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TLDR or a short version of my long story:

Im in progress and in search of getting funds together for startup investment. Not too much. According to my plan, around 15.000 EUR is needed pre-launch.
Since I have some web building knowledge, some marketing experience and I am an engineer without a diploma, i do almost everything myself.

Whats coming:

Exciting new carbon-hybrid sheet material. It has up to 32% better strength to weight ratio with no significant drawbacks concerning hobby aircraft frames.
Yes, I have done several prototypes and testing throughout the past year I have been developing this.

Awesome new multirotor frames. Some hints of that:

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Becoming a little bored waiting for my micro Flysky receiver to turn up , a while ago i grabbed one of these......

.....but was incredibly underwhelmed with the performance of "wifi fpv" underwhelmed is a bit of an understatement. So with free time on my hands , an active imagination and a micro 5.8ghz FPV cam i decided to start hacking away with my sledge hammer , in truth no tools were needed except a small screwdriver and a soldering iron.


Remove the 8 screws and take the top off

Get rid of all this rubbish

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....Just another one for the plane pile.......
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Start to finish QAV-ULX build video by Drone Camps RC.

Also some extra tips on how to setup a Lumenier 4in1 Esc with the coming soon LUX V2 Flight Controller. Enjoy the video. I hope this video makes it easier for your ULX build. Links below provided for the parts I used. Ps. I get no commission on the links.

Enjoy guys.

Video by Justin Davis
of Drone Camps RC

QAV-ULX Parts List:
( What to get ) for a 4S Battery Setup

QAV-ULX Ultra Light Racing Quadcopter Frame Kit

Runcam Swift 600TVL Fpv Camera

Lumenier TX5G2R Mini 200mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter with Raceband

You need 4 of these Skitzo motors. I would order 5 in case.

20A 4in1 ESC

Or you can order the new 35A 4in1 Esc

FrSky X4R Receiver

Racecraft 5051 "Butter Cutter" Props

Spironet 5.8Ghz Antenna - RCHP SMA

For more Drone Camps RC Reviews and Builds please
see my RC Groups Blog:

Join the Drone Camps Community
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drones, honest reviews, prototypes,
tutorials, and tech gadgets. - Mon - Fri

Lumenier QAV ULX, PRO BUILD Video by Drone Camps RC (33 min 33 sec)

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Recently a guy in Melbourne Australia got busted by CASA (our FAA) for sending his drone to a hardware store called Bunnings (Like Home Depot) for a sausage at the veterans sausage sizzle they hold to raise money. The guy is staring down the barrel of a $9,000 fine but I think there is crowd funding in place to pay the fine if it gets slapped on him. Trivia: A sausage in Australia is also known as a 'banger' or 'snag' It is unsure if he requested onion, but it appears no onions were injured in the making of the video... No Ketchup either?

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Yes, but luckily they didn't get away with it....
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Ford Expedition learning to tow a boat

RC Cars Roam a Tiny Toronto | Episode 4 | Transporting a Boat (2 min 4 sec)

Posted by JSS4 | Nov 15, 2016 @ 10:17 AM | 6,165 Views
Episode 3 stars the BMW 750Li and the police SUV

RC Cars Roam a Tiny Toronto | Part 3 (0 min 56 sec)

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The 1/24 FCV in the prior post received the Bronze in its category at the Ajax Scale Model Contest 2016!

JSP Custom Models on display at the Ajax Scale Model Show 2016 (0 min 28 sec)

Posted by japim | Nov 15, 2016 @ 09:25 AM | 5,194 Views
My maiden FPV flight (I am flying P61, my son is chasing me with his Lisam 210 race copter):
FPV Gate challenge (4 min 1 sec)

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How to Turn Your Backlight On and Off Without Tying Up a Useful Switch

In Mike Shellim's F3J/TD setups, both Version 2 (F3J_200_X and F3J_200_V) and Version 3 (F3J_300_X and F3J_300_V), logical switches L1 through L5 are used to manage the Calibrate mode. Calibrate is enabled by holding the right stick in the lower-left corner (assuming Mode 2) while activating SH↓, and it's released by activating SH↓ alone.

Also, in Version 2 the backlight is switched on and off with SF↓ and SF↑ respectively, via Special Function 4. This appears to have been eliminated in Version 3 but could easily be added by the user if desired.

The following is a programming method I use that leaves Mike Shellim's Calibrate mode untouched while allowing SH↓ to also toggle the backlight on and off, freeing SF for a more useful function. When your radio enters Calibrate mode, which is normally used when your model is indoors where you might actually need the light, the backlight will automatically be on. In other flight modes the backlight will be off by default, but can be toggled on and off by flipping SH↓.

This programming can be combined with my SetFail flight mode for setting failsafe in flight, which is activated by holding SH↓ for one second, resulting in SH having three different functions:
  1. SH is used to enter and exit Calibrate mode as per Mike Shellim's setups.
  2. SH is used to toggle the backlight on and off.
  3. SH (held for one second) is used to
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Hello guys and girls, we've been working with Betaflight on a new design for a flight controller. A lot of time and effort has been put into this...we all hope you like it.

