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Posted by TS Banggood RC | Jun 02, 2013 @ 10:06 AM | 27,944 Views
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Fly, record, share for a chance to win!

This month we’re calling all of you RC fans to action! Make a creative video of your favourite RC vehicle (heli, quad, boat, car or other) and upload it to our Video Championship site for a chance to win one of our hottest RC products!
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The rules are pretty simple. Just create your own video featuring ANY remote control vehicle you like, upload it to our site http://contest.banggood.com
between June 1st – June 20th 2013, and share it with your friends to accumulate votes. The creators of the three top voted videos (as of June 30th) will win an awesome RC prize each:
- 1st: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-ID...F-p-54754.html
- 2nd: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Hu...r-p-66803.html
- 3rd: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-WL...F-p-55862.html

So get your cameras ready aaand… ACTION!

Good luck!

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Posted by TS Banggood RC | Nov 23, 2012 @ 03:40 AM | 31,590 Views
Big discount event:
MJX X200 4 Channel 2.4G 3-Axis Gyro RC Remote Control Quadcopter UFO RTF

the camera can be used in MJX X200,the URL as following:

MJX X200 RC Remote Control Quadcopter UFO (2 min 50 sec)

Posted by TS Banggood RC | Aug 14, 2012 @ 04:22 AM | 32,107 Views
BenMa Helios 100 2.4G 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With Gyro
BenMa Helios 100 2 4G 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With Gyro (2 min 35 sec)

Posted by TS Banggood RC | Jun 22, 2012 @ 01:02 AM | 37,914 Views
WLtoys v911 outdoor flying
WLtoys v911 2.4GHz 4 channel rc helicopter outdoor flying banggood.mpg (2 min 2 sec)

WLtoys V929 V939 Beetle 4-Axis Quadcopter Dexterous Mini UFO

It seems that I have been waiting the Wltoys quadcopter for over one year!

Now I finally got it from the Wltoys factory, I was deeply impressed by
its cool appearance at the first sight, when I open the package box,the looking is so fun and makes me laugh
It's bigger bigger than whatIthought before, of course, much bigger than the wlakera quadcopter I got. Main differences between the Beetle TX and the V911 TX is that the Beetle TX includes 4 rates on the Beetle (20,40,60 and 100%) and a revised screen. The Beetle's TX has a dual color screen that is blue during normal flight mode, but it's also very similar with the v911 TX,what a pity is that there is only one Lipo battery for flying,one 3.7v 500Amh battery for the V929 version,3.7 300Amh for the V939 smaller version.


I took it to a wide ground space just now and try to get it fly, after a few little adjusts about the trims,wow,very easy to get it fly to the high sky! really stable and flexible, the rudder response is really fast! there is light wind, but it also work greatly! The man who catch the video miss some 3D flying pieces, it's too fast to catch that minute action.

All in all,it's the best quadcopter I have ever met in all my rc helis. It's also unparalleled for its price.

My video.

WLtoys V929 Beetle 4 Axis Quadcopter Dexterous Mini UFO RTF (4 min 24 sec)

Posted by TS Banggood RC | May 02, 2012 @ 04:00 AM | 31,846 Views
At the first sight of this helicopter,I was deeply impressed by its black cool appearance,pretty body line,and Metal structure.This is the 2012 New Version FY-806 helicopter inner gyro is with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for helicopters specially.With a USB Card reader included and 1300000 pixel CAMERAin-built,makes this copter more powerful and attractive for most of us,you can capture any moment which cannot get it in usual traditional way.This is an amazing indoor helicopter, equipped with electronic gyro for terrific directional steadiness, features an modern integrated camera for digital photographs and HQ video recording.This personal spy drone can take up to three minutes of video or hundreds of photos and has a three channel IR remote control for flying in all directions.
Camera 3 channel RC helicopter FY806 .mpg (4 min 16 sec)

Posted by TS Banggood RC | Apr 26, 2012 @ 03:33 AM | 32,771 Views
Double Horse SHUANG MA 9098 3 Channel LED Flashlight with GYRO System Remote Control.mpg (0 min 59 sec)
I got this heli several weeks ago,very easy to control and stable mini helicopter,more and more posts talking about this mini helicopter.I am going to take a video outdoor when the rain cease here.
Double horse Helicopter is famous for making high quality rc helicopters for all ages. And when it comes to buying your first rc helicopter, Syma is often a good choice. At present, all products under the brand name of “double horse”are sold worldwide. The electric helicopter series 9116 is famous for its good performance,and become great popularity in the worldwide.

This Brand New 3 Channel Double Horse 9098 mini rc helicopter is the Best and Newest helicopter yet! Unlike other mini helicopters, this Double Horse 9098 equipped with NEW Gyroscope System for simpliest controls and stabilities, NEW Metal Frame & Body for extra durabilities, NEW Awesome Look and Design, and Bright strobing muti-color LED headlights so you can enjoy flying in the dark and amazed your friends and family! At only 7" long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional. . This Double Horse 9098 even has the option to charge directly from computer's USB port (USB cable included) or transmitter which uses "AA" batteries! The Double Horse 9098 is available in 3 colors (Red, Yellow)
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Posted by TS Banggood RC | Apr 23, 2012 @ 09:22 AM | 32,542 Views
About 3 months ago,at that time we were just a new comer to the rc helicopter world as most of others,what I owned was some syma rc helicopter,especially the 3 channel small copters,such as the syma s107,s026G copters,we know that syma helicopter is famous for making high quality rc helicopters for beginners of all ages. And when it comes to buying your first rc helicopter, Syma is often a good choice.Now the New syma 800G comes out,I believe it will soon be a blast like v911!
2012 new arrvial syma 800G[/B][/URL] Palm size Micro Toy Helicopter, with length only 21.5cm. That is the first indoor helicopter with 4 Channels from the Syma factory! Which means besides rotating and fly foward and backword, it can DRIFT LEFT AND RIGHT!
Comes with beautifully designed canopy and extremely light weight aluminium air frame, gives it an extra light flying weight and almost indestructible in crashes. With LED lights on the body and the detailed canopy, the S800G does not looks like a toy but a serious helicopter. It is designed for everyone, as long as you are over 8. It is a perfect helicopter for beginners!

Helicopter with such size is another break through, it shares the same great stability with it's brother helicopters. In this mini helicopter, it includes a 4-in-1 infrared controller (Gyro + ESC + Mixer + Receiver). This works with the coaxial structure that makes the palm size helicopter have outstanding performance in hovering.

Main Rotor Diameter: 190mm
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