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Posted by SoloProFan | Jul 20, 2014 @ 09:26 AM | 123,365 Views
Lately I have been rebuilding a couple of vintage 2WD buggies, after being almost exclusively involved into 4WD buggies. Also, I strayed from limiting my attention to vintage Kyosho only, as you can see from the Team Losi JRX2 Build Log (

Now, when you say "vintage 2WD buggy" you automatically get to the RC10 sooner or later. With it having played an important role in RC history, as well as having a distinctive look with it's gold anodized metal tub chassis, this fame is well deserved. Looking at some nice re-release builds, the RC10 also captivated my attention, and I started looking for an affordable one, but still in good enough condition for a rebuild. I ended up with a fairly complete one, and another with some spares, hoping to be able to make at least one fully complete car from those, and hopefully also with the era-correct parts.

The latter goal is not so easy, as I've learnt that sometimes kits were assemble with whatever parts were at hand at Associated. We'll see how far I can get with this "RC puzzle".

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