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Posted by 1987tc | Mar 29, 2007 @ 08:39 AM | 6,468 Views
Yesterday evening before dinner the wind didn't seem too bad so I grabbed my Slowstick and transmitter and headed for the park. Pulled up next to the fence under a tree and unloaded the plane and turned on the transmitter.
I then plugged in the lipo pack and set the plane on the ground facing the large grassy area I fly over.
Did a quick control check and yup everything wiggles and in the right direction too! ( always a plus!) throttled up a little. And then back down. Looked at the flag. It was blowing a little more then I would have preferred but seemed to be blowing the right direction. So I went to half throttle and the plane rolled about 2 feet and was climbing at about 45 degrees. I climbed up to about Buzz altitude ( 25 feet ) and throttled back. I cruised around at about 1/3 for a while. Did a loop and made some approaches and slow flybys.

The plane was getting moved around some but not too bad. And certainly nothing hard to control or adjust for.
I made a few passes with the plane weather veining about 20 degrees or so into the wind.
I did some more figure 8s and just generaly flew around. Playing with the throttle and and did a little hovering into the wind.
Finally decided it was time to come down when I felt rain drops on my face!
Went out a couple of hundred feet and started my approach pattern. Bringing the throttle back more on each leg.
As I turned on to final approach and lined up I brought power back to what would be a slow idle...Continue Reading
Posted by 1987tc | Mar 26, 2007 @ 11:14 PM | 6,568 Views
I am still struggling with my MS and have realized that I need to find someone to fly with in my area.
I can no longer drive long distances. So they would need to be close or be able to come here. I have no shortage of good places to fly here. And if they are still learning to fly I would be happy to help.

Today I went to fly my Slowstick. Flying the plane was good. But I had some problems going back and forth to and from the car.
I realized that if something happened I could have a real problem.

I don't want a baby sitter. I want to find a flying partner. Kind of like you should not scuba dive alone.

It would help in staying motivated. And also not a bad thing to have someone there to land if I am not feeling well. Or if I have trouble seeing the plane.

Not to mention it gets reallllly boring flying alone all the time!
Hopefully someone will turn up in my area.
Posted by 1987tc | Mar 24, 2007 @ 12:31 PM | 6,096 Views
I recently order a couple of planes. The first one I am going to show here is the Nesail Cadet Acro. it is a 45" parkflyer that is well built and light.
Next is a comparison between it and my newest plane. A Virus ASP. The Virus ASP is the one I am thinking of sticking with for a combination of reasons including ( but not limited to) The ability to fly slow and yet be able to loop, roll and shoot touch and goes. And of course the ability to handle some wind.

I have to say that the construction on the planes from Nesail are top notch.