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Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 30, 2013 @ 11:14 AM | 6,885 Views
I picked up a trailer for transporting my sailplanes. Works out pretty well.

The picture I included here shows what it looks like before any of the work.

I worked on it, building shelves, partitions, fuselage, and wing holders.

More details, information and pictures can be seen here:

Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 27, 2013 @ 04:33 PM | 6,568 Views
After a lot of hard work the forums for RCAerotowing at back up and running. A great site that all should go and see:

Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 22, 2013 @ 08:58 PM | 6,468 Views
I recently posted 2 short (maybe not so short) threads on the Ventus 2c and the ASH-31mi. I thought it would be good to have information out about the installations I did for both of these sailplanes and also share what I have learned about their flight characteristics so far.

The threads are on RC Groups and can be found here:



I want to thank so many people that have previously built these sailplanes and many other sailplanes and spent the time sharing their builds.

The threads and images that have been shared by so many here on RC Groups and also on RCAerotowing.com have been very helpful to me over the past several years with my projects. I hope that my information may be of help to others also.

I'll add a note that RCAertowing.com is a site focused on promoting all levels of aerotowing from beginners to advanced and is really a fantastic resource to look at. Multiple resources are a great way to learn !

I will be posting all additional information and future work on my sailplanes at http://www.rcaerotowing.com/forum/forum.php Please go there to learn more.

Posted by rcmorrow | Sep 17, 2013 @ 09:43 PM | 6,703 Views
It has been a while since I last wrote here. I have been busy over the past year now and have a few new additions to my sailplanes.

I was able to get a 1/3 scale 6 meter LET Ventus 2c, along with a H Model 1/2.5 scale 8.4 meter ASH-31mi. I also am working on the final installation of radio equipment in a Old Gliders 1/3 scale 5 meter Orlik II vintage gull wing.

The Ventus and the ASH-31mi fly beautifully. Amazing to see them in the air and really a joy to fly, having quite a flight envelope and speed range pending on the camber of the wings.

The radio installs for the Ventus and ASH-31mi both use power distribution boards, the SmartFly Competition 12 Turbo for the Ventus and the PowerBox Royal for the ASH-31mi.

I have attached a few pictures of them here.

I will add pictures of the Orlik II once I have the installation completed in the next week.
Posted by rcmorrow | Jul 29, 2012 @ 06:25 PM | 7,084 Views
It has been a hectic 3-4 weeks here and I am just now getting back to work in the shop. I pulled out my XP-5 and also my Hyper 2M to get them flying again this week.

The XP-5 looks like it is all set and should be a lot of fun to get the DLG arm going again. The Hyper 2M needs some mior work on the horizontal stab and it should be ready also.

More news and pictures soon.
Posted by rcmorrow | Jun 05, 2012 @ 05:20 PM | 7,584 Views
It has been a while since my last entry. A very busy winter and spring. I have completed a new helicopter, a T-rex 600EFL that flies beautifully. It is made from the kit and I have used my own electronics instead of the Align equipment due to personal preferance.

I built it with the new Spektrum 7200BX receiver tha incorporates the BeastX technology for flybarless heads and used all high voltage JR servos for the swashplate control. A MKS high voltage brushless servo tail servo controls the yaw and I am very impressed with the overall quality and precision of the equipment and airframe.

I have also be fortunate to get out and get some fl;ying in with my ASG-29 this spring at a few different locations including the New England Aerotow a few weeks or so ago. It is good to get the sailplane up and remember which switches do what ! Found the tow release a few times accidentally, but fortunately I was with a great tow pilot and had enough altitude both times to get the sailplane into a good landing pattern. OOPS !

Pictures of the New England Aerotow to be posted in the next few days.

It will be a great summer for flying here in New England and looking forward to seeing many friends at the various events throughout the summer and fall months.

I reopened the thread for the sailplane dollies. Now the summer is here I have my shop open again and I can start producing them if requested. All parts are in stock and I will keep to the original pricing of $95 for the...Continue Reading
Posted by rcmorrow | Jan 02, 2012 @ 09:04 AM | 7,823 Views
The DG-600 and the Edge 540's are sold. The motors are still available though.

Posted by rcmorrow | Dec 18, 2011 @ 10:00 PM | 7,842 Views
Finally finishing up a couple sailplane dollies this weekend and into next week.

