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Posted by AussieHoppy | Dec 26, 2013 @ 12:14 AM | 39,360 Views
21 Oct 2015
Do you have one of the beaut 1700mm FMS birds (P51, P47, F4U), but retracts that are horribly unreliable electrically, or simply just don't work electrically?
While there are guys who have had nil issues with these retracts, there are many of us who have had no end of frustration, not to mention damaged planes, and seems to be related to bad batches of the black resin micro switch controller board.
Having bought a bunch of FMS retracts for my 1700mm FMS birds and other planes as well thinking FMS upgrades = quality, I'd spent too much money on more unreliability, there had to be a way to make these pathetic useles retracts work reliably...

Thanks again to those who helped out.
Brandon and Lou for their never ending contribution to our community.
wefinance for his great suggestion.

Here's our work-around fix:

I searched the hell out of my shed to find my old LX P40 retract controller, the LX controller seems to operate on overcurrent to find the end point travel limit on retracts, as opposed to using micro switches, so the LX type controller will allow power to go to the retract motor which will run until it reaches travel limit, for a split second the current draw will rise and the controller detects this as travel limit and subsequently cut power to the retract motor. I really like this method because if the retracts binds part way through travel the controller will immediately cut power, rather than straining the motor until the over current protection...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Dec 16, 2013 @ 04:00 PM | 13,015 Views
Just clowning around with my olde faithful P51

FMS P-51 1400mm 580kv 05072015 (8 min 40 sec)