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An important announcement that unfortunately, due to recent events, has led to some bad news...
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My first attempt at the FT Master Series...starting with the Corsair. Here's Part I of the build process...
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Yesterday (actually early this morning) I finished the conversion of a used 2 meter Black Magic pattern plane to electric. Today was the big re-maiden.

I'm not sure who was more excited to see this old bird fly again: me, or the original owner, who was there to assist me with the flight and setting all the mixes to get it flying straight. It didn't take much. Just a bit of up elevator trim after take off on the first flight, then we checked CG - right on. Knife edge needed some aileron mix in same direction as rudder, and up elevator. High throttle needed some right rudder, and no throttle needed down elevator to keep it from pulling to the canopy on the down lines. By the fifth flight it was flying knife edge and vertical up and down lines straight as an arrow.

I still need to finish painting the canopy. And the biggest item overlooked in the rush to finish was adding an opening in the firewall and an exit hole in the bottom of the fuselage for airflow to cool the batteries. How I missed that, after all the past conversions and other electric planes I've put together, is beyond me. Must be getting old.

Anyway, the Black Magic is my first pattern plane. After years of flying scale aerobatic planes like the Extra, with their draggy airframes, it was amazing to experience a sleek thoroughbred again. (I got started in sailplanes, and there is nothing more clean, aerodynamically, than that.) The power to weight ratio, while similar to my 104" Extra, translates to...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 10:04 PM | 284 Views = Crash test Bee or 3D Bee ?

Crash video ? Maybe !

Yes , as previously posted ! I crashed and crashed and crashed the Bee 490 over and over again till the PLA motor mount broke . Actually , thats all that broke or bent . The Bee wing is actually ok ! ..

So I stuffed up big time !

I needed to do a new mount and move the motor further forward .
At least here I can fly the Bee . Still needs more weight in the nose for CG . Damn the Bee can turn tight ! The thing I wanted , was slow flying and no falling out of the sky . Before with the larger batteries , the Bee would fall out of the sky ( Tip Stall ) . Did not do that with the smaller battery . In the video it hunts up and down ( CG ) . So a little more weight in the nose should cure that .. ( 100mm CG )
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Out to the hill again today
The forecast was for 10 to 13 mph by mid afternoon but arriving at noon we found the hang glider guy's packing up and heading home...
At the top we discovered a solid 20 with gusts up to 30 ....Oh Yea !
We had the hill all to ourselves .

The wind built as the afternoon went on ,with big thermals {and sink} passing through to keep the flying interesting .
The temperature was in the high 70's
A perfect afternoon of sloping .
After 3 hours of flying we headed back down the hill to our cars and packed up , I measured the wind at my car and it was blowing 18 mph on the flat .
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Windsurfing my Eflite F-16 Falcon 64mm EDF Jet this morning with 21.4mph avg winds and 28.5mph gusts. High alpha and harrier-ing in the Viper, why not?

Eflite F-16 Falcon 64mm EDF Jet BNF Basic High Winds Flight (4 min 59 sec)

Thanks for coming out today Robert and getting this footage.. I knew you would be the only one in our flight group crazy enough to show up at the field today and fly in this mess with me.
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Wow, I cant believe 4 years has gone by since my last entry. I have built around 2 dozen more planes since 2016. Mostly all FPV. Also built about a hald dozen DJI HD Quads. Anyway, here is my latest and greatest!
Had my Albabird out for the maiden this week and probably 4 more flights after that to get it tuned. Flies very nice now and just sips at the battery for having 2 motors. I am cruising at around 5 to 6 Amps at a speed of ~32mph. Running brother hobby 1300KV motors in it (7X4 3-blade props) and a 10,500mah custom li-ion battery. This is a keeper for sure!
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In construction...
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This is my Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Maiden Flight Review.

Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Maiden Flight Review (5 min 30 sec)

Review Notes for this Arrows Viper EDF Jet:

- Looks great
- Plastic nose cone for durability
- Grips for easy hand tossing
- Fantastic value price, check links in the description!
- Powerful 50mm EDF unit
- Three plastic skids on the bottom
- It handles very similarly to the E-flite Viper Jet
- Designed for 3S packs so you can get a lot of packs for hours of fun without breaking the bank.

