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It was time to open up the transmitter :

There are some 6 screws that need to come out from the back .
The case sort of snaps shut so you need to be a little forceful opening ..
But use care as there are a few short wires , so do not try to separate the covers .
Just carefully open and you can get about a 90deg opening happening .

I had to open mine to adjust the throttle tension ( way to soft / lose ) as tweaking the rudder also meant tweaking the throttle ( not something you want in a confined space )

We have had thunder storms / wind roll through the last couple of days so been pretty much confined to the shoe box as far as flying goes ( Micro's are good for this ) .

This is the last post until the quad gets here ( futaba Rx ) so hopefully I will be binding a new model to the Tx and letting you guys know how it goes ..
Posted by mlilasic | Nov 25, 2017 @ 07:50 PM | 5,338 Views
Review of AKK FX3 - 5.8Ghz 40CH 25mW/200mW/400mW/600mW Switchable FPV VTX with MMCX and SmartAudio (Configuring via Betaflight Flight Control Board or through BF OSD)

VTX for my new quad build just came. Its small VTX with MMCX antenna connector and SmartAudio from AKK.
VTX looks great and quality build. Still waiting for motors for my build to come, so stay tuned for some test flights.

DVR flight video on 600mW:

AKK FX3 on 600mW DVR - Switchable FPV VTX with MMCX ant. connector and SmartAudio (4 min 12 sec)

  • 7-24V input, 5V output for your camera
  • 25mW/200mW/400mW/600mW power switchable
  • 0.01mW parameter-adjusting Mode, power with zero interference
  • One button setup channel/band/power with LED display
  • Support OSD Configuring via Betaflight Flight Control Board
  • Integrated with UART, compatible with Betaflight OSD FC

  • Input voltage: 7V-24V
  • Power supply: 5V Camera @ under 0.3A max.
  • Output power: 25mW: 100mA
  • 200mW: 200mA
  • 400mW: 250mA
  • 600mW: 320mA @12V
  • Range: Up to 2 km with omnidirectional RHCP antennas
  • Port connector: JST, 6pin
  • Antenna connector: MMCX
  • Dimensions: 26(W)x26(D)mm
  • Weight:4.6g(excluding antenna), with antenna pigtail:

...Continue Reading
Posted by pbink13 | Nov 25, 2017 @ 07:25 PM | 1,926 Views
I purchased a funcub XL kit. I know that the Supplied motor is a 4235/480kv. I have a 4836/1250 kv will this work or do i need a lower kv?? Also any suggested Mods and where can I find a power light set in the USA???
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Nov 25, 2017 @ 06:47 PM | 3,359 Views
With some packing foam fashioned into a windscreen, the Yapster was retired once again. It's still a heavy duty beast with future potential & better sound quality. The next problem is the heft of a phone & monitoring board for recording audio.

The lion kingdom long dreamed of a wireless solution. A small FM transmitter would be able to record the microphone but not send audio from the phone. Despite every effort, there is no easy way to record from a bluetooth headset. The Goog doesn't allow recording from a device which can make phone calls because of laws.
Posted by artgreene | Nov 25, 2017 @ 05:59 PM | 1,925 Views
Perpetual Oceanic Flight; Air Ploat One Semi autonomous Air and Sea Craft development.
Posted by hogal | Nov 25, 2017 @ 05:05 PM | 2,597 Views
Back again and after building the tail feathers of the Super 90 it was a case of where to go next.

One task I don't really like is cutting wing ribs however, as previously mentioned, my colleague had requested built up ribs. Something I had never done before and which I approached with some trepidation. Yes trepidation. First I had to design them, secondly design a suitable wing structure (which included 'barn door' ailerons and flaps) and then, finally, build them.

After looking at the plan I had an idea of what I was going to do. The cross section on all ribs was the same and there were only three distinct types of ribs, those at the centre section and wing tip, those at the aileron root and the rest. They could, however, be built to the same pattern by just replacing the warren girder form with sheet at stressed points. The quantity was another matter - did I have the endurance to build 28 ribs??

So I started cutting out the outlines and area between the spars from sheet. For this I used plywood templates and cut the curves in a similar manner to that used for indoor planes. I was surprised at how little wood was being consumed. If I had cut the ribs from sheet the cost would have been huge (each rib is approximately 15" x 2½") but here I was using 1 sheet of balsa to get the outlines done for 12 ribs. It was planned to use 1/8" sq. and 1/8" x 1/4" stock (plus stripping the bits left over from the outline cutting) for the bracing...Continue Reading
Posted by Mirec46x | Nov 25, 2017 @ 03:39 PM | 2,678 Views
First I tried to set my Turnigy 9x radio with Velocidrone simulator via audio jack. It worked well until it began to freeze during the flight. I wrote to Velocidrone support and they answered me very quickly with helpful hints. Then I used USB dongle to connect Turnigy 9x to game, but in setting the quad display in worked misleading so I spent a hour to solved it out, to put right stick to right controls in game. After that also Velocidorne support wrote me the reason why it was happining. Check in video.