Anyway, after a several months of going over and testing prototypes we've finally stuck with what will be the finished product. A special thanks goes out to Hector Basil Hind (whom I can't tag in this post) for being there all along the way and helping with his expertise, and Boris B for jumping on board and asking if we can give the users a feature packed flight controller with an affordable price...we've all put a lot of time and effort into it and hope it's what you need.

BetaflightF3 is an all in one design, designed to fit those critical builds but give the users the options they most commonly use, all the while keeping the same standard footprint of most flight controllers used. PDB, OSD(betaflight configurator), SD Card writer, 3A power draw, DShot compatibilty...the list goes on. We'll have more details soon. Let us know what you think!

Thank you all for your continous support!

Team FPV Model

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I was never a fan of Eachine Green. So I bought a set of Sharpies.

Get them Here
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I was looking for my little motor and prop testing post earlier today so that I could update it and ended up digging through a number of pages before actually finding it. I figured I'd copy the data here to this little RCGroups Blog section so that I don't have to keep digging and if anyone else finds the information useful, they can find it more easily here, too!

I'm treating this as a live document and I'll post a reply to the thread when I've made significant updates.

These tests are not scientific and the setup is pretty crude, but I think the results are useful. Decide for yourself and lemme know what you think. Just don't be mean; I'm a delicate flower!

Testing Methodology
The fixture pictured above is what I'm currently using for these tests; it's permanently mounted to that scale. The scale measures grams with a resolution of 0.01g. I've found it to be accurate and repeatable down to ~0.02g. I was initially concerned that having the motor cantilevered out from the center of the scale like that might throw off the readings, but I've placed various calibrated weights on the motor mount, ranging from 0.02g all the way up to 65g and the reported numbers were spot on. The 100g weight helps dampen the fixture and stabilize the readings. The motors and props are oriented upside down so that the direction of thrust pushes the motor down into the scale. This allows the prop wash to go into free space and prevents it from hitting the scale (or getting recycled back into
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The waterproof: IP68 waterproof grade,

Long-endurance: 35-40 minutes,

The small wheel base: 480 mm,

Big tension: 3.8 KG,

Strong compatibility: compatible with most gimbal camera market

But in the condition of no foot landing, to do 360 degrees without a corner aerial

Product parameters:

The flying time: 35-40 min (light, battery: 10000 ma 6 s 22.8 V)

Diagonal wheelbase: 480 mm

Propeller: 1355 mm (self-locking oar)

Empty machine weight: 1600 g

Maximum take-off weight: 3.8 Kg

Battery 1:4500 ma 6 s 22.2 v lipo (standard)

22.8 V lipo batteries 2:10 000 ma 6 s (optional)

The charger: 9 v - 32 v, 150 w

Remote control: 10 channel 2.4 G two-way automatic frequency hopping number system

Yuntai: sports level aerial gimbal, work under 5-6 class wind

Camera camera: a small ant movement, 16 million pixels 1080 p hd video camera, 240 frames high-speed photograph, 72 grams of small size light weight, MIC stereo input/output, Wifi

Bluetooth 4.0, 155 ultra wide Angle

FPV screen: 7 inch , built-in battery, built-in receiver

Figure preach: 650 milliwatts

Figure the distance: 800-1000 m

The maximum vertical speed: 6 m/s

The biggest drop in speed: 3 m/s

Mobile:86 13662246414
Wechat:86 13662246414
Whatsapp:+86 13662246414
Flying in the rain ideafly waterproof drone Poseidon-480 (1 min 45 sec)

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Tattu 220mah 1s battery,for Tiny whoop,and inductrix,is ready to order in US warehouse.

Attention:Limited quantity,so each person can not order more than 2 sets,so take the chance before it slips away.Tiny whoop combined with strong,powerful tattu,winter is becoming more exciting.
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[Abstract] With the deepening of the times, the existing aeronautical remote sensing technology becoming unable to adapt our current needs. Recently, FPV UAV remote sensing aerial technology has been developed into the practical application stage, it can be said at the right time to meet the needs of aviation remote sensing business.

Ⅰ, Explanation of terms
【Pilotless Airplane】
Pilotless airplane is a kind of powered, controllable and reusable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can perform a wide range of tasks with mission equipment.

【FPV UAV aerial photography】
FPV UAV aerial photography is based on unmanned aerial vehicles as the air platform to airborne remote sensing equipment, such as high-resolution CCD digital camera, light optical camera, infrared scanner, laser scanner, magnetic measuring instrument to acquire information. The computer carries on processing to the image information, and according to certain precision request makes the image.

【UAV remote sensing technology】
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing (UAV) is a new type of remote sensing technology based on advanced unmanned aerial vehicle technology, remote sensing sensor technology, telemetry and remote control technology, communication technology, GPS differential positioning technology and remote sensing application technology. It can realize automation, intelligence, The rapid acquisition of land and natural...Continue Reading