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Posted by Tom Hunt | Jan 30, 2016 @ 02:35 PM | 33,930 Views
Hi Guys and Gals

Presented below is a make-over of the very first DF Spitfire MK1a that came out of the mold that Stuart sent me for flight test evaluation. It came to me in bare white foam but in all other ways was representative of a production model in shape and function.

I decided to make this a "B" scheme (mirror image camo of the "A" scheme found on a stock DF spit) Mk1a flown by Robert Stanford-Tuck around May 1940 during the "phony war". GR-P N3249.

First I needed to resize the horizontal tail to match the full scale. It was decided to make the model with a 10% larger tail to make it easier for novice to intermediate fliers to fly. I printed out a scale size tail and cut the stock model one to size in planform first. The I marked the middle of the foam on the LE and TE to give myself something to sand to. I also marked the approximate "high point" of the airfoil on the top and bottom surface.

Sanding EPO is not pretty. You have to use some pretty coarse grit <100. After rough sanding, one can go over this with 180-200grit, but do not be too concerned if you don't get it too smooth....Continue Reading
Posted by Tom Hunt | Jan 20, 2016 @ 07:03 PM | 37,536 Views
Hey Guys

when doing my "full" mod of the Durafly 1100mm P-40N to accept the Turnigy Retracts

I realized that anyone that is willing to buy the full retracts (the struts at this length are NOT available separately) just for the struts, could modify the stock retracts/struts to except the oleos.

Here is how it goes.

First you need to take your dremel and a cut-off wheel and cut off the existing 3mm landing gear leg about 20mm from the trunnion.

then you need to file/grind a flat on the inboard side of the stub strut for the grub (set) screws on the new Oleo strut. NOTE the flat you file may not necessarily be exactly parallel to the fuselage centerline as the set screws put in the oleo leg are not put in the accurately. you may have to adjust the flat a couple of times, so do NOT grind/file too deep at first.

Next you need to grind or file the alum oleo strut so that it clears the motor housing of the retract. A flat is already provided, but it must be made slightly deeper and longer. You also need to open up the wheel axle hole to 3mm just as I did in the full retract mod.

slip the strut on and lock tight, test and go fly. very easy!

have fun
Posted by Tom Hunt | Jan 17, 2016 @ 02:46 PM | 35,962 Views
I have modified one of the earlier Durafly P-40N prototypes I had gotten from Stuart Warne at Hobby King to accept these Landing gear units. They offer the same 100deg forward rotation with the 90 twist to stow flat in the wing like the P-40 and F4U.

It is quite a bit of work as these are far from being drop in replacements for the stock solid strut units. But if you are interested in repeating this, keep reading.

You will need:
a dremel tool and a 1/8" router bit.
a disk or belt sander
3/16" (5mm) wood dowels
#2 sheet metal screws.

Let's get started.