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Posted by CorvetteC5 | Jul 03, 2016 @ 12:50 PM | 15,845 Views
Here is my Saucer 1982 airplane built during January 2016. An early "Nutball" design, if you will.

While preparing for Dad’s celebration of life open house December of 2015 I discovered in the basement a circular balsa free-flight aircraft of Dad’s. I do not remember what he called it, however I found a similar design from the 1950's on AMA plans service called Saucer. Sounds reasonable, so I refer to Dad’s plane as Saucer 1982 because I can trace his plane to that year from a black and white image. It shows our group of pilots holding some of what we built and flew during that winter.

January I created an RC version of the Saucer 1982 and guessed well enough with the motor thrust angles for it to fly very well after trimming! It cruises smoothly at about 45% throttle, is highly maneuverable with strong rudder authority, and slows enough for easy figure eight turns within our basketball court sized gym. With throttle above 75% it will rudder roll in a very axial manner. Glide is nose down with a weak flare, so I land with power.

My RC version of the Saucer 1982 is 3-channel RET and consists of enlarging the 8” diameter balsa version to 11”. I was faithful to Dad’s aircraft, and duplicated the square hole cut from the center of the wing. Which is half the diameter on each side. The wing is cut from restaurant carryout foam containers. The carbon fiber fuselage is from two Ember 2 airplanes that had broken off...Continue Reading