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Posted by burkefj | Oct 20, 2013 @ 11:10 PM | 10,531 Views
Since I lost my original B-58 in a tree several years ago, I've been missing it.
So, I broke out the plans, made some modifications, and decided to save a bit of weight, would just keep it in the white, which also allowed me to do panel line detail.

It is 12 oz, without esc, motor and battery. 32" ws and 49" long. I doubled all the way to the fuse nose this time, and used 6mm doubled on the motor pods in this version.

I didn't want to splice that much so I used four compete 27.5x39" depron sheets and there was a lot left over, I only spliced the center section nose about 10" or so. Not much carbon needed, just some strip in each engine pod, two wing spars and a tail strip for stiffening. I did use some leftover spar rod in the tail to secure the motor plate to right where the stinger on the model would be. I've switched to a microjet V-3 grayson motor with apc 6x4E prop. I've flown it with a single 2100 lipo placed right around and under the leading edge of the right wing and 25+ amp esc and also with two 800mah 3s packs in parallel, with a battery placed on each side of the nose. The two battery version is lighter but has shorter run time, the 2100 pack has more current available and more thrust.

RTF is around 20 oz with two 800mah cells and 18 amp esc, 24 ounces with 2100 3s pack and 25 amp esc.
Here's the new video...

Note, on handlaunch since you are holding the fuel pod and the motor is up higher on the model, it tends to pitch down on launch before you get flight speed, so plan on this,launch with a slightly nose up attitude, and get on the elevator quickly to get the nose up for climb out.

Scratch Built RC B-58 Hustler pusher parkjet (1 min 54 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Oct 14, 2013 @ 12:23 PM | 9,002 Views
I had two very successful flights this weekend in Brothers, Oregon, and a bit thanks to the John Lyngdal, Gary Goncher, Tim, the other Tim, and Robert for helping out, and to all the OROC folks for putting on a great launch, and providing a great dinner, and to my wife, Sophie for helping out in the cold.

First flight was on a J-570 and was perfect, just a slight 5 degree angle caused by wind about 100 feet up, missileworks micro altimiter worked perfectly, 1300', no damage. Second flight was on a J-510, slightly more tail heavy, video will show a slight wiggle then it straightens out, again, perfect altimiter deployment with motor backup, 1700' and zero damage on landing. Very rewarding project and looked very good flying.

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Posted by burkefj | Oct 11, 2013 @ 01:08 PM | 6,045 Views
Here is my X-2 rocket boosted RC glider kit assembly instructions, 39" long and 34" wingspan, weight RTF is 13.5 oz for the aerotech reloadable 24mm D-7, E-7 and E-6 rc reloads.

Flight instructions and items for completion at http://www.dynasoarrocketry.com/instructions.html


Airframe with carbon spar and full flying tail surfaces with torque tubes installed.
Nose weight
Motor mount
Rail buttons and screws or launch lug(your choice)
styrene strip for reinforcing
velcro for mounting rx/bec/battery
blenderm tape(for taping wires and reinforcing joints)

Flight video is at:
X-2 rocket boosted RC glider Kit (0 min 57 sec)
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