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Posted by Late99 | Nov 26, 2016 @ 12:48 PM | 9,810 Views
This starts to be my niche... Repairing broken planes... I have to say that I actually seem to have really hard time wrecking these planes completely. I seem to able to break them somewhere quite easily, but usually they're more or less easily repaired.

I crashed my Extreme Flight 48" Yak-54 EXP during early spring. I was doing low level inverted flight when elevator servo stuck momentarily causing plane to come down hard on it's nose. Motor box was completely demolished as well the canopy and cowl. Otherwise the damage was limited.

Well, I live in Europe and it seemed practically impossible to get all the required parts for repair. No store seemed to carry motor box kit in Europe. I emailed several Extreme Flight European distributors and basically had decided to trash the plane. Still I really couldn't do it and it was stored on top shelf in my carage.

Then in autumn I noticed that Aerobertics had ordered needed parts and had them in stock. I had also acquired Torque 2814/820 motor, but it was missing prop adapter and proper shaft. Aerobertics seemed to carry these too, so eventually I pushed the button and ordered the parts.