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My alarm had just gone off and I was thinking about getting out of bed .. ( I was thinking about it )
The doorbell rang , so now there was no choice ...

Only the delivery drivers calls in so early in the morning and I was wondering which glider was being delivered
A rather large box was waiting for me ..
I kind off figured it was the Spectre ...

Thebuildrc was selling the DLG on Ebay and it was an auction sale ..
With no one bidding I put in a minimum bid and won ...
So I got the Spectre for a reasonable sum of money ..

Purchase was made on the 14th and on the morning of the 20th the doorbell rang ..
I think that's a fair effort ..

The Spectre was really well packaged :
The brown box was wrapped in foam sheet ( I might want to use that for something )
Inside the box everything was carefully bubble wrapped ..
All the goodies look to be in perfect condition ..

Now in the past people have been harshing on the Ailerons , I can't see a issue .. ( Fixed ? )
I have servos , I have receivers , UBEC's and batteries ...
No idea how long it will take me to get in the air ( could be months - I hope not )

So why did I buy this DLG ?
A) Price
B) Availability - I don'y know ? Is there a DLG shortage ? I just want a PARK flyer no a competition bird for $3500
C) Apparently the Spectre can push through a stiff breeze ( Wind ) , this year and last have been very / very windy ...
D) It's ARF ( Assembly Needed )

BNF would have been better or plug and play .. Unfortunately aside from the UMX Whipit , there is nothing practical to buy ( Oz )
Yes , I will definitely give DIY a go ( Mini / Micro DLG )
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Put together a little video of the highlights from the 2 day.

2018 F3K Cascadia (7 min 4 sec)

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Review (ip) of Eachine Tyro99 - 99$ DIY KIT - 210mm DIY Version FPV Racing RC Drone F4 OSD 30A BLHeli_S 40CH 600mW VTX 700TVL Cam

Its not often that quads come in a DIY kit. This is great hobby and especially part in which you build yourself an quad and on maiden it flies. Its awesome feeling to create something that flies and everybody should try building they own quads at some point.
This is a great opportunity because this kit costs 99$
Its unbelievable price. If you would only by parts by yourself it would certainly cost more.

Eachine Tyro99 unboxing - 210mm DIY FPV Racing RC Drone F4 OSD 30A BLHeli_S 40CH 600mW VTX 700TVL (12 min 6 sec)


210mm Frame Kit
Wheel base: 210mm
Frame arm thickness: 5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Side plate thickness: 2mm
Frame kit material: 3K carbon fiber & 6065 aluminium

2206 2150KV Brushless Motor
Motor KV: 2150RPM/V
Idle current (Io/10V): 1.26A
Lipo cell: 3-5S
Weight: 31g
Max continuous current: 31A
Max continuous power: 496W
Max thrust: 1050g (4S/5")
Configuration: 12N/14P
Motor resistance (RM): 0.0572 Ω
Stator diameter: 22mm
Stator thickness: 6mm
Motor diameter: 27.7mm
Motor body length: 19.2mm
Overall shaft length: 34.2mm
Prop adapter shaft: M5
Bolt holes spacing: 16mm
Bolt thread: M3
Propeller: 5-6 inch

4 IN 1 30A BLHeli_S ESC
Continuous current: 30A
Peak Current: 40A(10S)
Input voltage: 2-5S
Main control chip: 48Mhz EFM8BB2
Firmware: BLHeli_S supports Dshot600
MOS:...Continue Reading
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I made some masts for Deep Water last week. He got me back on the Emma C Berry. I'm making more parts. The skylight, focal, davit and the wench. My laser makes nice parts. And their easy to reproduce if I need to make more.
It is a half started kit I picked up on Ebay a few years ago.
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Review (ip) of BrotherHobby Speed Shield 2207.5 1750KV, 2108KV, 2400KV, 2700KV, 3400KV 4-6S Brushless Motor for FPV Racing RC Drone

When I first saw Brotherhobbys Returner R5 Deadpool motor I had to have it. It was beautiful. They also had Red Hulk color scheme.
I really love Brotherhobby design, color schemes and quality.

Now Brotherhobby has its newest motor called Speed Shield series. Its new size class of 2207.5.
Motor also looks beautiful like R5 series. It reminds me on Captains America Shield

It comes in few KV options:
  • 1750
  • 2108
  • 2400
  • 2700
  • 3400
and its rated from 4S to 6S. Awesome!

