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Posted by builderdude | Feb 28, 2014 @ 01:37 PM | 10,685 Views
BBCC 4 -- 4th Balsa Builders Conversion Contest Thread

The Goal: Build yourself a flying model, constructed predominantly of balsa and derived from an existing model, kit or plans, changing your model's "mode of control" from that used by the prototype (i.e. FF, CL, RC) to a different mode. Examples include: FF to RC, CL to RC, RC to FF, etc.

Changes that need to be discussed:
1. Whether or not to expand this contest to include original designs.

Discussion: When altering an existing plan to the degree it has to be altered to support a new mission objective, (i.e. enlarging for RC, vastly changing the design for increased strength to handle an alternate power source, etc.), you have already altered the design to the degree that it's more your design than the original designer's.

2. Whether or not to expand this contest to allow an alteration of an existing design to a lessor degree.

Discussion: For example, designed as RC but increasing it from 2 channel to 3, 4, 5, or more channels. Or changing it from gas power to electric conversion, but still RC.

Current Rules (Unless the majority chooses an alteration):
1-- take an existing design (the "prototype" which can be your own design) and change the mode of control.
2-- build it out of balsa, explaining any deviations from the prototype in your thread
3-- it's eligible for rollover until first flight
4-- provide proof of flight and you get voted upon

Significant Dates:

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