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Posted by ricocncparts | Jan 07, 2020 @ 12:29 AM | 3,122 Views
A CNC suction cup is a vital part of CNC pod and rail machining center and CNC router machine. It is mounted on the console to clamp the workpiece by vacuum and be moved to adjust their positions depending on the workpiece. The suction pods are suitable for processing small and high precision parts and can be machined on the side. They are widely used for solid wood processing.

There are three common CNC vacuum pods for CNC work center in the woodworking machinery market.
1. Biesse ATS CNC vacuum pods
ATS is Abbreviation for 'Advanced Table Setting'. These CNC pods are manually positioned. There is a white nylon support locating ring on the bottom of this kind of pod. The base bodies of the vacuum cups are inserted into a holding fixture on a pod and rail table. The base body and holding fixture have a grating that is divided into 15 steps. Thus, it is possible to position the vacuum cup in different angles on the pod and rail table. These CNC vacuum pods are easy to find in Biesse rover series CNC machine. There are three different heights: 29mm, 48mm and 74mm vacuum pods for Biesse.These CNC suction pods include black suction valves, locating rings and gaskets.

2. Homag and Weeke CNC suction pods
These suction blocks are manufactured by Schmalz. Schmalz is one of the world's leading suppliers in vacuum technology. It can provide a wide of product range includes a variety of suction cups with various shapes, sizes and materials. The suction cups for Homag and...Continue Reading