Configuration: 12N14P
No.of Cells(Lipo): 4-6S
Rotor: N52H arc magnets
Stator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel
Shaft: Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
Bell cap: Al 7075
Base casing: Al 7075
Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
Bearings: Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm

...Continue Reading
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Just sharing the new design with the people of RCG. Here is what I have so far so you can see how well it works. Please PM me for more info if you are interested.

New LED afterburner design (0 min 34 sec)

New LED afterburner set up in 80mm F-5 (0 min 34 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Just to have nice videos in my profile if anyone wants to check what I am doing
Racing Drone from Another Perspective (2 min 8 sec)

Flying wing aerial video (1 min 39 sec)
...Continue Reading
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as this is going to be my first entry in this blog, and there will hardly be any exaggeration in it if I say that now drones are going to be sold at the cheap price and you can also have your own drone in such a low and budgeted price. as on the internet I viewed a lot of links that are selling cheap drones after some time I will share a link through which you can have your own drone as well.
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Hi there people

this thread will be more less a combo of a review and log of the development for this new FlySky radio..
At the moment I start this thread the firmware isn't really ready, so I'll post updates on that as we go along..
Obviously others are more then welcome to post their findings / thoughts / updates!

Link to this radio: FlySky NV14 Nivana drone / FPV radio

So the NV14 Nirvana huh? It is a radio specifically designed for drone / FPV pilots. Does that mean the radio can't be uses for planes / heli's etc? It definately can AND I will test that.. Regardless of that I think it's refreshing to see a company try a design that's very different from what we are used to

To start things.. Here are my (current) first thoughts on this transmitter.. I've done my best to make this as unbiased / objective / honnest as possible:

FlySky NV14 NIRVANA Transmitter - P1: INTRO (21 min 57 sec)

Updates on this sage will follow shortly

Download page for firmwares:

Link to my NV14 Nirvana Playlist:
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ST5XHPT is a Economy military grade mini HDMI Video and Data transmission COFDM system for UAV. It support HD720P video Range 1-2km
It develops CABAC (H.265+TS) coding&decoding technology to achieve Utra-high resolution(720P), long distance(air to ground 5km) and low delay(12-25ms)
transmission. The system supports (data&image) communication, adjustable video resolution, bit rate output with the TPlayer software. It can realize the soft decoding with low delay. Meanwhile this SUNTOR series products have small size, light-weight, low consumption, high stability and high sensitivity. They are suitable various environment of different application.

 Video Input: HDMI
 Resolution: HD 720P
 Distance: Air to ground 5km
 Latency: ≤12-25ms
 Duplex Data Transmission: TTL-RS232/485
 Dimension: 73*48*14mm
 Weight: TX 58g/RX 58g
Model: ST5XHPT Frequency 2.4GHz(2.402-2.478GHz)
Wireless Fault-tolerant LDPC FEC
RF Transmitted Power 27dbm (Air to ground 5km)
Power Consumption
TX: 7Watts
RX: 5Watts
Frequency Bandwidth 2/4/6/8MHz
Latency ≤12-30ms
Video Color Space Default 4:2:0 optional: 4:2:2/4:4:4
Antenna 1T1R
Video Input/output Interface HDMI mini TX/RX, or transform FFC to HDMI-A RX/TX
Video Compressed Format H.265 +TS
Bit rate Adjustment DIP or SPI2MCU
Encryption WEP, WPA(PSK), WPA2(PSK), WPA+WPA2 (PSK)
Transmission Distance Air to ground 5km
Start-up time < 25s
Two-way function Support video and duplex data simultaneously
Data Support Duplex TTL RS232/485 Data Transmitting
Power supply DC 7- 18V
Transmission Rate 3-5Mbps
Receiving Sensitivity -100dbm@4Mhz
720P HDMI Mini RX x1 S1 TTL bidirectional serial port x1 RF SMA Power Input x1 Indicator Light
HDMI input/output Status Transmitting and receiving Video board working Status Power Temperature Range
Operating temperature:0C ~+ 85C Storage temperature:-10C ~+ 90C Appearance Design CNC technology/ double aluminum alloy shell with waterproof design
Dimension 734814mm
Weight Tx: 58g/Rx: 58g

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Hey there im pretty new here but not new to building and rc planes. I just started a build for an 8 foot wingspan b 52 to be built out of 1/4x2x4 foam sheets. I bought them from model plane foam. Found here Its basicly a depron foam substitute.
So the b 52 is gonna be a rib and skin full fuselage b 52 with a removable wing. The plane was designed in free google sketchup 8. The picture i posted was the first sheet of parts drawn onto foam. Ill make sure to take lots of build pictures.
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Wheels on the landing gear need to be reamed out to fit the axle.