Turnigy 9x and Velocidrone- how to set it to work properly (3 min 10 sec)

Posted by teoplays | Nov 25, 2017 @ 03:00 PM | 8,834 Views
Posted by mandevil | Nov 25, 2017 @ 02:34 PM | 2,639 Views
Three weeks ago I had an out-of-LoS landing with my DJI F550 hexacopter. I lost orientation in fog and GPS hold somehow wasn't holding location and wind blew me few hundred meters away. The craft landed softly, but after few seconds it flipped over for unknown reasons. My explanation is that loss of control signal triggered fail safe that tried to take off. Anyway, the copter survived mostly intact (or so it seems), but all props were ruined and they also sprayed soil all over.

I took the hexacopter apart to clean it and also started to think about improving it. To my surprise, DJI iOSD mkII price went drastically down -- to about third of what it used to cost when I last checked. So I ordered it and started to work on putting it all together. After lot of research I decided not to use the video switching feature to switch between FPV camera and GoPro and use my trusty SmartFPV video switch. I mix OSD only to FPV cam while leaving GoPro picture without OSD. After few days of work all is finished and ready for the re-maiden.
Posted by JustFlyingRC | Nov 25, 2017 @ 12:57 PM | 2,221 Views
ZETA FX-79 Buffalo from Banggood destroyed while in transit and Banggood won't give money back or send new!

Wing came destroyed and package was a wreck! I sent Banggood a complaint with pictures showing the wreck, but they are not willing to pay all back, even though I paided extra for insurance.
In the meantime there is an open complaint through paypal, even now BG is only willing to pay back 67.74 EUR, but I paid in all together €98.63 EUR. Pay me my money back or send me a new one.

Hier is what I wrote to banggood:
Subject: Package was broken,OrderID:37125836Hallo, last week I received a letter from costoms office to pick up the Zeta-FX-79.

At the costums office the package looked like the Chinese national soccer club missused my package practicing for Olympia-play-offs...

Not only was the package damaged from the outside, the foam of the FX-79 was bent multiple times, too many bents to repair!

I made all 9 pics at the costums office for proof, but this (BG)-site will only upload 3 pics, if you need more, let me know.The Zeta-FX-79 was to damaged to accept, I left it at the costums office to be sent back, Acceptance refused!!!Please send me a new Zeta-FX-79, but this time MUCH BETTER PACKAGED!!!

I paid extra for insurance. Best regards
Posted by craytech | Nov 25, 2017 @ 12:28 PM | 3,869 Views
BetaFPV Beta 65s DSMX with BetaFlight OSD Full Build (21 min 37 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

In today's video I will be building out the Beta 65s with a built in DSMX receiver and the new Z01 Camera with support for BetaFlight OSD (On Screen Display).

This was a really fun build. Being able to work with and use the new camera was nice. I like that they provide you with the pig tail for the video in and out. I was able to add in a pigtail on the board to connect the camera in a lot easier. With the provided two pin standoff the power connection was a breeze. Just be sure to watch the orientation of the camera on the flight controller when you are soldering the joint.

Pick up a BetaFPV Z01 Camera with support for OSD when paired with the BetaFPV Flight Controller.

The motors I used come stock on the 65s. They are the BetaFPV 716 17500kv motors. They are a fantastic set of motors for any micro or tiny whoop that supports 7mm motors. I have used them as replacements for the stock Eachine E011 motors with great success.

Pick up a set of the BetaFPV 716 17500kv Brushed Motors.

The BetaFPV DSMX Flight Controller is a easy to build with flight controller. It offers a built in DSMX receiver and BetaFlight OSD support. I love having OSD. It helps me keep my batteries in check and also when testing flight times it allows me a nice read out of my results. Configuring the flight controller...Continue Reading
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Well a while ago I bought some 30A BumpBee S with the description telling it was working with multishot and oneshot...

Then tried them and I had roll of death using both multishot and oneshot....

Then like a day ago came the idea why not dshot.. then I did some research around the escs... and discovered that mine came with a cap removed....

So they are only able to run using DSHOT...

No need to say it is TOP ESCs! Big fets and super smooth using BLHELI_S J_H_90

Feedback soon!!!

