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Posted by Arxangel | Today @ 02:23 AM | 21 Views
Vantac / KingKong Q100 - amazing performance on a budget (7 min 14 sec)

You can find the full parts list and the review also in my blog at

If you are looking to get into micro racing quads on a budget, the Vantac / KingKong Q100 is the perfect model for the job! It is cheap, tough, lightning fast, and stable for a brushed copter, definitely one of the best in its class. Even though the flight controller is not F3, Betaflight can be flashed on it and in my experience it is working perfectly making the copter in a class of its own! Pair this with the Devo 7E and a bit of a soldering skill, and you have probably the cheapest entry level micro racing copter system. This would be a good option if you want a taste of the action, but you're not completely sure if you would like it. All that would be needed is a pair of goggles and you would be ready to go flying.

Motor centre to motor centre (diagonally): 100mm
Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 25mm
Flying weight: 67.2g (42.8 w/o battery)


The package arrived in a perfect condition, although it took about 2 months to get here... I was almost ready to give up on it!


The Vantac modification that I got came fully assembled, so there was very little for me to do. The frame is solid and looks good, and also costs very little as a spare part, so if you break it, you will not break the bank to get it repaired.

Thre...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Today @ 12:26 AM | 96 Views

FuriBee F36
FeeBay $18 Australian

Wow , came this morning .. For the price of a couple of burgers and fries you get a rather remarkable little quad .
Obviously what lets it down is the toy Tx . And at this time the F36 is not supported by Multi protocol modules ( That I know of )

Toy Tx : Is some what vague , almost 50% of the control input does nothing . It takes about 30 seconds to adjust to how much stick throw is needed to make the F36 move . Ok fair enough , what do you want for $18 ozzi bananas .
I think FuriBee should make a Bind and fly version , maybe DSM2 or something . ( The FuriBee F36 would be insane on a decent Tx )

F36 : This little quad does not lack power .. I was simply amazed at how well it recovered as I played with the Toy Tx .. As it headed for the ceiling I cut power and it obviously dropped like a stone .. After about a 1 meter drop I applied power and the F36 stopped falling .. Not only that but it actually had some punch .

A micro quad for $18 that has power to spare (?) , damn it to heck this quad needs a decent Tx .. ( an absolute waste on the Toy Tx )
The Quad is done serious dis service by the included Tx ...
The FuriBee should be Bind and Fly , it's just to good to be a kids toy .

So it the manufacturer should read this - you *(&^%%*&(*&_)*& why did you go with your own protocol ? I guess you guys just wanted to limit your market share ( is that it ? ) . If this had been DSM2...Continue Reading
Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Yesterday @ 11:03 PM | 138 Views
Toolbox Tuesdays #5 - Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 with Buzzer, Better Props, PIDs and Acro Flight Footage (18 min 3 sec)

This is currently my favorite flyer and flies the best out of all of the micro FPV racers that I own. Granted, I'm just getting started with this part of the hobby, but so far this tops what I've gotten my hands on so far. Froggy rocks!
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 143 Views
Falcon 9 nrol76 landing stabilized (3 min 32 sec)

Finally got this stabilized, but it was still lousy. The problem is the motion tracker couldn't lock on to the constantly changing flame & gas exhaust. It probably still brings out more detail than the raw footage. The 2nd stage nozzle is more visible. There are no photos of a fully assembled 2nd stage, but the nozzle appears to be the largest possible diameter that would fit.

The ground based cam was a thrill. Seeing something that large hurling towards the ground at 1000mph with no power, with the air currents swirling by, shows how precarious the landing maneuver is. It's hard to believe the engines will ever start on time & it looks right at the limit of physics, right next to black holes colliding & pulsars. Navigating this narrow window in the laws of physics is what all rockets are going to have to do.
Posted by Oneblueyedog | Yesterday @ 08:01 PM | 217 Views
The Flash 45 Pro was lost last weekend due to radio failure. From straight and level flight it began a slow left roll. Opposite control gave no response to stop it. Post crash test of the radio with a fresh battery failed to illuminate the LED in the receiver. The battery connection was direct to the receiver. All that's left of the airframe is the tail section, for a wall trophy. All other pieces were salvaged. The muffler was lost and engine head damage from ripped threads occurred. Going to miss this plane.
Posted by GeorgeG97322 | Yesterday @ 07:30 PM | 245 Views
Well Folks,

I have been torn away from the modeling work on a bad note for quite a while... My father-in-law was taken from us a few days after his 80th birthday rather suddenly, and to top that off, my sister-in-law lost her eldest daughter a few weeks after her father. On a more joyful occasion came my daughter's wedding. Wow life has been crazy around here.


