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Posted by flyinjrc74 | May 16, 2011 @ 09:56 PM | 11,435 Views
I recently acquired this gasoline speedracer from a friend. Funny thing is I almost let it slip through my fingers. He needed a airplane engine I had and wanted to trade, without first seeing the boat I declined telling him I wasn't into boats. That is until he stated it had a 26cc Zenoah in it. I met him an hour later at the house and I was blown away after he lifted the hatch on his Explorer to see this thing and how big it was. It is a Rich Ballantine hull with a 26cc Zenoah bolted inside. He had started it twice just to hear it sing prior to trading me but it had never been ran on water.

It wasn't until about a week ago I found out it was a rare boat and of very good quality with much thanks to Ron Olson of Kzoo, MI. He answered many questions I had about the boat in general and also running and taking care of it. My last boat was bought 25 years back at Big Lots for about $15, this is far more advanced and being a flyer I did not want to take this thing out and tear it up. I want to thank Ron too for persuading me not to have it airbrushed. It is fine just the way it is.

My 1/4 scale Cub will be sitting on 48" floats in a week or so and I will get some more pics of the two floating machines sitting on the water. My boys were very excited to see this boat shooting across the lake are begging me to take it out again soon. The Swan's in the pictures would rather it stay at home, they went into attack mode and started creeping towards it while puffing up. They...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | May 11, 2011 @ 02:19 AM | 9,493 Views
This is my latest creation and my first scratch built wing. 37" wingspan and 22" in length. It should go like hell with the Eflite Park 400 in-runner putting out 3700kv. The esc is a Eflite 40A Pro and prop is a 5.1X4.5, I plan to use 3S 2200 lipo's but haven't tested on a watt meter as of yet. Finished trimming it tonight and anticipating the first flight.

The frame is 1/2" insulation foam sheeted with 1/16" balsa. I used a arrow shaft as a spar and epoxied it in foam before sheeting. Elevons are 3" and should be very responsive at high or low speeds. More pics and videos to come.

RTF weight is under 1&1/2 lbs!...Continue Reading