The nose gear is more scale liking with a new pastiche sleeve. I used a plastic rod from window blinds. I used a box cutter to slit the side and pop it over the nose gear wire. Then I put CA and clamped it to seal the slit. A white plastic straw would have been easier.

The wheel pants in the instruction manual are wrong. For one, it left out the axle. Slots must be cut on both sides of the wheel pants.

The key to the wheel pants assembly is to put the wood piece into the pants and screw it to the landing gear. Mash the assembled wheel, wheel collar and axle into the soft plastic wheel pants.
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Hello fellow builders! Missy iz pooped, and I don't wanna play video games, which leaves the best option in between covering and finishing my f3RES' birds is finishing AM (Tony) Beck's laser sets! I have not done any vias yet ( those cutaway thingies that hold parts in sheet form) and as I took screenshots, I see the "other" places where nesting has not been finished.
I am now driving on Version 11 of TurboCAD Mac, ( a Solidworks engine) which is now the 10th build which Tony and the birds have lived through!
I was a bit confused when I learned that Soaring Digest wanted hand drawn plans for their article, as I now have 10 full Gigs of info for these birds!
As I'm completing my story @ " I don't like doing surgery on my birds" in Sailplane talk, I'm getting the 1/32 sheeting boxes planned out CADwise.
The past couple years have been pretty intense for life bein' lived, but finally things are getting "in line"
The one other main thing is this would be an expensive kit, if all the parts are lasered, so Tony and I are figuring out the least expensive way to get these kids flying!
Please give us feedback! I do have files with no vias as now, but I need to nest a set of 4 more of proper material ribs 13-15, which are the polybreak ribs, with 1/16" plywood for the facing ribs being numbers 14.
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RC Tip #2 - Sharpen Those Blades!

RC Tip #2 - Sharpen Those Blades! (3 min 41 sec)

Don't throw that exacto or utility blade away just because it's dull! Sharpen it!

In this video we show you how to prolong the life of your blades and save you MONEY ;-)

The best price I have found on a 15 pack of the Exacto #11 Blades:

The best price I found for a 24" x 36" reversible cutting mat:

In the video I said 250 grit sandpaper and should have said 220 grit ;-(

220 grit sandpaper 4pk:

400 grit sandpaper 4pk:

Elmers Spray Adhesive:

Gain the Knowledge, feel the Passion!
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This short FPV Wing Freestyle Rap Video show you that The wide sea allows the fish to leap about and vast sky the birds to fly.

FPV Wing Freestyle Rap Short Video 2018 (0 min 28 sec)

Watch it and more here: Youtube
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Nothing special, but I thought that I’d do a build blog for the HK 1875mm B-17 that I recently purchased. I stumbled across the HK B-17 by accident. HK was running a sale, and I couldn’t pass up a great deal on a multi-engine warbird.

I’d have preferred to have gotten an OD Green B-17, but HK only had the silver in stock. I think that HK is discontinuing the B-17 and discounting their remaining stock to free up the shelf space. Glad to have gotten one.

I’m a warbirder, but not much of a bomber guy. So, I did some fast and furious research and decided to model the G Model I’ll Be Around of the 390th, on display in the Tucson Air Museum.

Mods planned:
- retractable tailwheel (FMS 1.4m Bf-109G Tail Wheel)
- G Model nose details (Freewing B-17G plastic parts)
- make the Main Struts more secure (replace grub screw with better fasteners, flatten spit on struts for grub screws, and probably drill/tap additional grub screw holes)
- Decal Set from Callie Graphics.
- weathering? Haven’t decided yet. I may leave it as a pristine B-17G, like the one on display in the Tucson museum.

This is how B-17 looks right now.

The guys over in the HK B-17 Discussion Thread have provided a lot of great information. A special shout-out to BornToLate and BRGT350 for being especially helpful!!!!