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Posted by johnshannon | Mar 25, 2015 @ 08:09 PM | 6,681 Views
First, the name DJS stands for Dub Jett and John Shannon, with the J being shared. John and Dub have a very long and wonderful association as friends and model airplane flyers. This association began when they were both teenagers in 1959 and continues today.

The DJS 049 was ahead of its time, being designed in 1976.

The DJS 049 has its genesis as a project to provide Dub with a platform to achieve excellence in his favorite event of 1/2A Speed. John won 1/2A Speed at the 1973 AMA Nationals using a Cox Tee Dee 049 with a homemade chromed 3-port cylinder with a tuned pipe. This is a very good combination, however at RPMs over 30K the rod ball separates from the piston. The DJS 049 is essentially a 0.551 scale model of the DJS 29 with the exception of the bore and stroke. Originally, the bore and stroke were based on the DJS 29 at 0.412 and 0.370 inches. After the design was completed this was changed to 0.406 and 0.386 inches to be the same as the Cox Tee Dee 049 that was very familiar and competitive. Maybe DJS confidence was not as high as it could have been as this provided a path to using the Cox piston and rod assembly, if necessary. It was not necessary!

Dub developed an original design tuned pipe with the correct tuning RPM and volumetric characteristics. His first design was perfect. The real success of this project is not just Dubs pipe design, but its fabrication. Dub has many things at which he is a wizard. His wizardry is never any greater than aluminum...Continue Reading
Posted by johnshannon | Mar 24, 2015 @ 10:41 PM | 6,891 Views
Ok. I guess I have a blog here. This is a first shot to see if it works!