It has been a very hectic couple months with many unexpected surprises.

Getting my shop in shape for doing woodworking has been a task also after several great months of having it set up for the model work. I have my equipment just about all set now.....table saw, band saw, lathe, planer, jointer, and a wide variety of small prtable pwer tools as well as hand tools. Makes it much easier to get projects like the sailplane dollies completed with the shop in order.............it has been difficult getting everything set this fall with some unexpected health issues, fortunately all is in order now and I am back on track for the winter.

I have a completed sailplane dolly as well as a kit going out very soon.

If anyone is interested in the sailplane dollies please contact me soon, as I will be putting these on hold in just a few weeks and not produce any kits or completed ones again until next summer.

Posted by rcmorrow | Nov 24, 2011 @ 07:45 AM | 8,446 Views
Since it is Thanksgiving and tomorrow is "Black Friday" I thought I would put out a quick note to promote some of the items that I have for sale here on RC Groups.

I can't say that I will give these away at ridiculously low prices, but I will be willing to negotiate pricing within reason. They are all great items that are either NIB (all the motors and also the Edge 540's) or built, flown, and maintaioned very carefully so the sailplane is in virtually new condition (the DG-600).

So, enough with my rambling and here is the list with links:

The DG-600 sailplane, 4/4.8m span, $2500 BNF with all JR electronics, built and flown and it is an exceptional flyer, great at thermaling and also able to do scale aerobatics:


The Hanger 9 Edge 540's, these are NIB (new in the box) ready to build, $250 each or $400 for the pair. They are ARF's and don't require a tremendous amount of building time. I purchased them because of the ease of build as well as the very good flight characteristics that have been reported by those that have had this airframe:


Finally, I have a variety of Hacker and AXI electric motors for sale that are all new, other than a few have had connectors attached, individually priced based on the motor. None have been used or flown at all. I had purchased these over the years for various airframes, and ended up using other motor/battery combinations for the planes....or sold the airframes and still have the motors in their boxes ready for sale or use:


I have included a few pictures of some of these items also (Please go to the threads linked to see more pictures and information). Please drop me a PM or send a note through this thread/post if you are interested in any of these and I will contact you so we can sort out pricing and shipping that works for both of us.
Posted by rcmorrow | Nov 12, 2011 @ 03:28 PM | 9,108 Views
I have been using the power supply now for a couple weeks and it works very successfully. I am very pleased with the finished product. It has worked out well to have the meters for monitoring the voltage and current through the system....especially the current on the AC line to make sure I keep it under the breaker rating for the outlet I am using (about 15 - 20 amps).

I have been doing some research on a variety of sources for some of the internal electronic components and have found meters available for about $7 - $15 each rather than the ones I used at about $100 - $115 each (quite a bit if savings !).

I picked the Simpson meters because of the accuracy they have, but in this application I am certain the more reasonably priced meters would work just fine.

Several people have also asked about the cost of my original design I have here on my blog. The supply I have shown of mine is a relatively expensive unit as it is a prototype or one-off design. It came out to about $1325+ for all components: $400 for the pair of internal power supplies from Mean Well, $500 for the 5 current/voltage meters, and $425 for the case, then some additional costs for the switches and wire used for completing the build. The case manufacture was $425 alone as a single unit.

If I were ot produce 5 or more the case cost would be about half or less, reducing the completed supply cost substantailly. In addition if I use the more reasonably priced meters I can lower the cost even more, with a...Continue Reading
Posted by rcmorrow | Oct 21, 2011 @ 06:02 PM | 9,625 Views
The case/enclosure arrived yesterday and I had time last night and today to install the electronics and start testing the power supply.

So far I haven't had any problems, looks like everything works as planned.

I set up both my Hyperion chargers, the duo with a pair of 5s 6500mAh packs and the NET 720 AC/DC with a 6s 5000mAh pack. The current draw was at a maximum of about 10amps DC out for both chargers and the AC current draw in was less than 4 amps at them most.

Needless to say I am very pleased with the results and the capability of the power supply.

I have included several pictures of the supply from arrival of the enclosure to the finished supply in use. I am very pleased with Protocase with the quality of the work they produced for this project, the only drawback is that a prototype/one-off enclosure is expensive....Continue Reading
Posted by rcmorrow | Oct 17, 2011 @ 05:47 PM | 9,110 Views
Protocase has contacted me and my prototype case is being shipped via air tomorrow. It should arrive in the next 3 days and I will begin to install the electronic components. I'll be photographing the progress as well as making an electrical diagram that I will post here when the case arrives.

