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Posted by Greyfoxvt | Feb 14, 2017 @ 02:55 PM | 3,219 Views
OK, so everybody has a blog site, and they spout off about everything in their lives and what's happening day-by-day. I am not that person, but I do have a blog site to talk about one of my passions... RC !

This blog will contain discussions of my recent modeling experience and issues associated with that. I will start off this chat with my newest model the E-flite Convergence VTOL. A wonderful design and concept foam aircraft with three electric motors setup in a plane/drone configuration. Yes, you heard this right, it is a drone for takeoff and landings and can hover the whole flight is you so want, but it will transform into a fast and responsive sport aircraft at the flip of a switch.
I am just binding it to my Spektrum DX9 and utilizing some wonderful features I found on another thread to ensure a proper setup for the maximum configuration I could ask for to start off a new model with.

I am not new to drones and hover flight as I have significant time in both helicopters as well as a number of different drones. So this concept is not too difficult to grasp, but the transition from hovering to forward flight is a bit different in the craft. As I mentioned before, it is at the flip of a switch where the two forward upward facing engines actually transition on steps to full forward direction to cause the craft to fly like a regular sport airplane model. With the use of an incorporated flight system, you can toggle between stable (gyro controlled) flight modes to a more aggressive 3D mode for both flight and hovering modes.

Very Cool !