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Posted by kilwein | Dec 31, 2012 @ 07:31 PM | 5,913 Views
Jumping ahead, first video of it, GoPro taped to the wing. This is using the APC prop and producing ~480 watts.
Will not budge on snow at end of video.
SSS field (4 min 57 sec)

Working on a SSS or Super Sky Surfer foam plane from Banana Hobby.

It is the almost ready to fly so no building thread.
It has a number of mods that should be done if you are pushing its capability.
It is a complete lead sled with 277watts out of the box. ~55 watts per lb.
Just by changing the prop to a APC 9x7 it goes to ~480 watts. Not to bad at this power, but still needs more to get up and go. Does not take off from grass using the wheel installed in the bottom. Will take off from the runway with no problems.

For a more complete listing of the mod and other postings-comments go to the Airplane Foamie Kit forum.
I wrapped the wing craddle and fuse with 10k carbon tow.
A few people have had the wing craddle let go with extra batteries and or weight in the fuse. Very low weight and it adds a little extra. Some have glassed the entire nose and craddle.

I plan on two 3 cell 5000mah packs inside. This is due to the FPV gear, Eagle Tree gear and the 8 servos are drawing 1.1 to 1.3 amps continous. Currently have one of the packs in.

The supplied spar glass rod is very heavy, there is a carbon tube that can be bought from carbon tube vendors that is a lot lighter. Not sure I will do this.
Maybe later.

The bottom wheel...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Aug 12, 2012 @ 06:44 PM | 6,974 Views
While on vacation in California, a Sharon 4.2E made the trip back.
Build thread here.

Conclusions so far:
After flying it in dead calm to ~30+mph winds it is a fun one.
No bad habits so far, it likes to be ~20-25mph for best performance at least with me on the sticks. No ballast needed in 30+mph winds. Get it slow and banked 90 to the wind and it will roll it some but not like some of the other light planes I have.
Banks as tight as you can crank it without stalling when speed is over 15-20+mph. If slower it will start to tip at ~10mph. Impressed with it here.
It recovers quick from a stall if you fly it to slow.

Had it in some speed dives-runs at over 80+mph and the MKS servos are sweet and shine here. No hesitation or blow back of control surfaces.
Love that sound it makes when screaming by and then the pull up to almost the same height as when you entered the dive.

When landing keep the speed up a bit or it will tend to slip in side ways back and forth when you apply some rudder. Damn AVA lands so slow so I land the Sharon slow a few times without thinking. But keep a little speed and it lines up where you put it.
I like to go out a ways and then bring it back in low and slow down on the approach.

In dead air it has a decent sink rate being at 118oz without the Eagle tree telemetry in or 121oz with it in. Keeping the ET in as I do not notice any difference with or without it.

In moderate wind...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Apr 07, 2012 @ 11:40 AM | 7,244 Views
Went and did it.

Hobby lobby for the 4m yellow 100ft rubber. Been on the wait email-notification list for a long time for it to get back in stock. for swivels. Bought from them before and fast shipping.
Have their 300lb swivel on my 3m red hi-start.
Made aluminium ends and partially drilled the centers in progressive steps to lighten up. Not sure why, but did it.
Have 500lb swivel bearing ends for the rubber to mono and mono to chute connections. Have 800lb swivel for the stake chain to rubber coming also, forgot it on first order. Over kill maybe, but when you drag the rubber it tends to twist-wind up so the swivels may help. Time will tell.
The swivels may be over rated , but the 300lb has held up to both red rubber and winch launches on 3 to 4M 5-11+lb planes with no issues.
Went with longer chain for when the marsh soil is wet and soft, this will allow the stakes to be further apart.
Made two 18in long 1/2in stakes also to hold the business end down, not shown.
Have 200ft of 1.32mm mono right now, may change length later.

When the 800lb swivel arrives I will recess it in the end piece and then pin it in.

