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Posted by renatoa | Jan 28, 2016 @ 03:36 AM | 169,289 Views
Hi all, and welcome to other conversion/migration story

Having a damaged Hitec Eclipse 7 gathering dust for some months, which was diagnosed as faulty processor, I thought to give her a chance, it is a shame for hardware quality that was there, and case look and feel, a great success of its time.

After measured and assessed all aspects involved in conversion, I took courage and, about a month ago, the last days of the year, started the "slaughtering" that ended these days, happy ended, the result you can see in the attached images.

For conversion was used a recently appeared board, not having yet time to gain the popularity it deserves, designed as a directly plug and play upgrade for the popular FlySky 9X, and which was designed to transform a 9X basically into a 9XRPro, should I dare to say Taranis ? , for an ultra competitive price of $30 only.
The board is called AR9X, and although I was among the 10 beta testers, I have not named her so, do not think that the board name comes from my initials
Unlike boards like Taranis or 9XRPro, which could have been used for this conversion, besides price, which is half, it was designed by a mind open to experiments, with greater extensibility than the other boards made for somewhat closed radios. A look at the macro level on board revealing dozens of additional connection points for supplemental devices which can further expand the board capabilities, like switches, pots, gyro / accel, gps, rotary encoder,...Continue Reading