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Posted by HuffDaddy | Jul 31, 2014 @ 02:37 AM | 14,604 Views
I'm pretty stoked, loaded the Burb up for my first solo run to the club ... it was a perfect summer morning.... I headed out there at 10am on a Tues for about a 3 hour adventure. I'd stayed longer but I needed to be home at 2 o'clock to meet the grand-kiddos at the house for a pool party

these guys are who got to make the run today
  • 3DHS 41" Edge 540 'Buck Huck'
  • PZ Sport Cub
  • FMS 1450mm V7 P-51 'Gunfighter'
  • FMS 1400mm T-28
  • Home Built Combat Wing
  • E-flite UMX Pitts Special

so I get there and to my delight the gate was locked... I had the place to myself!! pinch me, I think I'm dreaming

I just had to snap a pic before I flew so I decided to walk up and take a panoramic of the awesome serene landscape with Mt Rainier looming on the horizon...

just as I was taking my last pic, a couple members showed up (Ray & Jerry?), had a great time talking and flying

kinda hard to find anything to complain about.... except that I smacked my windshield the day before with a ladder!!
Posted by HuffDaddy | Jul 03, 2014 @ 12:46 AM | 16,181 Views
well, after almost 10 years, it's happened... for Fathers Day this year my awesome kids bought me a membership to a local RC Club airfield!! I'm pretty stoked and can't wait to get my membership packet (with a gate key) in the mail so I can go any time I choose, ooooh baby!!

link to The Mount Rainier Radio Control Society web site (MRRCS)

I have had the pleasure of visiting the field to fly a few times over the last year as a guest of a work buddy (Marv H) and another good buddy who found me through RCG (Bob H) as well as a buddy from church (Rick R), not to mention I've popped out for few warbird fly-ins and have always been impressed with the facility and the people I've met out there and have wanted to know what its like to be a member of a club.

its a well groomed and outfitted flying field with a 300' x 40' asphalt runway with ample grass overruns, an asphalt set up area with tables, an enclosed shelter with wood stove, sanitary facilities, picnic tables, and a large area for tent camping or recreational vehicles. Electricity, water, and telephone (360-458-4963) are on site.

Google Map link to field...

link to MRRCS thread on RCGroups

So hopefully my membership packet will arrive this week so I can start getting to know the guys out there and get some flying at a top notch club under my belt

I have already put the grand-kids on standby ... we are ready if we get the word to scramble the squadron

cant wait

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