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Posted by Spaaro | Jun 05, 2017 @ 04:48 PM | 3,735 Views
Just about finished with building this fuselage pod...yesterday and this early morning fabricating...assembling...sanding...filling...rep eat.

Almost ready to surface, just digs & dinks in the tapered tail area to level.

The Composites and Slope forums are incomparable treasures of learning 'how-to'; I have to try that method of using a tinted, color under-layer of filler--to properly gauge sanding & surface prep before sealing. I start work on the tail boom & feathers or the wings?

General arrangement/plan drawings to follow......Continue Reading
Posted by Spaaro | Jun 04, 2017 @ 07:12 AM | 3,782 Views
My orbital sander crapped out while I was modifying a cabinet organizer for additional shelves.

I used the time in between repairing it to do further work on the glider plug I crafted from a Wii controller adaptor.

- Filling in the gaps & openings in this Adaptor Body to achieve the desired 'Pod'-shape.

- Used white styrofoam blocks carved roughly to fit the two, gaping openings in the underside.

- Sand to contour.

- Mix up a filler compound of Gorilla Glue, saw dust & diatomaceous earth...spackle it in.

- Wrap with cello-tape & compress until fully cured.

Repeat using Xylene-thinned G.G. and more DTE versus saw dust each time...sand...fill...repeat. I also applied a UV/'black light' grow light during my build to speed the cure of the adhesives I used; I found it effective upon CyA, polyurethane adhesive and epoxy, greatly improving the rapidity with which I could push ahead.

- Sanded the tail boom wood cladding into a more uniform/symmetrical & refined shape. Added a turtle deck receiving notch on the 'Forward' wing-saddle end.

- Reinforced the sidewalls w/additional wood prevent crushing/flex when subject to vacuum when bagged.

-Added hoops of steam-formed bamboo rod to support the top cover/turtledecking.

I fixed the orbital sander in time to use it to aid all this contouring and filling. I hope to complete building this plug and start 'fine' finish sanding/surfacing later today.

I am really happy with...Continue Reading