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Posted by CorvetteC5 | Mar 28, 2014 @ 07:12 PM | 9,208 Views
Stevens Aeromodel designs some very nice micro airplane kits. This Sweet Dream classic ultralight is my fourth model for myself. Liking this look so much, I even joined the Stevens Micro Builder Program and retroactively selected this model to save a few bucks and spend some quality time with this RC hobby of ours.

I used this kit as an incentive to finished filing my income tax returns. That completed on a Saturday (March 22nd), the ultralight build began on Sunday while listening to A prairie Home Companion on NPR, followed by Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, plus additional radio shows. Attached are pictures taken of the progress. I bought the Stevens British finishing kit, and applied medium-walnut Danish Oil to the fuselage. Plenty more to be done such as the electronics installation, wire rigging, stickers on the wing, and push rods.

In time my 25mm GWS wheels will be replaced with taller wheels that are more scale, the 2-blade propeller will be replaced with a 4-blade by Parkzone, and I may even replace the pilot with myself since I do enjoy flying with a view from the clouds.

- Curt

Update April 1, 2014:
More progress on my Ultra Light aircraft. It flies! Flew it twice last Sunday (the 30th) outside thanks to winds slower than 5mph yet with light turbulence. Was flown a little tail heavy even with a 240mah LiPo just behind the propeller, likely because I hadn't installed the engine cylinders yet and the wheels are undersized. Dialed in a few degrees of down...Continue Reading
Posted by CorvetteC5 | Mar 08, 2014 @ 10:12 AM | 7,540 Views
Not leaving well enough alone, I shrunk Dad's and my micro Sandy-Witch design to one half scale. Instead of the 18 inch wingspan of Sandy, Sonny has a 9 inch span. Still in need of the rider, of course. Here is a partial design summary:

- 2mm CF rod for fuselage.
- Mini Vapor circuit board.
- 7mm diameter motor from the Flyzone Super Cub/Albatros. Run in reverse.
- Direct drive propeller from the Hobbyzone Duet.
- 0.020 inch music wire for supporting the wing and landing skid.
- Tail surfaces from foam food tray. I expect changes to the size and geometry of these as I evaluate the control.
- Wing constructed from 1.5mm CF rod (my LHS didn't have the 1mm I was seeking), balsa and plywood, grocery store bag, and clear thin tape. I used heat shrink tubing as sleeve for the music wire supports.

Updated March 9, 2014:
Maiden flew this son-witch this morning during the normal indoor flying session. At half throttle and a gentle overhand toss it was zipping across the gymnasium faster, straighter and more stable then expected! Flight was level but pulling to the right. TX trim is very effective with several clicks straightening the rocket. Elevator was pretty responsive too: with some fed in, and the throttle reduced, son-witch can slow down quite a bit. Still very stable! Rudder authority is sweet with easy figure eights in half of the basketball size court.

During the turns it is dropping the nose more then I like so I land and move the 130mah LiPo toward the...Continue Reading