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Posted by fliper56 | Jan 09, 2013 @ 01:46 AM | 3,506 Views
Life long love of motorcycling, flying, (r/c and full size) woodworking, and graphics design. Have 4 wonderful children, 8 beautiful grand kids.
My oldest son is as near nuts as I am with bikes and flying, maybe more so as he flies for a living.
I started my mechanic trade back in 1969, professionally in 73, semi retired in 2008. Owned 27 motorcycles, 4 boats and 2 planes (real) and enough r/c stuff to get the average man divorced a dozen times over through these years, now I just tinker in the mechanic field helping my kids and a few good friends keep their motorcycles in top running & safe condition, also enjoy spending time with and helping my friends that fly full size planes when I can, always some project going on at the local AP.
I started doing custom graphics design, Simulator module R&D back in the late 90s for the MS flight Sim 2000 through X as a supplemental income and my own r/c stuff, this turned into a custom decal and t-shirt business, but had a severe heart attack in March of 2012, the doc has me back on track and doing good now but says no more work for me so the son took the bulk of the graphics business over, I still hand draw most all the custom artwork for something to do in the evenings when i am not trying to follow that bumblebee flying in my living room.
Recently caught the bug for the electrics, (my son Andys fault) wow, how nice, no messy fuel to clean off, But, …..the lack of that great fuel smell, (nitro, alcohol, good old bean oil = horsepower that possibly only an old motor man of 40 + years can appreciate is a bummer Electric horsepower is a more exact science for sure, just doesn't smell as good! especially when you reach the component design max level.
To be continued……………