anyhow , are these individual cells tested and graded and then matched for battery packs ? ( I really don't think so - certainly not the cheaper ones ) So depending on where the pack builder sources there cells could seriously affect the over all quality . Lets get to performance ..

Batteries are graded by Capacity / number of cells / and discharge ... We are interested in discharge .

Now you may notice batteries have 20C / 25C / 30C and so forth on the labels ..
This is the discharge rating .. It means ( 20C ) 20 times capacity .
So lets say you have a 1000mAh 20C battery that is 3s with a nominal voltage of 11.1 volt

1000 x 20 = 20 Amps lets multiply that by the nominal voltage 11.1 ( Lets call it 11 ) 11 x 20 = 220 Watts
So on paper , we have established that this battery might be suitable for applications where the motor ( ? ) might produce around 200 Watts
So what just happened is we matched the battery pack to the power needs ..

Do you have to do this ? ( Well that's up to you ) The battery pack might be able to do better than that , but you also might run into issues where the batteries are maybe not that...Continue Reading
Posted by sumaxmotor | Yesterday @ 09:36 PM | 744 Views
Buy from here
BB6L features 12bits MCU & asegment LCD screen that will shoe the total voltage & cells voltage of LiPo pack with 1mV resolution.It also features twin loud buzzers to notify you once the cells reach a user defined voltage.The lowest cell voltage can be recorded also.
Use for 2~6cells LiPo or LiFe
Low power MCU with 12bits ADC
Low voltage alarm & threshold setting
The lowest cell voltage can be recorded
Segment LCD screen,Clear dispaly
Twin loud buzzers,85db each
Reverse polarity protection

Working voltage range:5~27V DC
Alarm set values:2.7~4.0V/cell or OFF
Voltage resolution:1mV
Voltage precision:+/-0.25%
Standby current: less than 10mA
Pins distacne:2.54mm
How To Use
If the Input voltage is under 5v, no display on the LCD
If the Input voltage is above 27V,the BB6L will be hurt
1.Connet the LiPo balance adapter to the Pins of BB6L
If the polarity is recersed.no display on the LCD screen
If the Lipo pack is below 6 cells,pls connect the balance adapter from the cathode(-)side
After the BB6L detect right input ,LCD screen will show the total voltage (Total V),unit voltage difference(--mV)to cycle automatically
Press the button to show the voltage values manually
Because of the time diffrence of connection between Pins & LiPo balance socket,Maybe the voltage value of first cycle is not correct.It will be correct.It willbe correct from the 2nd cycle.
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Posted by sumaxmotor | Yesterday @ 09:25 PM | 746 Views
buy from here,escrow safe payment method
Upgrade to high-quality brushless PTZ control panel, chips are original chip, increase the supply anti-reverse polarity protection, counter-power to prevent customers from unintentional indirect cause significant damage
Original sensor chip, better accuracy, and change the sensor interface, the connection is more solid, easy to loose, iic error does not occur;
Upgrade the roof, increasing the head hook hole, easy to use PTZ hook
You can use the remote real-time control of pitch and roll angle
Extended function: to set flip, installed on fixed wing;
Handheld PTZ can be changed; (user to modify, we does not provide technical support)
Can be upgraded to three PTZ (user to modify, we does not provide technical support)

Name: CNC metal brushless gimbal
Material: CNC Aluminium alloy
Motor: Model 2208 kv80 Brushless motor
Control Panel: BGC3.0 Brushless control panel
Software: BGC2.2
Strap: for Gopro camera strap
Compatible camera: for GOPRO 3 3+ 4
Battery plug type: JST plug / XH-2.54 plug
Voltage: 12V/3cell Lipo battery
Compatible model: for DJI phantom I, II and other DIY drones
Color: black/silver
Size: 80 x 80 x 80mm
Package size: 125 x 125 x 105mm
Net weight: 121g
Pacakge weight: 162g

1. Recommended power supply for the gimbal is 12V. (3cell lipo battery)
2. The gopro camera must fasten on the gimbal. (Not any loose, this is very...Continue Reading
Posted by Army Grunt | Yesterday @ 06:44 PM | 836 Views
I was given a van load of "stuff" from a old flying baddie. it was ALL good stuff. Several kits one was a kadet, I have been flying the "ARF"Kadet, with old eyes it was good size to see, so as soon as we got to Fl. for our winter break I started on the kadet, I added a really large front hatch, Flaps an ailerons work together till told to do otherwise from my great dx#7.
I never had a clear plane so this was my attempt at it
It has a 60 electric, 80 amp castle creations, 5500 6 cell. great flyer!!!very pleased.
Posted by Twisted Wings | Yesterday @ 04:45 PM | 892 Views
Time to start adding few entries...
Beginning with delving into Clickety's Mig 29. Sharp eyes will spot a few profile changes to emulate the latest Mig 35
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Yesterday @ 02:14 PM | 994 Views
Had to take some time away from the sport and get my other businesses off the ground and running, but now its back to fun in the sun... & with these new babies some fun in the night skies also. I've flown with teleport V4s since the beginning of my FPVing days. Well, after dropping the goggles and breaking the crystals about two months ago I decided to save up and grab the Dom V3s by FatShark.

#gimbalguy #fatshark #doms #v3s #fpv #flynryan
Posted by slingshots | Yesterday @ 01:13 PM | 1,027 Views
When you have trouble binding or it is not binding and the blue light on the FC is blinking. You should try doing the whole binding process from start to finish as described in the manual. Here is a video link to what the problem might look like.
I had this problem and fixed it as described. If you guys have any more questions, let me know and I will see what I can do. I have 2 Convergence's so I have had some problems.

Convergence VTOL AM (0 min 7 sec)

Post more later.
PM with Q & A
Posted by craytech | Yesterday @ 07:35 AM | 1,250 Views
BetaFPV Beta 65 Pro (6 min 30 sec)

Today I have the BetaFPV Beta 65 Pro. This is a micro brushless quadcopter. Its fast and a blast to fly. I have the FrSky version. Binding was a breeze just hold the bind button on the bottom of the quadcopter while plugging in the battery. From your Taranis all you need to do is select D16 and bind. After you configure your switches for Aux 1 and 2 you are ready to fly. It only took me a few minutes to fly it right out of the box. By default you have three modes configured Air Mode, Horizon and Angle mode.

Here are the specs and what you get in the box

Wheelbase: 65mm
Propeller: 1735 4-blades propellers
Motors: 1103 10000KV
FC & ESC: 16x16mm F3 flight controller with 6A 4in1 ESC stack
FPV gear: 25mW AIO vtx camera
Battery: 400mAh 2S with red JST Connector
Receiver: Frsky XM / DSMX Rx
Weight: 38g (without props guard) / 44g (without battery)
Flight time: 3 mins 30 seconds (with props guard) / 5 mins (without props guard)

Pick on up today
Posted by demondriver | Yesterday @ 06:33 AM | 1,379 Views
RC Airliner 737 MAX Assembly Line [4K] (12 min 16 sec)

Here are 3 of my 4 new rc Scratch-built RC Boeing 737's currently under construction.
I have my 737 Max-7,737-300,737-200
These 3 new Demon-liners are still Under construction so be patient for the Maiden flights.