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Posted by Tom Hunt | Aug 10, 2018 @ 08:02 AM | 20,585 Views
Well gentlemen (and maybe ladies)

I took the "stock" Opterra out for it's first ride today. Stock PnP that is. I don't fly Spektrum, I'm a Taranis driver, so no "stability" system in this one. I used an old (in time, not cycles)Eflite 20C 3s-3000mah because I had two and they fit all the way fwd and make the model balance right between the marks on the bottom of the centerbody. I taped the wings on to avoid any complications with the plug-in circuits.

The day was low broken clouds with rain nearby, winds southerly (off the ocean) at 6-8 MPH steady with gusts to 10-12.
I was alone at the field so the only recording was thru my headset (actually the best place to see it!).

First flight (very short, <2min) was LOS just to trim her out. no surprises, hand launch was uneventful. landed and hooked up the camera and went off to FPV. Spent most of the next 6 minutes getting used to her. She's a good ship and I found no surprises flying her fast or on approach to land.


Now..... I have built and flown many a flying wings in my 46+ years of flying RC models. I have even scratch built/designed a few. I had a suspicion that the inboard vertical tails were just "decoration" and the second FPV flight showed me that this was true..... but... (and it's a big but), I found out on the third flight that the tails may be responsible for the death spins some have experienced. Read on (and watch the...Continue Reading