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Posted by askman | May 18, 2014 @ 02:24 AM | 63,416 Views
Several of us were discussing the portable multicopter for long duration flight with gopro gimbal. I've always flown quads, hexas and y6 but never a tricopter. just somehow, I never managed to build one mostly because I've always thought servo was added complicaton and my favorite multies were y6 anyway. one of the motivation was that I really like y6 and I was hoping that i would gain some of the benefit of Y6 without too much penalties

In the past, tricopter was popular because it could be built using cheap rates gyro without any special board. Also, motor/esc was more expensive compared to servo. After some research, may tricopter owners also stated that tricopter flew more like airplane or heli compared to true multicopter which tend to be very axial in turns. As long time heli flier, I really like how smooth heli can be flown, so, I decided to go for building a 15min flying tricopter with gopro gimbal and video downlink system using APM 2.6 flight control using 3.14 firmware.

I had few Dualsky 5010-9, which is 390kv motor with 15-4 prop, tunigy trust 6S esc flashed to bs.fet (simonk) , Tower Hobby TS160 servo (standard size digital cheap servo mostly because I had a new one and wanted to try cheaper, just to see if it will fly ok with it. had some nicer servo as backup just in case ) initially setup to run at 5v, but since changed to 6v. Since portability was desired, I needed the arms to be foldable. anyway, it took...Continue Reading