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Posted by F-16 Skywalker | May 09, 2010 @ 10:46 PM | 9,298 Views
Started flying in 1992, started flying large nitro jets in 1995, took interest in electric jets in(2009), now converting all my jets to electric.
My jets: Taft Cobra 90mm 8s with jetfan / castle Edge100--- Now stock fan/motor castle Edge130
Freewing Eurofighter 6s stock
Freewing SU-35 twin 70mm 6s stock
Freewing F-15 90mm 6s high performance in runner
Yellow aircraft F-16 128mm 12s (dynamax/ Scorpion 700kv)----Now JetFan 90mm HET 1400kv 10s 45c
JHH F-86 90mm 8s to 10s
Century Jet F-100 120mm jetfan / HET 590kv-----Now HET 685kv
TamJets A-4 turbine version,(no turbine as of yet) thinking K-60 to K-80 (under construction)