- I prefer all screws to any glue, but it wasn’t bad overall.

Jet link:
Posted by Ja3928 | Yesterday @ 02:54 PM | 1,049 Views
I am looking fo a carbon fiber wing tube can anyone help me with size and if there are any out there?
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 01:11 PM | 1,301 Views
This is my Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Unboxing & Review with a tease in the intro from the upcoming Maiden Flight!

Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Unboxing & Review (6 min 57 sec)

Review Notes for this Arrows Viper EDF Jet:

- Looks great
- Plastic nose cone for durability
- Grips for easy hand tossing
- Fantastic value price, check links in the description!
- Powerful 50mm EDF unit
- Three plastic skids on the bottom
- It handles very similarly to the E-flite Viper Jet
- Designed for 3S packs so you can get a lot of packs for hours of fun without breaking the bank.

- I prefer all screws to any glue, but it wasn’t bad overall.

Link to Arrows RC Viper EDF Jet:
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World's smallest stabilized FPV HD video camera! Only 18 grams, the Insta360 GO FPV now has smooth flow with both FlowState AND FPV Stability Modes
Smooth, cinematic, HD videos and 5-minute HD recording time, makes this the most versatile, stabilized HD camera perfect for micro FPV drones!
BOTH FPV Mode (5-min video) AND FPV Stability (follows flips, rolls, & loops)!
FPV features described, how to use them, and side-by-side demo flights of FlowState & FPV Stability
Example mounting options displayed too
Insta360 GO FPV (SMOOTH FLOW!) (14 min 52 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 07:18 AM | 2,226 Views
Maiden didn't end well...she took off in trim, and I was flying her around at about half throttle, making sure of input bad habits, good roll rate....then I decided to open the throttles all the way, and WHAM, the port ESC/EDF shut down...and she cartwheeled into the runway...broke her all to pieces. I knew I was at the upper limit of the ESC's (65 amp)....Obviously, I was too close....If I'd been 3 mistakes high, I probably could have saved her. As it was I about 10 feet off the ground at close to 80 mph.....Pretty good size debris was spectacular !

Oh well, I'll build her again
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Yep Les Amis,
Du Bon Gros Matos ! Pas donné mais EXCELLENT ! Je n'ai plus de place dans la description pour vous faire un résumé mais tout est dit dans la vidéo ... Bon Film à Tous et Merci de votre soutien .

TITAN XL5 iFlight - Review Test Démo and Crash - RIP la Gopro Héro 7 !!! (40 min 28 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Du Bon Gros Matos !!!

Niveau : Confirmés
Les + : Bien réglé sortie de boite, Bonne conception, très résistant, Très bonne caméra (Ratel), VTX performant, Un TOP dans cette gamme de prix !
Les - : Pour chipoter un peu, ils auraient pu mettre une XT60 noire et des tubes d'antenne plus longs et offrir le support Gopro, pour le prix ...

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :
- Chez Banggood :
- iFlight TITAN XL5 6S ( coupon bGhOnEy10 ) :
- iFlight TITAN XL5 4S ( coupon bGhOnEy10 ) :
- iFlight TITAN XL5 HD 6S :
- iFlight TITAN XL5 HD 4S :
- Support Gopro réglable :
- Accessoires et pièces TITAN XL5 :
- Hélices Nazgul 5140 :
- LIPO iFlight FULLSEND 6S 1300mAh 120C :
- LIPO CNHL G+PLUS 5S 1500mAh 100C :
- LIPO GAONENG 4S 1500mAh 110C :
- Chez iFlight :
- iFlight TITAN XL5 4S et 6S :
- iFlight...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Un Excellent Tiny ! Il s'est fait attendre mais il est enfin là ! J'ai en test aujourd'hui le UZ65 de chez Eachine. Une très bonne surprise au déballage et à la mise en route. Bien équipé et plutôt bien conçu, ce petit 65mm possède des hélices tripales de 35mm qui lui donne une bonne puissance, ainsi qu'un VTX séparé de la carte de vol switchable en 25 ou 100mw et tout ça, monté sur un petit châssis résistant au chocs. Les pré-réglages sorti de boite sont bons et le pilotage très agréable ! Mis à part un FOV un peu restreint, je n'ai pas grand chose à reproché à ce nouveau Tiny de la marque pour une somme de 74€ avec un coupon. Bon film à tous, prenez soin de vous et à très vite ...