More news soon !

Posted by rcmorrow | Oct 09, 2011 @ 07:16 AM | 9,503 Views
I have been working on an AC to DC Power Supply the past 3 weeks or so.

I have been using some Mean Well power supplies repackaged by Astro Flight for several years now. These are low power supplies, offering between 100-150 watts of power total. Either 12V or 13.5V at about 10-13 amps at the most.

These have worked well for my use with the Robbe Infinity Chargers (Infinity I, II, and III) as well as my Hyperion AC/DC charger, as they are all about 100 to 150 watt chargers. With the progress on batteries and chemistries has come the advent of being able to charge at higher rates than 1C and I recently purchased one of the new Hyperiod DUO chargers that has an output of 500 watts max on each side (1000 watts total).

This has made the need for a new power supply critical, one that should have about 1000 to 1500 watts of power for the maximum abilities of the new charger.

There are several various suppliers of power supplies, most are designed as internal supplies for various electronics, and thus the terminals are exposed.

I have found a couple Mean Well supplies that seem to be the right choices for my needs. A Mean Well RSP-1000-24 which is about 1000 watts (24V at 40 amps max for 960 watts) and a Mean Well SP-320-13.5 which is about 320 watts (13.5V at 22 amps max).

I am using two independent supplies for having multiple DC outputs on the copmpleted power supply to enable chargers that have maximum DC In of 15V or ones that are up to 28V (as are the newer...Continue Reading
Posted by rcmorrow | Oct 02, 2011 @ 07:49 PM | 10,880 Views
I had written about minor cosmetic damage to the DG back in the early part of the summer.

I completed minor repairs and re-painting back in August, but haven't posted any pictures of the DG since the work was completed.

The work included sealing the sls doors closed as well as the minor repairs on the fiberglass. I also moved the receiver forward to be placed under the cockpit floor. There is a photo of the receiver and connections in the new placement

Thought I would pictures here as well as the sale thread that gives details about the sailplane and the pricing. The DG is still for sale, see the thread at the following link if your interested:


...Continue Reading
Posted by rcmorrow | Jul 10, 2011 @ 03:10 PM | 10,245 Views
I was invited to join the PropBusters for a memorial meet they have this weekend. I attended Saturday and had a wonderful time there. The club is a very friendly group that make the time spent really enjoyable.

There was just about every type of prop driven aircraft (gas, glow, and electric), helicopters in the back field (glow and electric), and also electric gliders as well as large scale aerotowing all going on through the day.

I was able to fly both my ASG-29 and my DG-600. Several flights on the ASG-29, and one final flight on the DG-600 (that I should have tghought twice about !). A small mishap with the DG on the landing (hot, a bit too high and a very poorly executed turn tha resulted in a stall.......I was very please to find very minimal damage to the DG.....some bending of the retract unit that will be easy to repair, and also a slight ding in the outside fiberglass of the fuse that is also very easy to repair.

I have decided to also glass the SLS doors when I do the repair work on the fuse......I'll complete the finish so the DG is strictly a sailplane (I have personally not liked having the doors to be honest).

At any rate, it speaks very well of the construction and desgn of both the HF models and the H models out of the Czech republic.......they fly very well and they also are very reliable and durable.

I use the dolly for all my launches yesterday to really see how well it works. It was great with both my ASG-29 (18 lbs and 5m span) and the DG-600 (14.5lbs and 4.8m span).

I delivered the first finished dolly yesterday at Salem and have one of the first kits going out this week.

I'll be completing the instruction manual over the next day or so and also post some new photographs of the dolly soon.
Posted by rcmorrow | Jun 19, 2011 @ 06:30 PM | 10,602 Views
Had a chance to try the dolly today at Waveny Park in New Canaan.

Steve Pasierb was kind enough to bring his electric 1/4 scale Cub for towing duty and towed 3 of us for several tows each.

Myself with my ASG-29 (5m), Tom Mavaro with his Discus (about 4m), and Connio Sessa with his ASG-28 (about 2.5m).

All sailplanes did very well with the dolly. We were all very pleased to get airborne without troubles or difficulties, even though the grass was a bit high and the field a little rough and bumpy in some areas.

