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Posted by RichOliver | Jun 04, 2007 @ 03:37 PM | 3,069 Views
A week or so later my package arrives. By middle December the plane is built and ready to fly. Was this the same plane after all? I don’t remember the “only one side of the elevator” moving. But it looks like it other wise. And even if it’s not, it’s OK. This was fun to build. Looking at it now I can see a number of errors. The polyhedral angles are not equal, for example. There is a good quarter inch difference in the height of the wing tips.

The kids and I take it to the park to give it hand launch, just to see if it’s balanced. Standing there with the plane in my left hand and the radio in my right, my 8 year old son says to me, “Dad, your pretty nervous aren’t you.” I think to myself, he’s a pretty smart kid. I just smile at him and give it a go. And can you believe it… It just floats away. For the next twenty minutes the kids take turns chasing down the plane and bring it back to me.

By middle of January, the 2x4 has been off the mini high start and the slope at Coyote Hills. All I can now think about is what am I going to build next (maybe some thing with ailerons) and can I get out of work early enough to fly. How did I go all these years with out coming to back to sailplanes? Before the end of the month, a Sprit Elite kit and a Talon kit are on the way.
Posted by RichOliver | Jun 04, 2007 @ 03:31 PM | 3,048 Views
In the early 80’s I was introduced to RC sailplanes when a bought a transmitter and a kit from the local hobby store. As I recall, they had a lot of RC kits but only one sailplane that I believe was a House of Balsa 2x4. Over the next two years and a lot of glue and epoxy, I learned to fly this plane. Even built a couple more. Then got serious about my education and when to college.

Fast forward to early last November. My son and daughter see something about RC planes somewhere and mention it to me one evening while I was sitting in front of the computer. “Oh, yah. I used to fly them way back before college.” Then I go on line and before I do a search I think what was the name of the company that I used to mail order from… Tower something… and bang, there is Tower Hobbies. Wow, still in business after all this time.

So the kids and I are looking at the planes and I see a 2x4 listed… “I think that is my first plane”. After we look at the planes for a few minutes they loose interest, but I leave the page open while we start the bedtime routine.

An hour or so later I come back to the computer and the 2x4 is still there and I start to reminisce again. Then, on a whim, I click on the “buy now” button. But I also need a radio and Monokote and… $350 later I have package on the way.