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Posted by Skelts1968 | Today @ 06:26 AM | 135 Views
Hi all. Have built a few of thease kits and enjoying them more and more. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding making this an rc version. Engine servos etc. Many thanks for any help.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Today @ 04:25 AM | 177 Views
My wife is very sick...
Please pray for her.

Her name is Carli.
Thank you.

Posted by AOKFLY | Today @ 01:20 AM | 492 Views
hi guys, new FIRE PHONENIX 2306 motors out.
Used High-end fuel injection and thermal transfer process make special green and white color,M5mm hollowed Steel Prop shaft and N52H curved magnets, 0.2mm Japan imported stators,Genuine Japanese NSK bearings, only 33g.
only sale 13.99USD,contact with me more discount.
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hi guys,our new 2306 motors out.
Used High-end fuel injection and thermal transfer process make special green and white color,M5mm hollowed Steel Prop shaft and N52H curved magnets, 0.2mm Japan imported stators,Genuine Japanese NSK bearings, only 33g.
only sale 13.99USD,contact with me more discount.
Posted by JosefssonRCG | Today @ 12:44 AM | 495 Views
It's been said for about 3 days, so Rick and I ringed out the Chisel for a spin at the field. In this Video, Joseph will explain couple key aspects of the flying wing itself and certain tips for your done deal every day rc life, and as always, just keep track of that!
JS54P Chisel Flying Wing Flight (19 min 59 sec)

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Posted by FR4-Pilot | Yesterday @ 10:31 PM | 873 Views
I was saddened and shocked when I discovered a really nice guy from my flying field passed away - almost 3 years ago. I was clicking around on the internet looking for Illinois RC flying field information when I stumbled across his obituary: http://www.yursfuneralhomes.com/view...ce.php?ID=1651

It suddenly became painfully clear why I haven't seen him at the field in a very long time.

If you've flown at Fullerton RC Helicopter Field in Addision, IL more than once chances are you got to meet Gary. I first met him in August of 2010 when I started visiting the field. He was a great person to talk to, always had helpful suggestions and fantastic stories to tell. Nircha, Al's Hobby Shop, Fun-Flys, etc. I got a glimpse of the activities that used to take place there years ago. Once again I was late to the game.

He had a bright orange and yellow Mini-Titan e325SE, a Futaba 8 channel radio, and a Sears Craftsman tool/flight box. He inspired me to build my first kit heli, a Mini-Titan. I liked his tool/flight box so I ended up with a gray one - just like his red and black one.

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Posted by CheersonHobby | Yesterday @ 10:15 PM | 846 Views
Cheerson CX23 intro (1 min 53 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Yesterday @ 06:54 PM | 1,712 Views
Okay guys,

Yes, I am cheap and like to stretch the almighty US Dollar to the last bit I can take it and found a super nice place that you can find "NEW" batteries for these older I-Phone 4 and 4S smart phones!

I purchased this used I-Phone 4S from a repair shop locally here in Orlando, Florida and bought it for the less than what it would have cost to fix one busted glass screen from an early Android Smart Phone . Can't believe this used I-Phone has lasted this long (2+ years) and has taken one of the best pictures and videos I have ever seen. The battery finally was not lasting like when I purchased it and I finally broke down and purchased a replacement battery kit!

From where? A USA seller at eBay, that's where!

I followed this YouTube Video carefully!
iPhone 4s Battery Replacement (2 min 35 sec)

Posted by Somi87 | Yesterday @ 06:25 PM | 1,704 Views
Hello everyone.
First of all thank you to all the answer and help you give me
I need help with the gsm hubsan h109 high edition. My problem is that the picht of the gimbal should be 65 degrees and -125 degrees, but in my case it's the other way around, focus more up instead of down. Hubsan does not give me any solution. If anyone knows anything I appreciate it beforehand. I'm sorry for the translation, in case it's not well understood.
a greeting
Posted by JosefssonRCG | Yesterday @ 05:55 PM | 1,727 Views
Here ya go, the most detailed walk through I've ever done on my website. Enjoy, and please don't forget to subscribe for more awesome vids!

JRCS Website! (15 min 53 sec)

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Posted by KatrinaRosen | Yesterday @ 05:04 PM | 1,762 Views
Drones will be used to assess Marawi city damage. The Lanao del Sur provincial government is planning to use an aerial drone to assess the damage caused by the ongoing conflict and identify areas needing priority rehabilitation. Vice Governor Mamintal Adiong Jr. said the capitol forged the drone mapping contract at less than 95 percent of the original price. The aerial mapping will really help assess the damage and what areas will be given priority in the rehabilitation phase.
Posted by ToledoJDF | Yesterday @ 04:48 PM | 1,775 Views
Im Dave, and Im an RC. (Remote. Control) addict. Notice I did not say Im a recovering RC addict, so that means Im still a practicing, full fledged, not even hiding it RC addict.

Most addicts have an RC vehicle of choice.Im no exception, my RC of choices now is mostly quads, and still occasionally my planes. While Im addicted to all forms of RC, I started many years ago with Planes (for many oldtimers, this was the gateway RC ofcchoice, their starting point)and like most addictions, in the beggining, mine was for fun. I was what is reffered to as a casual RCer , only doing it with friends, never alone or in private, and only on weekends, never during the week, and never exceeding my budget allowance. Then one day, the planes werent enough, they no longer filled the need, that giant gapping hole, and I tried Boats.

At first, Boats gave me that fresh high again, a renewed exhilaration. Then, like with the planes, one boat didnt work any more, and I had to have more boats, and more. Soon I was caught in embarrasing situations because of my addiction, using my neighbors pools to run my boats, without their permission, while they slept at night. I had no logical explanation, I had to lie about my reasons for RCing ( sweetheart, I only bought it because Paul did, I was just trying to keep him from RCing alone), and I began to fabricate elaborate stories (I missed work yesterday because my aunt died, and the wake was at the hobby shop?).

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Posted by Ssayer | Yesterday @ 03:42 PM | 1,839 Views
Like my Hubsans (which I felt needed a downward facing cam), I just thought a cam that recorded in 1080P would be pretty nice on my racing quad. I had a Runcam Swift 2 on it already, making it pretty darn easy to change over to this one since the connector is the same (and obviously, was already there.) So, I designed an insert to go between the quad and the battery to hold the PCB from the Runcam Split and printed it on my 3D printer. It fits between the battery connector at the rear, screws toward the rear of the quad and has enough room to not hit the FPV antenna. I glued it down with some Gorilla Glue since that stuff hold tight but you can still pry whatever loose (from carbon fiber anyway) if/when you feel the need.

It's funny that I've heard people saying that the Runcam Split has too much lag. Not mine, I zip through and around the trees with no problem at all. Also, some people have complained that it doesn't fill their 16/9 frame well enough. It works just fine on my Dom V3, my Aomway 7" monitor, and my Boscam 5802 monitor. Go figure, eh?

What the quad looks like with the Runcam Split and the 3D printed adapter
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Close up
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Posted by Thomas B. | Yesterday @ 03:32 PM | 1,818 Views
My brother revised his excellent Starfighter. Now it has Luftwaffe Finish and scale tiptanks. Flies absolutely great.
F 104 Starfighter superlight (0 min 56 sec)

Posted by Rickey Thomas | Yesterday @ 03:25 PM | 1,849 Views
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