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Posted by Bifocalcross | Dec 11, 2014 @ 10:35 AM | 4,281 Views
Well it finally happened, I broke the retractable power pylon on my last ST DG 1000. This is how I chose to repair it.

First I would like to go over some mods to the retract mechanism that have worked well for me. Referring to the picture, “DG1000_Retract_Repair_10.JPG” you'll notice the right pylon arm is broken, (I stalled on launch) and the left is not. Inside the larger red ellipse is a reinforcement made to the stock pylon arm with polyester thread and 5 min epoxy. It reinforces the point where the prop stopper attaches, and prevents a stress crack that likes to form at this point. I wrapped the thread around the mounts for the prop stopper and the rear extension arm in an “X” pattern and around the mounts. The second mod is just below the first and consists of a shim glued to the top of the brace that holds the pylon arms together. The purpose of the shim is to reduce the contact footprint between the prop and the prop stopper, by preventing the prop stopper from coming all the way up into the path of the prop. On one plane a piece of 1/64” ply was all that was needed, another required 1/32”. With these two mods the prop stopper is unlikely to break off even when struck by a prop still spinning at full speed. If you crash with the pylon extended (like I did) you are still out of luck.

Making the new one piece pylon I first split the fuselage of one of the ST DG 1000s (what a “fun” job), and completely removed the retract mechanism, dissembled the pylon and...Continue Reading