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Posted by CorvetteC5 | Sep 23, 2013 @ 03:32 PM | 7,657 Views
My latest build is of the attractive micro Rockette 100 3-channal from Stevens Aeromodel. Good use of the hot summer days this year This is my third kit by Steven's and was as well designed and easy to assemble as the micro S-Pou! and 1918 Hergt predecessors. I chose the Rockette with twin or even tri power in mind.

Decided that three Ember 2 motors/gearboxes would sound cool but would be more complication that I wanted this year, so I installed two Flyzone Type-A 7mm motors in Hobby King 4:1 gearboxes. Swinging GWS4530 blades; although these propellers provide more thrust then the Rockette needs. I may reduce them to 4" one day.

I emulated the stick fuselage of the Ember 2 (which I am intimately experienced ) and 1/32" plywood for the gearbox mounting. I guestimated the forward placement of them for proper CG, and eye balled the down thrust angles. Right thrust is adjustable at the gearbox, so this has been tweaked for straight flight and balanced thrust. No counter rotating propellers on this one, yet!

Control is provided by a Spektrum AR6400 Brick and a Hyperion or Zippy 240mah LiPo battery. Presently the battery is simply Velcro to the nose of the plane with the wind shield plastic omitted. Eventually I would like to rebuild this area with a hatch to conceal the battery within the fuselage.

Covering is the AeroLITE film available from Stevens. Thanks to my big brother I have three colors on my Rockette. The fuselage is lighter...Continue Reading