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Posted by Lockey | Apr 10, 2014 @ 07:25 AM | 31,700 Views
Sorting out my shed the other day on the very top shelf at the back, I came accross my Super Chipmunk that I build from a kit many many moons ago (about 25 years or more)

It was pretty dirty and messy with oil from the glow motor (a OS . FS40 4 stroke motor) ... the motor is fairly seized and probably never fly again

SO ... I thought I would convert this beautiful model to electric.

After stripping all the old shrink film off, I found the balsa to be in amazing condition and I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the total frame (without motor) of just under 1100 grams, with the motor and battery etc etc I estimate it to be somewhere in the region of 1700 grams

I have now started re-covering and here are a couple of pics