Eachine UZ65 - Review Test Démo - Et une livraison surprise ! (24 min 14 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 Enfin là !!!
Niveau : Débutants et Confirmés
Les + : Résistant, Qualité d'image, Portée vidéo, Bons réglages d'origine, Facile à piloter, Autonomie VTX séparé, Caméra orientable ...
Les - : Chargeur USB pas top, FOV de la cam un peu court.

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Eachine UZ65 ( coupon BGEAUZ65 74€ ) :
- Pièces détachées et accessoires UZ65 :
- Lipos 300mAh lot de 5 :
- Chargeur multi 1S Lipo/Lihv :
- Alimentation 4-24V :
- Colle jaune Antennes Ipex...Continue Reading
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My first model would have been a hovercraft I made for a school project it was quite small made from lolly sticks covered in tissue, I made the fan from tin, and it had aa cells. It worked and I got top marks.
This prompted a bigger hovercraft with a spitfire diesel engine,it worked well when I could get the engine started.
I went through the model car stage with tamiya beach buggy,. My brother had one and we raced each other.
I bought a second hand racing boat with a glow engine just after I got married,. Had some fun with it but it could be hard work starting and conked out in the middle of the lake many times.
I built a hydrofoil from a kit powered by NiMH battery. It worked well.
Eventually I decided I would learn to fly so joined a model club , made some new life long friends. I built a small scale Piper cub from the sig kit it was lovely covered in nylon and painted with the sunburst scheme, even had opening doors and a pilot.
Got interested in petrol engines so I put one in a second hand T240. It had never flown so was like new. I joined the LMA (large model ass) and went to a meeting where Ian Turney-White took it up for me. He is famous for massive bi planes at the shows. I did the landing and bust the prop, but was pleased I got down in one piece.
I joined a lovely club ,very friendly we flew at a field near Thorner in North Leeds, but moved to acaster malbis near York on some old runways, great place.
Joined North Leeds...Continue Reading
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FunCub evening flight:

Multiplex FunCub evening flight (2 min 51 sec)

Posted by jmxp69 | Yesterday @ 12:28 AM | 3,109 Views
This is the first look at the 63" Dynam Smoove Balsa ARF
Massive 63" F3A Pattern Ship RC Plane - First Look (20 min 58 sec)

Posted by Blaze0021 | Jun 05, 2020 @ 04:32 PM | 3,705 Views
I'm pleased to show my next custom RC work - Project Chimera. Callie Graphics pulled through with my custom decals last week and I was finally able to apply them on my project, which is a highly modified 3-year old BlitzRCWorks Deltawing 50mm EDF Jet.

BlitzRCWorks Deltawing 4S 50mm EDF Jet - Project Chimera (3 min 26 sec)

This was a little EDF jet that I picked up from Banana Hobby 3 years ago for $65, and was a surprisingly excellent jet on the stock 3S system. But the stock color scheme was absolutely awful. My friend Brad offered to change the scheme with his airbrush skills, and I accepted his offer.

The overall appearance and high agility represented the Dassault Mirage 2000, so I chose that main scheme. Interesting enough, the side profile also has hints of the F-16 (with its bottom intake scoop and vertical fin), and the turtle deck reminds me of an A-4 - Hence, I nicknamed it the Chimera (the Greek mythical creature which composed of parts from different animals).

The stock 3S system has also been replaced with a 4S setup. A dynamically-balanced XRP 4S 50mm 11-Blade 4200KV Unit has been drop-in fitted, and a ZTW Beatles 40a ESC with 3a SBEC has been installed.

Durability was also a factor. A custom bass wood block has been mounted in the underbelly of the nose section with a curved music wire strake. This acts as a shock-absorbing nose skid that prevents the nose from digging into the grass or turf on landing touchdown. The front intake and intake...Continue Reading