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Just wanted to share this fun Traxx I've been toying with! We had that huge snowstorm in the northeast and I couldn't help myself! Traxxas shipped it same day which was amazing, had it in a few days!

Stock gear was good except the stock servo, lasted 3 times. Threw a cheap amazon servo and it's much better. I always like upgrading to brushless as I like the quality if those motors! This hobbywing with 550 3300 kv was perfect for the crawler, it doesn't hit too high of rpm's for the tracks. The Bluetooth feature seemed really cool, and I do like how you can adjust those features. It's mostly useful for adjustments as I am not standing near this crawler like one normally would.

at first I had a cheap camera / vtx that went right into the rx. But it fell off the top of the Truck and the tracks ripped the cord!

Grabbed the Runcam 2, and a 600 mw vtx to link up so I could get solid range around the yard. Even have a little porch with windows on all sides I can sit in and drive from with my Fatsharks.

It's a really fun truck to run in fpv, now I just need another 2 foot dump of snow and I'd be styling.

Anyway here are some photos, need to get a youtube going so I can upload videos
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Testing new prototype of UV-C disinfection robot. The robot is equipped with fpv camera and remote control.
A separate switches on the RC are used to turn on and off UV top and bottom rays. The prototype is currently being tested and improved.

UV-C Disinfection Robot - first tests of the new prototype (2 min 13 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects just visit:
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Gonna take a break from airplane building.....much needed maintenance on the CNC, a new combo vacuum table, and a new build surface.....this could take a surface first

Phase I complete......1/2" maple ply (new) over 3/4 Oak ply (existing) a new cutting mat (not shown)
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XK A160 with slightly more forward CG (7 min 19 sec)

Battery sits deeper into the nose now + no slop .
Hunts less .
Rolls much nicer ! I mean it rolls like a Jam Roll !

New problem

Moving the CG ever so slightly forward ! Now I dont have enough elevator to hold the stall .
My A160 when it stalls - It just drops it's nose . Before the CG shift , the elevator could just - and I mean just - hold the nose up !
Now it cant . My control rod is flexing quite a bit _ Full Up ! So those foam hinges are limiting elevator movement .

Something else to fix .
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13" wingspan. 20mm EDF. Stick and tissue. Almost ready to start the build.

Posted by BDOG1 | Today @ 04:27 PM | 781 Views
I got out today for almost 2 hours of non stop flying with my 48"Knife Edge and 48" Dan Wing 2 .
The temperature was 25 degrees and sunshine with a wind of 13 to 20 mph , I admit I was a little slow getting out the door but once again after I had a plane in the air it made all the extra clothes and climb up the hill well worth it .

A extra bonus today - I was flying hot laps back and forth across and down the face of the hill when I got a flash of something above me , after easing off and getting a little distance from the ground I was able to look up and found a good size red Tail hawk hovering 30 feet above my head and his partner was flying low over the field in front ,I felt honored to share the air with such awesome creatures !
I guess they saw the activity and were hoping that some thing would flush out of the cover I was zooming around over , in any case whenever I see birds of prey I am blessed .
There is more good wind forecast later this week -
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I wanted to be able to control the brightness of some LEDs from Ardupilot flight controller.
I wanted 0 to 100% pwm output from the FC pin to drive the gate of a FET, then you can control anything (LEDs/motors/solenoid/etc), but Ardupilot does not have that function.

Ardupilot has servo passthrough function, it passes a RC channel from the Rx through the FC to a output pin. This will require a brushed motor esc, most of them are larger than the size of the FC, and fitting them on a 5" quad is a bad choice. Then I found on AliExpress for $3 shipped, a servo motor esc (for continuous rotation servos).

I got one and have tested it on the bench, its got some issues that I was not expecting.
1. Most Tx/Rx will not output below 1000us and above 2000us, this means you will maximum get +/- 70% speed (see picture).
2. Lowest PWM output is 17.5%
3. Maximum 6V. Maybe possible to modify for my voltage by cutting the FET driver supply trace and feeding more voltage, but I have not found the datasheet to the FZMOS-5X (so-8 package).

Large zero thro dead band 1390 to 1591 (200us)
See the attached picture for the PWM info.

So with the limitations of 6v, 1A, 17% to 70% max output, it will work out of the bag and its low cost, tiny.

