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Posted by Spaaro | Dec 31, 2018 @ 02:23 AM | 2,206 Views
Not much to show for my evening & weekend build sessions:

Locked in details of my 'T'-tail internal structure & linkages, as well as its outline/appearance. I'm still 'underwhelmed' by my fin + rudder shape....some 'unique character' element is missing.

Selected & collected my sub-assembly materials/wood parts; just managing to cut out & glue a few of them together by dark fall tonight .

Its a 'beginner'-grade, R/E/F slope & hopefully 'thermal' model, but I'm attempting to give it streamlined control linkages, using flush-fairing interfaces for the horns & wires.
I'll also be applying an idea I've had for years, but never utilized: using safety/'baby' pins as control surface hinge & linkage hardware.

Limited build time/space aside, I'm now 're-dedicating' my drawn, aileron actuation scheme to operate a set of flaps(..I don't think the polyhedral of these wings will serve ailerons well..)--also, trying to choose my surfacing & finish method for the fuselage.

Including all the nicks, gouges & '..still rough..' wood insert contours, its discolored by adhesive & filler....along with dirt & stains from constant handling.

It won't be epoxy + glass ; more likely paper/silk fabric + WBPU...coated with enamel or acrylic.

Never painted & finished EPO before, so now is the time to read & research '..What works?..'

Would a nylon stocking/pantyhose material 'shear skinning' be problematic or redundant over EPO?
Posted by Spaaro | Dec 29, 2018 @ 12:13 AM | 1,954 Views
Dry, clear & warm day; I thought I'd dig into that 'golf bag' conversion some...

It stands roughly 34" - 36" high and has roughly the same 'open space volume' depth inside; inner circumference is 28-3/4 ".

The 'pear-shaped' mouth is 7" across & 8-3/4" high at its widest point; I guess these dimensions determine the widest chord wings I'll be able to fit, eh?

It has[..had..] 3, hard molded PVC dividers to separate the golf clubs and 3 'tiers' or septums--fabric dividers inside that stretched full depth.

I went ahead and hacksawed the plastic dividers out, but I will keep the inner, fabric septums/'shelves', as they might prove useful for protecting the glider parts & wings.

Based on the available volume and the 2, inner steel rod spines supporting the bag between its thermoplastic base molding & velvet-trimmed mouth, I now envision:
- Using Corr-Flute/sign plastic as the inner wall liner that will wrap around its interior. I will try to cut it to be a close, 'tension/friction' fit-

-I don't want to permanently affix it(..likely for periodic cleaning and/or mods..) This will require either 1 piece of sign plastic, 30 x 30 ...or, 2 pieces 30 x 15.

-To further stabilize the slippery-surface Corr-Flute plastic against the nylon fabric without fasteners OR cross pieces, I might try 'splitting' the Corr-Flute so that it is only 1 layer, with the exposed corrugation ridges facing outwards.

- I'll then smear 'Great...Continue Reading
Posted by Spaaro | Dec 26, 2018 @ 12:50 PM | 2,844 Views
For Christmas, I bought a used/derelict 'stand alone' golf bag from a thrift store: $7 bux

I've grown tired of storing my disassembled glider & plane parts in an awkward box...and vaguely remembered seeing pictures of golf club bags that RC glider flyers had modified into field carriers.
Now this was a VERY long time ago[..when RCGroups was still 'The E-Zone'..], but the memory stuck with me. However, I couldn't find any postings or threads on here or on Google--of people doing this nor displaying their conversions.
I DID see dedicated, larger sport tubes & boxes especially converted ski carriers for traveling competitors.

Without too much modification, I can see such a bag holding a 2m sailplane's parts, including it's vertical fin height(..for example, my modded & modest 'FX-706' fuselage in pic #3, Length: 885 mm, Span 1635 mm..)

I've not started cutting/cladding onto it yet, due to the holiday but envision creating an additional, 30 - 40cm extension lid/'radome'--to fit on top, kinda like at giant cap on a ballpoint pen.
I'll also likely put sign plastic/Core-flute all along the inside as wing chambers and circumferential stiffening, as the lightweight bag is fabric over a sparse frame.

Its zippered compartments aren't quite big enough for my transmitter, so I may have to velcro strap a piggy back atop it.

Anyone have pictures or 'How-To'-links of similar golf bags->into->RC plane field carriers?

Hopefully this will facilitate any future air travel[re: baggage rules & handling], that the golf community has leveraged so deftly...
Posted by Spaaro | Dec 19, 2018 @ 10:32 PM | 2,546 Views
While passing through Carlsbad on the Pacific Coast Highway in August, I saw some people slope RC'ing off the side of the road, overlooking the walking path & beaches. I soon learned the spot is called 'Dave's Beach'.

One guy had a really neat & simple, bare bones configuration foam glider of about 48 - 50" span. He told me he had just received it mail order for ~$19 bux off eBay...had stuck some old, basic servo gear inside it and was testing it that very day...the first time he'd slope'd in a few years time.

He saw it marketed as an extruded foam chuck glider for park tossing, but that it was proportioned & airfoil'd to be a proper HLG or sloper. It was nice shaped & balanced than an AirHogs Titan and flew extremely well.

So I verified its type/brand name & sourcing from him and mulled ordering one as I drove south to San Diego. After watching fliers at Torrey Pines a weekend later, I decided I must have one too.

A bit of search & wrongly entered keywords/specifics gave me 'FX-707', 1.2 metre EPO gliders; some perspective photos, dimensions and 'clip-art'-grade pics of a happy child throwing one...not much else. I also failed to 'see' Google links of anyone else posting pics or experiences with these, not on RCGroups or other forums.

They were now more expensive than the price he quoted too(..$31 - $45..)

By Monday, I saw them advertised for $21, plus a slightly different variant called the FX-706, with arc'd 'swifts wing'...Continue Reading