They doesn't work, rolling to death (bending my props, stressing my frame...) W.T.F :/
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Nov 25, 2017 @ 04:47 AM | 3,027 Views
Yep Les Amis,

Voici le VibraDrone ! Lol .. Après avoir vu les images pendant le montage, c'est le surnom que je lui donne. Voici donc le Aosenma CGO35, un bon appareil à mon goût avec une bonne petite technologie embarquée mais qui présente quelques défauts . En effet, après ce test, j'ai réessayé en installant une Runcam2 sous l'engin, à la place de la nacelle, juste avec une sangle et un double face, mème pas un bout de mousse ! Le résultat est dix fois mieux, je n'avais que de tres légères vibrations à peine gênantes . Par contre j'ai également essayé avec la nacelle et la caméra Firefly 8S (plus lourde que celle vendue avec le drone), et bien là, le résultat à été PARLANT !!! Le drone vibrait tellement que c'était flipant.
CONCLUSION, ce drone à d'excellentes qualités de vol mais il faut absolument changer les hélices qui ne supportent pas le poids de l'ensemble et provoquent des vibrations, et changer aussi de caméra pour une plus légère (fixée sous l'engin avec de la mousse) pour un rendu vidéo Impec ... je ferai quelques tests bien sur pour confirmer.

AOSENMA CGO35 Review Test Démo / Bon concept , si Modifs ! (28 min 3 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 Pour le Drone et ses fonctions
12/20 Pour le Combo Drone/Caméra

Les + : Modes de vol, Précision, puissance, autonomie et Portée !
Les - : Sensible au poids embarqué, Caméra pas adaptée du tout (trop lourde pour ce type d'hélices et besoin d'un stabilisateur) ......Continue Reading
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Help! my dear friend , Need reviews for this RC drone part

Here is the flight control PIXHACK V3 , What do you think ,give me some suggestion with thanks !

Seek reviews for this RC drone part
Welcome to contact me for cooperation,thanks!
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 25, 2017 @ 03:52 AM | 2,784 Views
I guess i know people would say 3s is not in the trend,but still want to check,what if you can have it for free?Where would you like to use the 1550mah 75c 3s?

Ofcourse it is not for free now,it is 40% off,better than nothing.But would you want it leave alone the price?
Posted by Boss FPV | Nov 25, 2017 @ 01:24 AM | 3,608 Views
Trying to keep my Chameleon out of the bushes
Bush Chameleon (2 min 30 sec)

Posted by Dirty Dee | Nov 24, 2017 @ 11:42 PM | 9,647 Views
Plans and instructions are free for personal use, not for commercial resale.

Original Build Thread Located Here

1/18th Scale
46.4" Wingspan w/ winglets (43.7" without)
65.3" Length
252.48 sq. in. wing area (no winglets)
AUW: 1415-1675g (3.11-3.69lbs)
Wing Loading: 28.4-33.7 oz. / sq. ft.
CWL: 21.5-25.4

(2) Changesun 50mm 11-blade EDFs w/ 4900KV motors
(1) 2650mAH 4S 35C
(2) 40A YEP ESCs
(10) HXT900 Servos (2 Ailerons, 1 Rudder, 4 Flaps, 2 elevator, 1 Nose Steering)
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Nov 24, 2017 @ 10:50 PM | 3,730 Views
The Logitech H111 had a defect in which the microphone was too short. The decision was made to fix it. Despite having some screws, the microphone assembly is not repairable. After cracking plastic welds & boring out the remanes of the microphone tube, it was ready for a longer tube. The original tube was ordinary pipe with 3 steel wires in it. This was replaced with a longer pipe & 2 steel wires because there was no pipe of suitable guage to fit 3 steel wires in.

After hot gluing it back together, it was a mess with much better sound quality. The tube flops around, but is just rigid enough. Unfortunately, the wind screen was lost. It's completely worthless without the wind screen.
Posted by old4570 | Nov 24, 2017 @ 10:21 PM | 3,129 Views
The transmitter is certainly interesting I have to say .
Where was I ? Thats right Exponential ..
This transmitter offers + and - Expo ... So obviously I had to see what did what ..

I went both - 40 and +40 ...

-40 really does seem to soften the middle ...
+40 seems to jack up the middle ( make it more sensitive )

So at the moment I am running +40 Expo , and 80% rates on the lower rate and 100% rates on the higher ..
It does not appear that you can set Expo independently like you can with rates .. ( This is a shame )

I hope to bind a quad to this transmitter when it arrives .
I am just tweaking the K110 for the best possible hover and feel ( Tx settings ) at the moment , but it is really behaving rather well in the 6 axis mode as I sort it out .

To get the feel I want around center stick , yeah +40 on the expo .. That small dead zone where nothing happens is a bit of a bummer as I generally like smaller stick movements when hovering . Especially in a small room where 50cm in any direction might = some sort of impact . Desk / bed / chair / TV or me .
Posted by Crash200QX | Nov 24, 2017 @ 06:08 PM | 2,430 Views
Blade 200 qx camera port or terminal can be used as a switch, I was told. Do you know how to connect to this blog, forum, thread or post