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Posted by askman | Jun 29, 2012 @ 07:26 PM | 14,914 Views
if you've been following the thread on AG gimbals, you probably know that i am a proponent of Y and to lesser extent Quad for multicopter for AP. While I realize this put me in the minority, I find that for best flight performance in windy condition, Ys are hard to beat. to gain that benefit, you do lose bit of efficiency, but I think most of us are willing to make that trade.

Gary has been asking about the Y conversion kit for a while. he has shrimp and crab kit that he has to put together, but just never had the time, so he just wanted to convert the F550. when Bobolavega showed up with his conversion of both 450 and 550, I had to build one. I just created a simple motor mount conversion and that is all it took (you also need to take it apart and rewire it, but that is pretty easy on F550)

anyway, here is the pic and first good video from the gimbal that is on it.

Y550 test5 (3 min 32 sec)

I am still working on fine tuning it, but pretty happy with current result. To be honest, Shrimp is still better in stability due to compactness of the system and simonK flashed esc, but I am pretty happy with the result so far. but that also makes this an ideal platform to work out the improvements on.

Now, I get lot of question about gimbal controller. Currently, I test using controller built into naza, and HF gimbal controller. so, lets go over the list of available gimbal control solution.

1) DJI WMK : GPS lock...Continue Reading
Posted by askman | Jun 24, 2012 @ 08:53 PM | 16,323 Views
well, back to more prop talk. :

on my last update on april 30s, I've posted about gemfan cf mix prop failure. it happened again in AP use. so, I will put notice that it is not recommended to be used. The gemfans have also released some CF copy of graupners. biggest issue from what I've been reported has been QC issues. for how much they cost, they seem to have issues with hub being not consistent.

so, which are the best props for F450/550? or AP in general? well, Graupners are still favored by many, but I am having great result from using zinger wooden props.

Zingers have lot of pusher prop available, and 8x5 and 9x5 combo has proven to work as well or possibly even better than graupners in windy situation. graupners are still bit more efficient though. They do need to be balanced and bored for dji motors as they are 6mm standard bore. but they fly great.

now, some of the later batch of DJI motor (2212) seem to have vibration issues as well. on one F550 kit., I had 3 motors being unusable for AP. Earlier kits were fine, but not these. I've heard that DJI has since changed the motor once again. (etched instead of sticker logo with issue that graupners will not easily work without spacer now) dynamic balancing can help a motor, but I am finding that we cannot do it accurate enough for AP use. in another word, if you have to dynamically balance a motor, just replace it if you are going to use it in AP/AV. you can make it great for stick banging with dynamic balancing, but not for AP. this lead to another view in that you should always buy decent quality motors.