AliExpress INFO:
1pcs DIY Dual-way 1A Mini ESC 5V DC Brushed Speed Controller Module Winch Control Bidirectional Driven Circuit Board for DIY RC Part
- Size: 12x8.5mm
...Continue Reading
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Here is a video on how to make a foam wing from precut foam parts. These wings work well on lightweight RC gliders.
How to make a foam wing (3 min 27 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Today @ 11:35 AM | 1,530 Views
iFlight Crystal HD is the most beautiful, Lumenier AXII HD has better Stubby antennas and TrueRC X-AIR DJI is the best, but also the largest DJI FPV antenna.

If you want the best reception for long-range quads, you should get two of the X-Air antennas.
Unfortunately, the antennas are very large and not suitable for everyday use. If you want to carry the goggles in your backpack, You would always have to unscrew the antennas. But the reception is great with the two X-Air antennas. The Lumenier HD and iFlight Crystal HD, on the other hand, are super practical. These antennas always stay on the DJI goggles, are noticeably better than the original DJI antennas and the price for the antennas is not too high.

iFlight Crystal HD
Combo -
Single -
Banggood Coupon: pArts8
Banggood Coupon: 935d63

Lumenier AXII HD
Combo -
Single -

FPV24 DE Coupon: FPV5 -

iFlight Crystal vs Axii HD vs TrueRC X-Air - DJI FPV Antennen - Welche ist die beste ? (3 min 9 sec)

...Continue Reading
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Get One Here: King Kong / LDARC Tiny Wing 450X PNF

King Kong/LDARC Tiny Wing 450X FPV Racing Wing - DustOff Flights #4 & #5 in Full Manual Mode ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

Here is a link to the KK Tiny Wing Setup PDF File:

***Custom Components for Manual Mode ONLY

2PCS KINGKONG/LDARC TINY WING 450X 431mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane Flying Wing KIT

KINGKONG/LDARC XT1105-5000KV Brushless Motor With 4PCS 3.8X3E 2-blades Propeller For Tiny Wing 450X

Emax ES9251Ⅱ Upgrade Version 2.5g Plastic Micro Digital Servo

VGOOD 6A 2S 32-Bit Brushless ESC With 1.5A SBEC for Fixed Wing RC Airplane (***I've not Tested This ESC)

Turnigy Plush-32 6A (2S) Speed Controller w/BEC

Banggood GCRC


Here are links to some LIPOs that should work as I could not find the LIPO I used:
(Note: This is based on the stated Spec/Dimensions/Weight of the LIPOs, I do not have these so I cannot confirm this is accurate)

KINGKONG/LDARC 2S 7.4V 450mAh 80/160C LiPo Battery Spare Part For Tiny Wing...Continue Reading
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Well, POOP ! Both of them flew, and both of them died, both due to loss of orientation and lack of altitude....seems like I'm going backwards.......I got 2 successful flights out of each of them....the third one did me in......let them get too far away, and against an overcast sky, well, what could go wrong?? lol...saved all the electrics, so I'm just out some foam and some time.......I've got plenty of both

Straight up pilot error......both birds were rather quick and let's say "responsive" to control trying to fly an epileptic monkey on meth.......I just couldn't recover quick enough.

But to take some "positives" away from all of this....I learned a new covering technique, a new hollow body fuse cutting technique, and that a CG located at 25% of wing chord might be a little too far back for me to control on the first flights......ya'
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 06:05 AM | 2,435 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Fini de tricher !!! lol. Je n'ai pas pu résister à partager avec vous cette petite appli très complète et efficace. Il y a maintenant beaucoup de Fans, comme moi, de ces petites voiture au 1/76, les TURBO RACING ! Et bien, une fois que vous avez construit votre circuit, voici l'élément indispensable à ajouter, le commissaire de course incorruptible, LAP TRAX ! Le plus compliqué sera de lui trouver l'emplacement adéquat car ensuite, tout est prêt pour lancer la course à plusieurs. Temps intermédiaires, Temps total, Classement, Commentaires, etc ... Tout y est pour une application totalement gratuite ! ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Turbo Racing Lap Trax ! - Review Test Démo - Un arbitre incorruptible !!! (10 min 18 sec)

NOTATAZ : 20/20 Appli incontournable pour la course !!!

