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Posted by freddy_fo | Jul 07, 2019 @ 11:00 PM | 3,559 Views
A fellow flier recently gave me the remnants of T-50 that had been sitting in his garage after an unsuccessful maiden (too tail heavy). I almost declined seeing the wreckage in the back of his truck but not wanting to be ungrateful I said I'd take it and packed it home. Damage is on the front including the fuselage nose and both nacelles.

After a few hours of looking at all the pieces parts and figuring out the nose was originally constructed I started in on the rebuild by tearing out most of the nose structure being careful to keep as much intact both as a construction guide and templates for cutting new parts. I also made a decision to build a hatch in the underside of the nose to load batteries further forward to achieve CG which is pretty far forward on this plane from what I've read.

The nose is complete now and just awaiting a final sanding after the putty dries. I'm pretty happy with the results. Next up is the nacelles. I just found plans for the plane here on RCG (after I build the nose of course) so I have somewhat of a guide to build new nacelles although there will need to be some significant mods to accommodate retracts. Fortunately there is a thread on this exact plane for those mods with lots of pics so I'm feeling pretty confident I can get that sorted.
Posted by freddy_fo | Apr 26, 2017 @ 10:54 AM | 5,287 Views
Time to build my ARC Great Lakes biplane from modeltech. Picked this kit up a few months back as I love biplanes. In my usual manner and in the excitement of getting a fairly unique biplane I clicked the buy button before doing my research. I wasn't able to find much but when I did the reviews weren't very good. Most complained of poor handling... ugh! Further research brought me to a post where the fellow had good luck by adjusting the incidence of the main wings to fit more in line with a typical biplane.

This plane was built for IC so mods would have to be made for electric. Most importantly an access hatch for swapping batteries. I haven't decided on a power setup yet but pretty sure I'll go 4S. Initially I am thinking a nice heavy Cobra C-4120/14 710K motor weighing in at just under 300 grams. The plan is to get the plane assembled without covering then get a rough idea of how much weight I'll need in the nose to get it to balance at the aft point.

I started assembly a few days back and got the lower wing mounted last evening so time to do an initial incidence check of the wing. I got the rear h-stab temporarily mounted and checked to find that it is parallel to the thrust line. With it level I checked incidence on the wing and was at -1 degrees. Ugh! Shimmed it 3/16" at the trailing edge and was able to get it to 0. So now time to build up the wing bed. Ideally on most aerobatic bipes I's want +.5 but the plane will start to look goofy to get that. The wings are a symmetrical airfoil so this plane may be better tuned for a 0-0-0-0 configuration. I think I'll still put -.5 on the top wing when it comes time.
Posted by freddy_fo | Nov 29, 2015 @ 08:12 PM | 8,970 Views
Weather here has not been ideal for flying so I used my spare time to add another ARF to my hanger. This is an aero subaru I purchased from hobby king using all hobby king electrics parts except the ESC and a xoar prop which I already had in my stock. Altogether with shipping I am into the project for about $200... not bad for a plane with a 42" wingspan.

I typically don't use bargain electronics in my ARFs but I wanted to see how cheaply I could build one. My flying buddy uses almost all HK/Turnigy "guts" in his planes and hasn't had any issues because of them so I thought this would be a great kit for experimentation.

This is a list of the parts I bought from hobby king to go into the plane:

*Aero Subaru FA 200 Low Wing Sport Balsa 1040mm (ARF)
*Turnigy Park480 Brushless Outrunner 1320kv
*Turnigy™ TGY-EX5201 Ball Bearing Analog Micro Servo x 4
*M3 Blind Nuts (10pcs/bag)
*3.5mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs (20pc)
*OrangeRX RX3SM Micro 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSMX

Parts I had on hand:

Skywalker 40A esc with BEC
XOAR 9x7 wooden prop


Kit quality is so-so but what I'd expect for a ~$60 ARF.

The motor mount that came with the park 480 did not align with the pre-drilled holes in the motor mount plywood plates nor did those plates come with blind nuts. I had to use my own hardware to mount the x-bracket and glad I purchased the t-nuts which I was going to use on another project. If I did not have those I would have used washers and m3...Continue Reading