I now have all the ribs cut out for the DH Puss Moth and all of the spars, leading edge, trailing edge ready. Still over thinking the wing connection to top of fuselage. I think the best approach at this point will be to add wing tubes and wire. Of course the Guillows kit was simply glued to the side of the fuselage which would be adequate for a small free flight model. I have made a frame and covered it with doculam for testing paint. I will be using Tamiya acrylic paints for the Puss Moth. They seem to have adhered to the plastic very well so far...

I'm the old guy far left in the attached photo...

More soon,

Posted by tijojo972 | Yesterday @ 06:43 PM | 259 Views

J'ai fabriquer un Spider Copter avec une CC3D flasher sous cleanflight.hex.
Quand je vol en mode angle et s' il y a du vent mon drone se met a osciller brusquement ou quand je vol prêt du sol, le vent créer par les hélices agissent sur le système.
Comment puis-je régler les gyroscopes ou la fréquence de rafraîchissement des gyros pour supprimer se défaut?

D'autre par je souhaite flasher ma CC3D sous betaflight.hex avec des ESC 30A rapide avec une frequence de 490hz. Quel parametrage je dois activer sous betaflight. Betaflight est'il compatible avec des ESC normaux non oneshot??

I make a Spider Copter with a CC3D flasher under cleanflight.hex.
When I fly in angle mode and if there is wind my drone begins to oscillate abruptly or when I fly ready from the ground, the wind created by the propellers act on the system.
How can I adjust the gyros or the refresh rate of the gyros to remove default?

Other by I wish to flasher my CC3D under betaflight.hex with ESC 30A fast with a frequency of 490hz. What parametrage I need to activate under betaflight. Is Betaflight compatible with normal ESCs not oneshot ??
Posted by tijojo972 | Yesterday @ 06:35 PM | 264 Views
Bonjour a tous!!!

Je vous présente un petit TUTORIEL qui vous aidera a flasher vos CC3D sous cleanflight.hex ou betaflight.hex
Personnellement j'ai flasher mes deux CC3D sous cleanflight et ça fonctionne super bien. Le vol est beaucoup plus precis et fun.

Comment Flasher une CC3D sous cleanflight ou Betaflight (3 min 13 sec)

Bon Vol à tous!!!!
Posted by Robert Boudreau | Yesterday @ 06:25 PM | 279 Views
The Annual Castle 2017 ~ Giant Scale Fly-In
Some really big planes Wow what a show, I'm glad it went on with all the event's being canceled
took a few pictures for...Continue Reading
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 06:05 PM | 265 Views
This video includes the Line Of Sight Maiden Flights for my new EMAX Babyhawk Micro 2S Brushless FPV Racing Drone. I flew it around a small nearby field with my GF on the camera testing out two dramatically different batteries.

Line Of Sight Maiden Flights - EMAX Babyhawk Micro FPV Racing Drone (5 min 38 sec)

Posted by VicT | Yesterday @ 05:21 PM | 326 Views
I don't know why model designers use belly doors to load and unload battery's. They must not be users or flyers. Every time you flip the model over it's an accident waiting to happen. I've seen countless Apprentices get their fin bent because it contacts the ground or plane holder. You apply force getting the battery strapped or un strapped and there is more unneeded stress on the fin. The fin gets fatigued and over time fails and you lose a plane. We have overhead fans at our club work tables and everyone has hit the fan with a wing tip when inverting a model like the Apprentice, Timber Valiant 1.4, etc. A few designs like the Pandora and Sensei have top doors and are much easier and safer to operate. I spent about 2 hrs converting my second Apprentice club trainer to a top battery hatch located just aft of the main wing spar. Now that I know what to do it will probably take less than one hour to complete.
First thing I did was use my criss cross bungee wing hold down bands to a fore and aft arrangement with no criss cross. The loops that I made are tight enough to not slip off the wing hold down ends but easy enough to remove the front loops. The rear loops stay connected and I never lose one like the individual bands that come with the Apprentice. I dont use 6 but two on the left and two on the right. This method allows a door for battery ops to hinge open to get to the fuselage radio area.

