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Posted by whatwillaguydo | May 08, 2016 @ 11:23 AM | 13,294 Views


ULRS is a UHF long range RC/serial system based off of the Hobbyking OrangeRX Open LRS modules. It allows a long range control link and mavlink data transmission in one combined package through a custom firmware developed by Flipflap. This system has tons of potential for APM or Pixhawk users. For more information, check out the thread here and the official website here.

Two things happened around the time I got interested in this system:
1. I had a bad experience with an order from Hobbyking
2. Hobbyking stopped stocking the OrangeRX modules needed

Luckily, Flipflap didn't leave new users out and he proposed a DIY solution that is shown on his website. He called it ULRS Mini because it has the potential to be smaller than the OrangeRX modules. I took an interest in this solution and decided to chronicle my build here.


The first step is to gather the parts and tools needed. I decided to customize them to fit my applications, so I am making my ground unit and my air unit slightly different. I also chose to power the RF module with a small UBEC for simplicity, so the wiring changed a bit. I'll cover these changes in more detail further on.

Any equivalent components to the ones I show can be used. I am simply showing exactly what I used and where I got them. I order a lot of parts from Banggood. They are a Chinese supplier who offer good prices and free shipping. I have never had an issue with receiving what I ordered from them, but shipping can take...Continue Reading