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Drones are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of reasons, and in this article, we will walk you through 7 compelling reasons why you ought to buy one!

I buy all my Drones from

Without further ado, letís get started, shall we?

1. Real Estate Photography
Whether you are a realtor or a homeowner looking to sell, drones are excellent for real estate photography as they allow you to capture distinctive and immersive stills, along with videos. They truly work wonders at capturing the best of real estate properties, and from a commercial prospective, the real estate industry has much to gain from drones.

It can allow you to give your listings a remarkable imagery and graphics as drones can allow you to capture stunning aerial stills and videos, which will certainly catch the attention of potential buyers. When buyers shopping for homes come across aerial imagery and video footage of the actual listing, they are much more interested in viewing the property and putting in a serious offer.

2. Agriculture & Farming
Real estate certainly isnít the only industry that has embraced the commercial usage of drones, but in fact, farming and agriculture has witnessed multiple developments that make drones a great advantage to monitor and inspect your farm.

If you are a farmer who wants to innovate agricultural practices with high-end and user-friendly technology, investing in a drone is where you need to start....Continue Reading
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Recently, the Wuzhou Bureauīs UHV power transmission management department successfully completed the one-and-a-half-month period extensive drone inspection of Guishanís double power line. A total of 767 bases of Guishan Jia-yi Lines were inspected. The completion ratio was 100%. The inspection revealed 1129 more major and even way more serious defects, 420 more minor defects. These newly revealed defects were all omitted by previous manual and helicopter inspections. The results of the inspection were very significant. The high-level defects which seriously affected the safety of the power lines had been thoroughly discovered at this time, were compiled into a completely new defect booklet, it would provide a reliable reference for subsequent accurate defect elimination. MMCís drones have also played an increasingly important role in power line inspections with features of long flight time and 3 proofings.

During the hosttest summertime in July and August, The UAV pilots were using drones to implement the power line inspection orderly against the scorching heat waves.

It is said that the terrain of the Guishan double line is of complexity. They often carry dozens of kilograms of equipment such as drones, battery boxes, infrared thermometers, and emergency medicine kits. This inspection project requires clear pictures of each hanging point of the tower body. A single-circuit tension power tower needs 100 photos taken, and it takes an hour to inspect in average. The
...Continue Reading
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So my mate cracked the deck of his e-skate but since I have two, we started switching the decks around. I ended up with the deck from my first board, I broke a motor or something so it was just kept for parts any way. My mate got the deck from my then current board. It was such an easy job. Remove the trucks and the boxes for batteries and ESC and disconnect two XT30's.

Yup, Li-On batteries, 2,4GHz transmitters, banana plugs and JSTs for the electronics. It's an RC car. Kinda. The motors are huge. I'm a 200 lbs guy and I go up hills in 20 mph. Imagine what they could do with a RC Car.

I would love to rebind the board to my GT3C. The board has a wheel to control throttle and braking and while it works really well, a left-hand trigger is a bit more natural to me.
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I've been working on a scratch built model for the last few months, and I've finally made some note worthy progress. I have a build log I've started for this bird, and here's the link to the project. Project VF-4 Lightning III:
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Flight control Configurator software

Betaflight is a general term for a series
Mainly used two software
Assistant software called: Betaflight Configurator
Black box view and vibration pop stats software called: betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Betaflight is currently the best and most widely used flight control assistant software, also known as ground station.
Can be applied to windows, MacOS, Linux and other platforms
Betaflight main page address
Click on the sub-link of the "Configuration Tool" on the page.
Will enter the main interface of Betaflight Assistant software Betaflight Configurator
Here is a special reminder, with the Betaflight Configurator, be sure to follow the instructions on the main page to install the driver.
Virtualize the USB port of the computer into a data serial port
In this way, the USB cable can be inserted into the flight controller for adjustment.

Another common assistant software, Cleanflight, is also in Github.
Black Box View and Shock Pop Statistics Software
Betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Main page address
Download page

3.BLHELI ESC Assistant Software
Here I only touched the 32-bit ESC, using a software called BLHELI to adjust the ESC
Mainly used for two functions
1, brush the firmware
2, change the direction of motor rotation
Main page address
Download page
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QS8 Antispark connector
QS8+ Antispark connector
QS9 Antispark connector
QS10 Antispark connector
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So with my R4 broken _ Video soon !
My Invader licking its wounds ( me too ) .