I decided that a modification I will make to the dolly is to have a doubler on the inside of both sides that will provide extra strength for all areas that have threaded rod or bolts going through the ply sides. Easy enough to do and to sandwich glue the doublers in place prior to drilling, finishing, and final assembly.

Several people have been interested in the dolly and I have decided to make either kits or completed dollies available for sale.

The kits will consist of the 2 side plates with doublers already glued in place (all holes drilled for threaded rods and wheel axles), 4 wheels with bearings, all hardware (including pvc spacer tubes, threaded rods, bolts, washers, and lock nuts), foam cushion used for the top wing support area, and assembly and finishing instructions.

The finished dollies are fully finished and only need some minor final assembly when they arrive (instaling the provided threaded rods and PVC tube covers with washers and lock nuts). They are available in the following colors: red, light blue, dark blue, white, yellow, black, fluorescent red/orange, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent green. The dolly comes will assembly instructions.

Kits are $95 and the finished dolly is $155. This includes shipping within the Continental US.

If interested please contact me via PM.

The pictures show the completed dolly and also show it ready for use with my 5m ASG-29 ready for tow (painted in fluorescent red/orange).
Posted by rcmorrow | Jun 13, 2011 @ 08:14 PM | 11,000 Views
Well, I was fortunate to get one of Tony Elliott's laser cut Petrel kits a year and a half or so ago. This is going to be one large project......1/3 scale with a wingspan of approximately 5.74 meters.

I have had the short kit and the plans put away for a while now, and I think it is time to pull things out and set the shop up for the build at some point this summer.

Just a few loose ends to complete and move out of the shop (a 6' diameter mahogany dining table for a client along with some turned bowls).

News to follow as I start the preparations and then the build. I plan on running a build thread in the scale sailplane section with this project.

I attached a pic of the diagram for the Type 13 Petrel.........note that Aerosente is now offering the plans and kits (both short and longer kits). There is a build thread running that will be active again soon from what I understand.
Posted by rcmorrow | May 31, 2011 @ 08:40 PM | 10,714 Views
Getting the final things set for JR this week and I just put a dolly together for assiting with launch of the sailplanes. Thought I would post a couple picks here for others to see.

I read many of the threads here and used the PDF file/drawing made by Cooper998 (many thanks for posting this !)

In the end I made a few adjustments of dimensions and also decided to paint it a very bright fluorescent red/orange to make it easy to see on the field.

It is about 24" front to back, 12" wide, and 14" tall. Made of 1/4" ply and using 5/16" threaded rods and bolts for the bracing and wheels.

Testing it out at JR this week, so I'll report back with pictures from the event later.
Posted by rcmorrow | May 25, 2011 @ 09:15 PM | 10,446 Views
Many thanks to Steve Pasierb for his help with my horizontal stab.

He did a great job of vacuum bagging it using resin and it is better than new.

Off to the JR Aerotow next Wednesday in Monticello, IL. I should be there by Thursday morning to start flying.

Pictures to follow soon.
Posted by rcmorrow | May 14, 2011 @ 10:31 AM | 11,014 Views
Only a few weeks or so away and I am off to the JR Aerotow in Illinios.

I'll be traveling by car this year, should be about 18+ hrs driving time from CT. Hopefully I will have a friend with me for the event and we can share the driving duty.

Taking both my ASG-29 and the DG-600 for the event. The DG-600 hasn't been flown for quite a while now with the hope that it may be sold. Hoping there may be some folks at the event that decide they want a large scale sailplane ready to fly........have to wait and see how that goes. (see thread if interested: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1378453 )

I was at Susquehanna a few weeks back and it was a wonderful event, although my flying skills (especially my take-off skills) are a bit rusty.........not to mention that I was a bit confused what the switches do on my transmitter ! (it has been too many months since I last was flying obviously !)

I tumbled the ASG on an attempted take-off, and fortunately did only mionor damage. A slightly marred and cracked wing tip and also did some damage to the horizontal stab. Steve Pasierb has taken the stab and graciously worked on it and made it better than new. He is a very skilled modeler/builder/craftsman........his repair is truely amazing and very appreciated.

I have included a few pictures from the Susquehanna event.

Looking forward to the trip to JR and more news and photos after I return....Continue Reading