The mega swivel happens when you have a few extra minutes, big brain fart and some loose material. Dual ball bearing.
Smooth and spins sweet, this is OVERKILL.
With a rubber stretch of 4 times and put some twist in, then let loose, it spins back straight with ease.
Went to the local park extended the rubber and then pulled it 90...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Mar 02, 2012 @ 09:06 PM | 7,542 Views
Saw a few different holders and decided to make one for home and at the field. One ten ft 1/2 pipe section, a 4ft foam tube, 8 T's and 14 elbows completed it.
Made it just wide - deep enough for the flaps to drop down fully so surfaces could be tested in the holder.
Going to include a foam insert in the bottom that will cradle the fuse by itself so the elevator can be put on with the fuse on its side or right side up.
Posted by kilwein | Dec 25, 2011 @ 08:11 PM | 7,817 Views
Received this from my daughter!
Posted by kilwein | Dec 04, 2011 @ 08:15 PM | 9,000 Views
Bought the last 4M Explorer in stock from SoaringUSA, orange wing and white fuse.
Have to see the color combo when it gets delivered.
Starting some work before the plane arrives.

For a much more detailed build check out Chris's build. (SoaringDude).

First off is the MKS 6125 wing servos.
Had 2 stock mounts laying around for the ailerons and made my own for the flaps.
Stock mounts weight 2.3 grams with 0.150 thread depth, after CA thread soak.
Going to sand them down in the corner areas to lighten some more, similar to what I did to the ones I made.
Mine weigh 2.25 grams with 0.230 thread depth, after CA thread soak.
All servo mounts weight under 9 grams total, the 12 machine 4x40 bolts weight 4.4 grams.
Soaked all mounts with CA in the bolt-thread area then chased with tap.
These will be glued in with ZAP Zap Goo PT-12.
Aileron servos will use the plastic horns, flaps will use the metal horns if they provide enought deflection else use the plastic horns,TBD. ( needed plastic second hole out ).

Started wing harness but waiting to finish with correct lengths, have servo connectors on. Just have to cut to length and solder to the wing plugs.
Using a 6pin plug with glass board to fit in the DB9 connector mounts molded in. Will cut to size when plane arrives.

Target had a servo tray mod for the fuse servos, I think I am going to do a similar change, MKS6125-H going here.
This will give more clearance...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Oct 12, 2011 @ 08:05 AM | 9,131 Views
Making some tow plane release hooks for the tow plane itself.
These are in progress and not cleaned up, buffed out or all finished, just starting.
Various sizes 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and 1in diameters, ~2in long, will have some longer for those real heavy haulers.
Have some new bits coming end of week so can get clean cuts on the rest of them.

Got a little more done between work and other stuff.
Time to do some buffing and polishing.

If not satisfied, return with delivery confermation and only be out shipping costs both ways. Not responsible for lost shipping.
Will refund cost of tow hook minus shipping if not satisfied....Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Sep 06, 2011 @ 07:47 PM | 9,312 Views

On hold for awhile due to work and other stuff.

I have a hand machined (not CNC) TA pulley setup for sale.
If you are after smooth and polished all over, this is NOT for you.
It is fully functional and easy to use.

Your choice of stake mount in one of three versions.
1: 0.625 (5/8) pressed in hardend steel sleeve with secondary backup clamps.
2: 0.564 plain stake mount. I can make secondary backup clamps for this also.
3: Custom hole sizes, will take extra evening to make.

The width of the opening is ~0.850 inch.
Sealed roller bearing (SKF203FF) or (Master Pro PT203FF) pressed in pulley.
Pulley is recessed inside plates with rounded edges on inside and sanded outer edges.
Pulley has side mounts to keep pulley centered between the wall plates.
Pulley is buffed out.
Side plates are 1/4 inch thick, except where recessed for pulley.
Inside plates around the pulley are rounded and buffed.
Bolts are 5/16 with nylock nuts.
Pictures are taken with old nylock nuts used for pics only, these will be replaced with brand new ones.
Easy to thread the chute thru, has some finger room.

Dislaimer: Due to the violent stresses in the use of any turn around pulley, it is your responsibility to ensure proper use, care and maintance.

If you want other pictures-views let me know and I will provide.
If you have modification or other let me know and will see what can be done.
Pretty flexible on mods. Remember these are hand turned not CNC.
I make these in...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Jul 03, 2011 @ 09:37 PM | 9,745 Views
Hi Target,

Here is your idea in action.
Marked one side with black marker to show ~size.
Liner is 0.1 thick, tempurature hardened.
Have to get better bits to cut it, went thru a few bits to get cut flush with the rest.
Will cut to size-length on next ones, put slight bevel on, do temp harden and then press in.
Goes easier with the 20ton press.
My camera sucks for close ups.