It was time to re-visit the FMS Vtail ( 800mm )
I really like this plane , but I really hate the factory prop .

So it was time to re-prop the FMS 800 .
The prop I chose to use is VIA HobbyKing .
A 4.5x3 which comes in a twin pack ( 2 folding props ) for under $5 Ozzi bananas .

A 50% throttle ( on tx ) I got 2.2 amp current draw and at full throttle I saw some 7.3 amp .
If mem serves the ESC is 6A , but giving a full throttle run for over 30 seconds the ESC only became warm .

Checking the thrust , Power to weight is very close to 1:1 at full throttle .

Hmmm , so at what throttle setting will the FMS fly ?
This prop seems to be better than the factory supplied one ( same as the Ezio ) , and I despise the factory prop .
Peak current draw on the factory prop was around 5A , so this new prop is putting on more load .
But if I can fly @ under 50% throttle ( 1/3 would be nice ) , then I will call it sweet !


I checked the weather and there is a TON of rain on the way apparently .
So I rushed the the Football field for a fly .
And of course the wind picked up for me when I got there .

THE Prop !
What the factory prop did @ 100% throttle , this new prop does @ around 60% throttle .
I flew between 40% and 60% trying to keep to 50% most of the time .. ( 2.2A )
The wind kind of challenged my preconceived throttle settings !

A few times...Continue Reading
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Thanks to Andy Gideon, hereís the first video footage of the Army Beaver! Just some relaxed flying around the pattern with a touch & go and a landing at the end.

This is with a DLE-20 thatís still not quite tuned to peak yet. I never went over 60% throttle during the flight, and spent most of it at 40%-50% throttle.

Beaver footage begins at 56:55.

Indiana Warbird Campaign 2019 Part 1 of 2 (1 hr 4 min 24 sec)

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Crosshair Body Mounting Kit
DTEL01029A: Red
DTEL01029B: Blue
DTEL01029C: Purple
DTEL01029D: Silver
DTEL01029E: Ti-Color
DTEL01029F: Black
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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WIDESCREEN Caddx Turtle v2 Armattan Gecko 🐢🦎 CLOSE PROXIMITY | Caddx Special Glass Lens

WIDESCREEN Caddx Turtle v2 Armattan Gecko 🐢🦎 CLOSE PROXIMITY | Caddx Special Glass Lens (2 min 32 sec)

The Ratel is amazing in low light and probably better for close proximity flying than in the daytime. Just need to work on my close proximity FLOW !

Equipment Used (3 inch build):
Armattan Gecko 3:
Caddx Ratel Starlight Camera:
Caddx Turtle v2:
Receiver to replace bulky HGLRC TX20 VTX:
Gemfan 3052
XM+ :
VRD2 Pro Goggles:
Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407 4100KV
Acehe 850mAh 4S 75C-150C LiPo Battery - bought in the UK
TPU Mount for the Caddx Turtle:
Thingyverse Mount for Caddx Turtle:
Special Glass Lens - bought direct from
Jumper T8SG
VTX03S (UK Warehouse)

Waterproof Transmitter Beam Port Bag

Not Used: (spare kit)
ND Filters (ND8) for Caddx Ratel
HGLRC Flame: 1407 motors:
Lipo Tattu 850 4S:-
GoPro replacement M12 Lens (less fisheye):
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so i saw this p38 on ebay and i cant find any reviews on it and i just wanted to know if its any good or not.
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HITTING FLOW halfway through your LAST LIPO - isn't that always the way?
Caddx Turtle V2 Widescreen "Last-lipo" FLOW - FPV freestyle | NO CUTS | ONE TAKE (4 min 26 sec)

Just caught the last bit of lovely light just before sunset in the UK
Armattan Gecko 3 + CADDX TURTLE v2 Widescreen - no nd filter used