Les + : GRATUIT !
Les - : ...

- Turbo Racing RTR 1/76 (Coupon BG174TRU1 ) 52.67 Entrepôt CN:
- Turbo Racing BNF 1/76 :
- Turbo Racing RTR 1/76 PASTEL :
- Tapis Mini Turbo Racing :
- Pièces détachées (AliExpress):
- Radiocommande programmable TURBO RACING :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2020 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour régulièrement, en utilisant ces liens, vous aidez la chaîne, ) :

- Ma page BANGGOOD ( gardez ce lien en favori ou raccourci pour vos achats sur...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Un concept novateur, HGLRC frappe fort encore une fois en s'associant à DAVE.C ! Cela n'a pas été facile pour moi d'attendre 10 jours pour enfin vous parler du test du tout nouveau REKON 5 . Une conception de FRAME unique, des moteurs 6S allégés, un équipement très complet et surtout, un prix très abordable ! Du déballage à la mise en route, que des bonnes surprises, et au premier vol, que du bonheur !!! Je ne vous en dit pas plus car tout est dans la vidéo, mais, en bref, BRAVO à DAVE.C et à HGLRC pour son écoute et son sens de l'innovation ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

REKON 5 Mid/Long range Freestyler - Review Test Démo - DAVE.C et HGLRC !!! (48 min 7 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19/20 Belle innovation !!!

Le seul reproche : Des sangles lipo plus résistantes ( Kevlar ) et une un peu plus longue pour les grosses lipos...

Unboxing / Description: 00:15
Sur le terrain : 14:20
Vol à vue : 17:05
Vol en FPV en 5S : 19:20
Vol en FPV en 4S Li Ion: : 27:51
Vol en FPV en 6S Freestyle : 35:34
Débrief et conclusion : 41:50
Mon betaflight : 47:18

Chez Banggood :
- REKON 5 HD (coupon BGAFF10OFF ) :
- REKON 5 analogique (coupon BGAFF10OFF ) :
- Pad anti dérapant lipo (collants) :
- Batterie ZOHD Li Ion 3500mAh :
- Lipo GNB 6S 1100mAh :
- Lipo GNB 6S 1250mAh :
- Lipo 4S 1500mAh CNHL :...Continue Reading
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Hi all,
Im facing issue in bicopter flying through pixhawk.
whenever I try to take off from the ground the bicopter spins (yaw) in both the directions.

I calibrate all the required things and done the integration according to ardupilot web page:
M1 - Throttle right (Motor) - Clock wise prop
M2 - Throttle left (Motor) - Counter clockwise prop
M3 - Servo right (Servo)
M4 - Servo left (Servo)

Please find the log and parameter attached in this post kindly help on this issue.
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What motor do you use on your 9 inch building?

Avenger 2812 V3 motor.
KV: 900kV/1115kV

WhatsApp/Skype: +8613670131260

#BrotherHobby #Avenger2812 #9inch
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My H9 30cc spitfire next to club members TopRC spitfire. I sure do like the appearance of his Spitfire. This is my second H9 spitfire. Mine flies nice and smooth and when landing it just sticks to runway. The TopRC spitfire is gas powered and has problems with engine getting hot.

I extended the firewall about 3 inches and still needed about 6 oz. lead bolted to firewall.

eflite P160
castle 120 HV esc.
2 6s 5000 lipos
APC 20-15 e prop
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How to assemble the battery into the skateboard?

Land SnaiL 930 E-Skateboard:
Original imported battery with depth customized BMS with 6 protect functions to ensure the safe using.

WhatsApp/Skype: +8613670131260

How to assemble the battery into the skateboard (1 min 46 sec)

#BrotherHobby #LandSnaiL #ESkateboard #LandSnaiL930 #electricskateboard #esk8 #eboard #eboarding #electricskateboarding #skateboard #skate #electricscooter
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Below is a link to my review on the Diatone Roma F4 LR micro long range quadcopter.

In this review I cover:
  • Discussion of specs
  • A look at the frame design and build quality
  • Betaflight setup
  • Flight performance
  • Battery options and flight time
  • GPS performance
  • Nebula V2 cam vs Nebula Pro
  • Final comparison to other micro LR quads and conclusions

This is a text and picture review, not a video review, hope you find it useful