Found tractor 3 point hitches have a steel hardened sleeve that is 0.640 inside diameter.
Saves some time to tempur.

Pressing these sleeves in just got easier, harbor freight having a sale on presses.
More power!!!

Posted by kilwein | May 20, 2011 @ 08:26 PM | 9,621 Views
Bit the bullet and got a NEO 1506-1.5y-6.7:1 continous 500w & burst 1000w motor, prop and spinner, 18x10 folder.

Weight difference between the old and new power plants is 2oz counting motor,speed control,prop and spinner. going from 280watts to 387 or 870watts depending on 3 or 4 cell lipo. With the old Multiplex setup I had lead weight wrapped around the gear box to balance out, for a total weight of 58oz. Now I have two places for the battery packs (3S or 4S) to balance out the plane.

Total weight from 280w to 870w is +4oz, difference with 4S battery included.
Total weight from 280w to 387w is -2oz, minus 2oz's with smaller 3S battery included.
I think I will be using the 3S pack most of the time, but for those nice fast climb outs the 4S pack.

Old weight was 58oz ready to fly, and 77watts / lb
With NEO 1506 and 4C pack 870w 62oz, ~217watts / lb Will test this on the first new flight.
With NEO 1506 and 3C pack 387w 56oz, ~110watts / lb

Got first two flights in today with the 870w setup, goes vertical-bollistic and not even at full power.
Have to push nose down for a few seconds after power off and level due to the extra speed.
The AVA does not notice the extra four oz's from what I can tell today. Had ~3-5mph breeze during flights.

Glad I did the power up.
With the 387w battery setup, it is 2oz's lighter than before, so in dead air this should help some. This configuration is what I will fly most of the time. Get a power boost and 2oz lighter,...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Apr 09, 2011 @ 08:08 PM | 11,448 Views
There are a few pilots that can stop my home made winch at the field so, it needs a GONAD to dissapate some heat from the brushes and outside case-windings. We are getting a number of glider pilots at the club so this could get some heavy use when it is out.
This is the start of it. Hogging out the grooves on the mill, then will put it on the lathe to finish them up. Will mill a square fan mount in the end, make brush holders, slot the plate for adjustable timing and fit a bearing in. The fan will be on a adjustable thermal switch and will be on when the winch is being used so the armature gets cooled also. Now that others and I have time on the winch, the fan does lower the FLS temps. Even hauling up Miss Pigggy ( a 11lb+ XXXL glider ).
Still have to mount thermal switch and fan switch.
Tested to see how the fan moves air thru the motor and fins, Works good, no issues, should cool pretty good.

Soon as I get my left hook on launches gone, I will be tapping this baby.

While pulling the line out today, the tension going thru the weeds and over the dirt mound causes some resistance. So a 4ft stake to raise the line out of the weeds and over the dirt mound was in order. Stake is 4ft long so ~6-12 inches in the dirt with one 10ft chain straight back and two 5ft chains to the sides to hold.

Measured the current draw today, 200 to 350-400amps max.
6v FLS on 12 volt, 260lb twine.
Planes pulled while taking measurements, Satori and a heavy XXXL Thermic( AKA Miss...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Apr 01, 2011 @ 03:48 PM | 14,254 Views
My Vulture build log is here.
A few flights in the wind.

UPDATE 6/17/11
Bobalew (Bob) flew the Vulture.
Comments from him in the the build thread towards end.
He is comp level and I value his comments and opinions highly.
Bob seemed to like it as is. He commented it may be just a bit nose heavy.
He took the Vulture up and up in light air and when I got the plane back, I fell out of the thermal he had. He did the plane justice, difference between compitition and casual flyer.

CG is at 94-95mm
AUW = 82.8oz call it 83. may pull out 1/4 oz later.

I have made some changes that are for my personal preferences and not needed to fly, but I think you will like them.

Made custom ballast weights are easy to put in and take out. I can change the fine adjustable 8-16oz long ballast rod weights within seconds. These are proto ones to determine the correct size to weight. Putting the servos side by side helps install or remove easy.