Equipment Used (3 inch build):
Armattan Gecko 3:
Caddx Ratel Starlight Camera:
Caddx Turtle v2:
Receiver to replace bulky HGLRC TX20 VTX:
Gemfan 3052
XM+ :
VRD2 Pro Goggles:
Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407 4100KV
Acehe 850mAh 4S 75C-150C LiPo Battery - bought in the UK
TPU Mount for the Caddx Turtle:
Thingyverse Mount for Caddx Turtle:
GoPro replacement M12 Lens (less fisheye):
Jumper T8SG
VTX03S (UK Warehouse)

Waterproof Transmitter Beam Port Bag

Not Used: (spare kit)
ND Filters (ND8) for Caddx Ratel
HGLRC Flame: 1407 motors:
Lipo Tattu 850 4S:-
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I have an e flite Apprentice plane. I landed in a cedar tree and didnít shut off motor as fast as I think I should have. Now motor sounds like itís growling and jumps, but does not turn. I have replaced motor and esc. I thought I had fixed it because it worked when I bench tested it but after I put the parts in the plane and tried it same growling and jumping but does not turn. Please any ideas.
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I got my Squirt v2 up and running, it flies way better than i thought it might with my old 1407 motor setup.
Squirt V2 Maiden Feet (1 min 55 sec)

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Yesterday I was running a brand new DLE 20 for the first time. I have independent batteries for receiver and ignition. The engine idled nicely and as I increased power to 50% the engine shut down. No biggie. However the ignition and all receiver power was lost. The entire electronic system died. If I was quick and lower the throttle I could recover the receiver and engine power. In the air this is not acceptable. The receiver was an Admiral 8 channel bound to Spectrum DS8 powered by a JR NiMH 700. The ignition is powered by Glacier 2s 2200 LiPo with an Rcxel optical kill switch. Any ideas on why and solutions. I have a brand new spectrum 6 channel receiver to try tonight.
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Here is a link to the Video:

Time to relax and have some fun with this Parkjet ;-)
Maybe learn a new trick or two in the process.
I'm amazed at the extremely wide flight envelope this Parkjet has and how stable it is.
When it's time to rebild this Pakjet I have a couple of changes in mind that will make it even better.
So much fun!

Here's what it cost me to Build this Parkjet ;-)

Ground Control F22 Mini V2 Ė BNF Build $49.01 | PNF Build $38.42

That's pretty darn Cheap I'd say ;-)

I'd like to see a Factory Plane that inexpensive that can Fly this well ;-)

The skill level needed for this Parkjet is Beginner to Intermediate.
Beginner setup is a 2S Power System with a 6x4 Prop.
Intermediate setup is a 3S Power System with a 6x3 Prop.
It's a great Trainer on a 2S Power System, Fast & Acrobatic with a 3S Power System.

Plans are available to Youtube Subscribers & Patrons!

If you would like a copy of the Plans & Associated Documents send an email to [email protected]
In the Email Subject enter: GFS F22 Mini V2 Plans
We will get them to you as soon as we can.
You're going to love it ;-)

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Consider Supporting Our Channel by becoming a Patron at:
Patrons of the Channel will have access to Exclusive Content!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
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Pictures of F-86 that is for sale.
The jet weighs 13.8 without batts. Thatís rounding up as I tried to balance it as steady as possible on the scale. As stated in the for sale thread it has some rash and prior repaired landing damage. The previous owner said he flew it in its current condition. Iím only selling as Iím flying my Baron more, and baby needed her fuel pumps overhauled. All four of them. I think itís a sound model. I just realized I wonít get to it anytime soon and itís time to let it go.
Thanks guys.
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If anyone is interested I will have a do it yourself kit available for the Hobby King Avios 90mm Mig-17! Take a look at this video and look at the description for more info!

Hobby King Mig-17 with Gooniac’s RC EDF Creations LED Afterburner (2 min 1 sec)

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Every year the Wintonbury Flying Club holds their two day Giant Scale Fly-In at their wonderful club field in Bloomfield, CT at the end of the summer. This year's event took place on August 31 and September 1.

Both days were graced with fantastic weather with fair skies and light variable winds! We were able to make it out to the event on the second day of the event to fly and take photos.

There were a wide variety of aircraft types out on the flight line; from WWI trainers to a bunch of WWII fighters. Even the odd giant scale electric model and turbine could be found!

Here is the link to the entire gallery that features 550 photos from Sunday's event:

In the mean time, here are a few sample images from the set:

...Continue Reading