I did not lower the receiver or servos but did low temp...Continue Reading
Posted by vic_man_fpv | Yesterday @ 05:07 PM | 330 Views
My FPV RACING SPAIN 2017 experience - vicmanfpv (4 min 37 sec)

Here I leave a summary of the adventure that we lived the components of the team "flypepino" in the last FPV Racing Spain on 20 and 21 May. Incredible riders, a high level and a great experience to learn, share the hobby and meet many people. Looking forward to returning to the road for repeat experience.

From here thanks to the team members: Javi "El Verde FPV", Raúl "El gallo ninja FPV" and Julio "JulijusLT", for the adventure and thanks to the people who have contributed their bit: Electrical installations J.Cara , IndalWeb, Nex Safety and The Flying Shoes. Thanks to Nick from EFAW for his support and material.

See you next time!!!
Posted by FPV_Habu_Flyer | Yesterday @ 04:14 PM | - Views

Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Yesterday @ 04:04 PM | 403 Views
Well, we made the trek and managed to get some video organized into a 5 minute Joe Nall epic summary sort of thing. I hope you enjoy the Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality of Triple Tree someday if you already have not. It is a beautiful place with great people and there is just tons of awesomeness going on. You gotta see it to believe it.

Get your 5 minutes worth of popcorn ready cuz here we go... God bless y'all

Joe Nall 2017 (5 min 12 sec)

Thanks to Karen Schaffer for the pic of my plane on the thumbnail for the vid too... Great shot
Posted by Quen Meadows | Yesterday @ 02:38 PM | 425 Views
Hey guys so I recently just bought a V-22 osprey from banana hobby and I am fairly new to EDF airplanes ive only had one other before. But my problem is the plane is unresponsive to my radio. I plug in the battery it turns on then when I go to use the throttle or ailerons none of them work. The plane was already binded once I took apart the plane and put it back together to make sure I set it up properly and it is so now I'm stuck. Can anyone please help me?
Posted by errorman | Yesterday @ 01:46 PM | 452 Views
Spent some time playing with the 3d printer 2day here a few pictures
Muiti colour for the win!!!

many thanks for all your support
Posted by thijs slotman | Yesterday @ 12:35 PM | 506 Views
the E011 with fpv is so much fun!
improving my fpv skill (E011 whoop) (4 min 19 sec)

Posted by flyenrw | Yesterday @ 12:16 PM | 526 Views
Towards the goal of finishing my Super Cub Cockpit, I really should be working on the side panels but the idea came to me while planning the next step and I just had to play it out!
I have wanted to change the look of the provided seats. I was dreaming up this elaborate scheme of adding wood face panels to simulate tufted upholstery, when I remembered I had used FLOCKING to simulate fabric. OH so much easier!!
The future design scheme of my Super Cub exterior will use the colors red, black, white and nickle.
So to add a little pop to the interior, using the existing seat, I gave them a very lite sanding ,where the new flocking will be applied, just to keep the bulk down, applied a quick undercoating of flat black paint as a base color so any lighter applied flocking would not show the lighter base color of the original seat and then I flocked the boarder and back of the seat with a charcoal color.
I feel the overall impression of flocking makes for a simple change and is very easy to apply.
I used a soft camel hair paint brush for a water base glue, much like a Mod Podge craft glue ... applied where I want the flocking to adhere, when it is all over glossy with glue, you are ready to apply the flocking.
The yellow colored cardboard Tube in Tube pictured has holes in one end where and when the two tubes are drawn apart you force air to expel the flocking placed inside, as you push the tubes back down on each other. Simple, 30 colors to choose....Continue Reading
Posted by Treeguy1984 | Yesterday @ 11:31 AM | 543 Views
This is a stats report of the Mega 16/40 2ce f5d motor.
Photos of motor before install and also static graphing from castle esc and flight graphs for others to refer to if thinking of buying this motor

Other threads for the Mega 22/40 1EE AND my new Mega 22/50 1EE that is arriving very soon.

Also my old Eflite BL32.