On the flaps I have made new horns that are longer. Have +18mm up measured at end of flap edge and 100-115 degrees down. Have limited to ~80 degrees down for now, as ~70 was good for landing.
I did this to increase the fine trim-resolution to match my 14MZ capability of fine sub mm trim adjustments. This was not needed to fly, as I did fly with the original size also. This also tightend up the surfaces for slop. A peeve of...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Dec 27, 2010 @ 07:24 PM | 11,913 Views
Starting to make my ground tracker platform. starting from bottom up.
Using a dual race bearing for the turning point verses the lazy susan style. This bearing will hold several hundred pounds with no issues.
Have bearing sandwiched and pressed in on the lower mount. Have a lip collar- mount that will bolt up to the next section which is the bottom plate of the turn table and lock the bearing in place. The top plate will have a recessed section that the bearing will fit tight in for complete alignment top to bottom. The bottom piece is tapped and bolted to the tripod.

The left to right motion servo will be mounted on the top rotating section, this will eliminate any wire twists so I could use a servo that has continous or 720 degree rotation later. The long shank on the servo will be locked in place by two set screws and allow adjustment if needed.
Servos to be used are HS7955Tg right now, if bigger is needed I will change out later.

~18lbs of lead and she turns nice and smooth.

Getting closer, now to lighten up the sides. Need to make offsets for the panel. Add mount for yagi beam. Have to get a second rx and that will complete the diversity portion.

Time to program the eagle eyes to track. Just realized I need two platforms on the tracker legs, one for the tv monitor and one for the laptop.

Put a piece of wood on rotation arm just for kicks. servos swing everything with no problems.Made a tall mount for the dipole antenna, need to shorten a bit. Th...Continue Reading
Posted by kilwein | Dec 21, 2010 @ 10:38 PM | 11,347 Views
Starting to get into FVP.
Using a 500mw 900MHz TX with reduced power, full eagle tree seagull pro -osd telemetry cmos camera and working on a tracking setup. Have the headplay goggles and a 7' Haier lcd tv, also a/v to usb adapter in laptop for recording. Put it in my 17ft BOT. first flight was sweet, have to relocate the tx antenna due to it is blocked by wires and lipo packs. Working on making a V antenna shortly.

Moved the TX mid point back by rudder. If this works good I am going to put a hole in the back to hide the cable bundle and have the tx exposed for cooling.
Using individual teflon coax for all power and A/V, bundled in plastic sleeve.
Making a BQuad for ground station. Got to save $$$ where I can.
Those new HS5955TG servos I have in my extra box for a few years will now get some use in the ground tracker pan-tilt setup I am building.

My ibcrazy B-Quad work in progress, will take into work and check tuning in the 3M chamber first week Jan.
Have to wait for the next sale on a rx for the ground station. Usps is taking there time getting the ET tracking system here, 5 days and counting for priority, has to be weather delay somewhere.

Also a V antenna, testing to be done this weekend, dimensions ended up being just a little over 2.95 in length for each element. Changed orientation since picture taken.
Modifing one of my 6014 with RSSI signal going into eagle tree osd system.

Pan and tilt for ground station this week if all goes well, then next weekend for testing.
Posted by kilwein | Jul 21, 2010 @ 08:12 AM | 13,206 Views
Just a few of the turnaround pulleys.
Hand machined and milled not CNC'ed.
Below ones are not fully buffed or sanded, have some rough spots.
The edges are rounded slightly and then buffed, no edges to cut twine.
Side plates have extrusion marks from factory, not shiny-slick.
Side plates are 1/4 aluminium, pulley is solid aluminium also.
5/16 or 3/8 bolts used to bolt together with nylon lock nuts.
Sealed roller bearing pressed in with side spacers so the pulley is not touching sides.
Locktight is also used on the center hub to bearing inside race.
Specify stake hole size 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1.0 or other in 1/16 steps.
Have adapters for reducing down when using multiple stakes.

Ask any and all questions before buying, I can-will send more pictures if you ask.
If you are after completely smooth & polished throughout this is NOT for you.
It is meant to be fully funtional.

Adding winch drum to pictures.

...Continue Reading